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Full text of "Proceedings of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Canada at the annual convocation, 1971"

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D MAY 1, 1971 




From the 
Masonic Library 

Lawrence Runnalls 
St. Catharines 
August 1988 

J? % 









A. Inv. 

Held in the Seaway Towers Hotel, Lakeshore Blvd. 



A.D. 1971 — A. Inv. 2501 

Ordered to be read in all Chapters and preserved 


Grand Z. 

60 Stewart Smith Dr., 



Grand Scribe E. 

240 Eglinton Ave. E., 

Suite 205, 




Most Excellent Grand First Principal Z. 

Born in Aberdeen, Scotland on September 11th, 1905, son of Fred- 
erick and Isabel Welham. 

Married Thelma Louise Wilson at Kingston, Ontario, 14th Sept., 
1929. Three sons, Fred, David and Ronald, all of Toronto. 

Educated: Aberdeen, Scotland. Came to Canada May 22nd, 1924. 

Business: Employed in the automotive business until 1940, returned 
to the automotive business after six years in Europe until 1959 as a 
Fleet Supervisor and Sales Technician. He has been on the staff of the 
Dept. of Public Works in the Ontario Government for the past eleven 
years where he supervises the Transportation Branch. 

Religion: Presbyterian, an active member and elder of York 
Memorial Presbyterian Church. Was ordained as an elder in Dovercourt 
Presbyterian Church in 1958, where he also served as Church School 
Superintendent for some years. 

Military Record: Served in the Royal Canadian Electrical Mechanical 
Engineers, Canadian Army Overseas and European Theatre of War 
January 17th, 1940 - February 28th, 1946. Rank, Armt. S/Major and 
Warrant Officer Class I. 

Masonic Record: Initiated, Passed and Raised in Stevenson Lodge 
No. 218. Wor. Master 1958. Appointed Grand Senior Deacon July 17th, 
1970. Exalted, Beaver Chapter No. 225, Toronto, February 5th, 1952. 
First Principal 1957. Grand Superintendent Toronto District No. 8, 1959. 
Member of the Grand Executive 1964-1965. 

Life Member of Humber Chapter No. 246, and Shekinah Chapter 
No. 138. Honourary Member of Tyrian Chapter 258, Keystone Chapter 
35, Mount Sinai Chapter 212, The St. Patrick Chapter 145. 

Elected and Installed Grand J. 1967-1968, Grand H. 1969, Grand 
First Principal Z. 1970. Grand representative Grand Chapter of South 
Dakota. Annointed and consecrated to the Order of the High Priesthood 
1957. Greeted Adoniram Council No. 2, Royal and Select Masters 
November 16th, 1955. Thrice Illustrious Master 1966, Grand Inspector 
General 1968. Grand Executive 1969-1970. Commander Noah, 1966, 
Lake Ontario Lodge, R.A.M. Charter Member Keystone Council Royal 
and Select Masters. Etobicoke Lodge Royal Ark Mariners. 

Life Member Geoffrey de St. Aldamar Preceptory No. 2, 1953. 
Presiding Preceptor 1963. Grand Director of Ceremonies Sovereign 
Great Priory of Canada 1964. Life Member Toronto Lodge of Perfection, 
Toronto Sovereign Chapter of Rose Croix, Moore Sovereign Consistory 
32nd degree, Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. 

York Cross of Honour 1968, Annointed a Royal Arch Knight Templer 
Priest at St. Marks Tabernacal 1969, member of Medwayosh Council 
Allied and Masonic Degrees, Order of the Silver Trowel, York Rite 
Sovereign College. 

Most Excellent Grand Z., 1970-71 




An especial Convocation of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons 
of Canada in the Province of Ontario was held in the Masonic Temple of 
Arnprior, Ontario, on the Sixth day of June, A.D. 1970, A. Inv. 2500. 


M. Ex. Comp. Fred W. D. Welham Grand Z. ^ 

M. Ex. Comp. Stanley Portch P. Grand Z. 1 Grand 

R. Ex. Comp. Leo J. Gent Grand H. [ Council 

R. Ex. Comp. William S. Thomson Grand J. J 

R. Ex. Comp. Edmund R. Molson Grand Superintendent 

R. Ex. Comp. Gideon Purcell Grand Chaplain 

V. Ex. Comp. Charles Feasby Acting Grand Treasurer 

R. Ex. Comp. Frederick C. Conley Grand Scribe E. 

Ex. Comp. William Bayers Acting Grand Scribe N. 

R. Ex. Comp. Russell Brown Acting Grand Principal Sojourner 

R. Ex. Comp. Lloyd B. Gillespie Acting Grand Registrar 

R. Ex. Comp. William Chalcraft Acting Grand Senior Sojourner 

R. Ex. Comp. Harry French Acting Grand Junior Sojourner 

V. Ex. Comp. Garfield Anthony Grand Director of Ceremonies 

R. Ex. Comp. William H. Sproule Acting Grand Organist 

Ex. Comp. Morley Hancock Acting Grand Outer Guard 

and the following assisting: V. Ex. Comp. Fred Kline, R. Ex. Comp. 
Harold Foote, Comp. Fred H. Horton, Comp. Thomas, Comp. G. Saunders, 
R. Ex. Comp. E. K. Hogaboom, Comp. Watson, as well as local Com- 
panions as per tyler's register of Dochert Chapter. 

Grand Chapter was opened in Ample Form at 3:15 p.m. when the 
Grand First Principal announced the Especial Convocation had been 
called for the purpose of dedicating the Chapter room for Dochert 
Chapter No. 248 of Arnprior, Ontario. 

The ceremony being concluded, the Most Excellent Grand First 
Principal having welcomed all visiting Companions closed Grand Chapter 
in Ample Form at 4:20 p.m. 


Grand Scribe E. 



The One Hundred and Thirteenth Annual Convocation of the Grand 
Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Canada in the Province of Ontario 
was held in the Seaway Towers Hotel, Toronto, Canada, on 29, 30 April 
and 1 May, 1971. 

M. Ex. Comp. Fred W. D. Welham Grand Z. ^ r , 

R. Ex. Comp. Leo J. Gent Grand H. V r ^ r&n ^ 

R. Ex. Comp. William S. Thomson Grand J.J ^ ounc11 


M. Ex. Comp. John M. Burden, M. Ex. Comp. A. G. N. Bradshaw, M. Ex. 
Comp. John L. House, M. Ex. Comp. Maurice A. Searle, M. Ex. Comp. 
Bruce H. Smith, M. Ex. Comp. Charles W. Emmett, M. Ex. Comp. Fraser 
Hay, M.D., M. Ex. Comp. James E. Girven, M. Ex. Comp. G. H. Shannon. 



R. Ex. Comp. Gideon J. Purcell Grand Chaplain 

R. Ex. Comp. John E. Richardson Acting Grand Treasurer 

R. Ex. Comp. Frederick C. Conley Grand Scribe E. 

R. Ex. Comp. Maxwell Clark Grand Scribe N. 

R. Ex. Comp. Melville G. Spiers Grand Principal Sojourner 

R. Ex. Comp. William B. Chalcroft Grand Registrar 

V. Ex. Comp. R. S. Woodward Grand Outer Guard 


St. Clair District No. 1 R. Ex. Comp. Thomas E. Weaver 

London District No. 2 R. Ex. Comp. Samuel M. Ellenor 

Wilson District No. 3 R. Ex. Comp. Mervin A. L. Kicks 

Wellington District No. 4 R. Ex. Comp. Richard H. French 

Hamilton District No. 5 R. Ex. Comp. Russell A. Brown 

Huron District No. 6 R. Ex. Comp. George Wm. Evans 

Niagara District No. 7 R. Ex. Comp. Leslie T. Vail 

Toronto East No. 8 R. Ex. Comp. Harold Ince 

Toronto West District No. 8 A R. Ex. Comp. Maarten vanWamelen 

Georgian District No. 9 R. Ex. Comp. Mancel Nixon 

Ontario District No. 10 _._.R. Ex. Comp. Wilbert E. McKinstry 

Prince Edward District 11 R. Ex. Comp. Ralph Bell 

St. Lawrence District No. 12 R. Ex. Comp. Robert H. Seymour 

Ottawa District No. 13 R. Ex. Comp. Edmund Molson 

Algoma District No. 14 R. Ex. Comp. John B. Fraser 

New Ontario District No. 15 R. Ex. Comp. Raymond C. Schmeler 

Temiskaming District No. 16 R. Ex. Comp. John W. Smith 


A constitutional number of Chapters being represented by their 
qualified officers, the One Hundred and Thirteenth Annual Convocation 
of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Canada in the Province of 
Ontario was opened in Ample Form at 10:00 a.m. 

The Grand First Principal M. Ex. Comp. Fred W. D. Welham 
welcomed all present and announced that all Royal Arch Masons in good 
standing and properly vouched for, would be made welcome. 


The following distinguished guests were formally and individually 
introduced by the Grand Director of Ceremonies, V. Ex. Comp. Garfield 
Anthony and his assistants: 

1. CONNECTICUT— R. Ex. Comp. Edmund L. Stoddard, Grand Scribe 
representing Acting Grand High Priest, M. Ex. Comp. Cecil H. 
Grant, Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons of Connecticut. 

2. DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA— M. Ex. Comp. Wm. B. Craig, Grand 
High Priest of Royal Arch Masons of the District of Columbia. 

3. DELAWARE— M. Ex. Comp. Lawrence Jones, Past Grand High 
Priest and Grand Secretary representing the Grand High Priest of 
the Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Delaware, accompanied by Ex. 
Comp. Ralph Cassel. 

4. MARYLAND— M. Ex. Comp. Cyril York, Grand High Priest, Grand 
Chapter Royal Arch Masons of Maryland. 

5. MASSACHUSETTS— M. Ex. Comp. Emmett Baker, Grand High 
Priest, Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons of Massachusetts is 
accompanied by R. Ex. Comp. Frank E. Nelson the Grand Captain 
of the Host of the Grand Chapter of R.A.M. of Massachusetts. 


6. MICHIGAN— M. Ex. Comp. Charles Rademaker, Grand High Priest, 
Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons of Michigan. 

7. NEW YORK— M. Ex. Comp. Robert L. Dod, Grand High Priest, 
Grand Chapter of New York, Royal Arch Masons. 

8. OHIO— M. Ex. Comp. James Gorham, Past Grand High Priest 
representing the G. H. P. Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons in 
the State of Ohio, M. Ex. Comp. Charles Canfield. 

9. PENNSYLVANIA— M. Ex. Comp. Robert M. Evans, Grand High 
Priest of the Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Pennsylvania. 

10. VIRGINIA— M. Ex. Comp. Archie Wilkinson, Jr., Grand High Priest 
of the Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons of Virginia. 

11. M. Ex. President John M. Dunbar, Grand Council of the Order of 
High Priesthood of Ontario. 

12. M. Illustrious Comp. Peter Lalonde, Grand Master, Royal & Select 
Masters of Ontario. 

13. M. Eminent Knight Charles E. Wells, representing the Supreme 
Grand Master of the Sovereign Great Priory of Canada, M. Em. 
Kt. Harry Killam. 

14. M. Illustrious Grand Sovereign Maurice E. Searle. The Masonic & 
Military Order of Knights of the Red Cross of Constantine K. H. S. 
and St. John the Evangelist. 

15. M. Ex. Comp. Wesley S. Weston, Grand First Principal, The Grand 
Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of New Brunswick. 

16. M. Ex. Comp. C. R. Lessard, Grand First Principal of the Grand 
Chapter Royal Arch Masons of Quebec. 

17. R. Ex. Comp. Robert H. Strum, Grand Second Principal, Grand 
Chapter Royal Arch Masons of Saskatchewan. 

18. M. Worshipful Brother Donald Gunn, Past Grand Master represent- 
ing our Grand Master, Most Worshipful Brother Bruce Foster, 
Grand Lodge Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of Canada in the 
Province of Ontario. 


The Grand Z., M. Ex. Comp. Fred W. D. Welham, read out the names 
of the living Past Z.'s and requested that they approach the East under 
the direction of the Grand Director of Ceremonies, V. Ex. Comp. Garfield 
Anthony. The following were present: 

M. Ex. Comp. John L. House, 1955-56. 

Maurice A. Searle, 1957-58. 

Bruce H. Smith, 1959-60. 

Charles W. Emmett, 1961-1962. 

Fraser Hay, M.D., 1963-64. 

James E. Girven, 1965-66. 

G. Harold Shannon, 1969. 

Fred W. D. Welham welcomed these former Grand 
Z.'s of Capitular Masonry in Ontario and expressed the debt we Com- 
panions owe to our former leaders. He directed that Grand Honours be 
given these outstanding leaders of our Craft. 

He expressed regret that M. Ex. Comp. John M. Burden, Q.C., and 
M. Ex. Comp. Alexander G. N. Bradshaw were unable to be present 
owing to health conditions. 

























GRAND Z. 1947 - 1948 



Most Excellent Companion Frederick William Dean 

Grand Z. 1947-1948 

The Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons of Canada, in the Province 
of Ontario sustained a great loss in the passing of M. Ex. Comp. F. W. 
Dean to the Grand Chapter above on 20 November, 1970, after a long 
illness. His devotion and dedication, in all spheres of masonic endeavour, 
earned him the esteem and high regard of brethren and companions, not 
only throughout our jurisdiction but also in the broad field of national 
and international Masonry. M. Ex. Comp. Dean always held a firm 
conviction that Masonry should be served in every day life just as well 
as within the recess of the lodge or chapter, but that such service re- 
quired dedication to a sense of responsibility. A review of his addresses 
to Grand Chapter during his term of office as Grand Z. gives an abun- 
dance of proof of this conviction. Many will recall the great effort he 
put forth to complete the objective set for the Grand Chapter Thanks- 
giving Benevolent Fund, and that this was a personal obligation he 
assumed. This fund has enabled Grand Chapter to do so much in the 
great masonic field of benevolence and will be a lasting monument to 
his zeal and devotion to our Royal Craft. He was the chairman of the 
Grand Chapter Benevolent Committee for many years prior to his death. 

M. Ex. Comp. Dean had a most distinguished career, not only in 
Masonry but also at church and community levels as will be seen by 
the following resume. 

He was initiated in the Lodge of Strict Observance, No. 27 G.A.C. 
on April 19, 1921, and installed as Worshipful Master on December, 21, 
1935. He was a Past Junior Deacon of Grand Lodge. M. Ex. Comp. 
Dean was exalted in Hamilton Chapter, No. 175 G.A.C. on November 15, 
1927 and was its First Principal in 1936. He was President of the 
Hamilton Principals' Association in 1940, elected Grand Principal So- 
journer in the same year, and Grand Superintendent Hamilton District 
No. 5 in 1941. He was appointed to the Grand Executive in 1942, elected 
to the Grand Executive in 1943 and 1944. He was elected by acclamation 
in 1945 and 1946 to the office of Grand H. and to the high office of 
Grand Z. in 1947. On April 24, 1940 he entered the Order of High Priest- 
hood of Ontario and was elected Grand Chaplain in 1944. 

On the Ancient and Accepted Order of Scottish Rite, he received 
the 14th Degree in Murton Lodge of Perfection May 11, 1923, the 18th 
Degree in Hamilton Sovereign Chapter of Rose Croix, November 27, 
1923, and the 32nd Degree in Moore Sovereign Consistory May 8, 1925. 
He was a member of Rameses Temple of the Mystic Shrine and finally 
served a term as Most Illustrious Grand Sovereign of the Masonic and 
Military Order of Knights of the Red Cross of Constantine, KHS and 
St. John the Evangelist. 

M. Ex. Comp. Dean made his mark in the industrial and commercial 
field in that in January, 1913 he was commissioned to organize the 
Traffic Department of the Steel Company of Canada in Hamilton and 
up to the time of his retirement, a few years prior to his death, held the 
position of its General Traffic Manager. 

M. Ex. Comp. Dean was active in community activities, was a 
member of the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce and served three dif- 
ferent terms as Chairman of its Transportation Committee. He was 
also a member of the Canadian Manufacturers' Association since 1913, 


with continuous service on its Transportation Committee and a member 
of the Canadian Industrial Traffic League since 1915, serving as its 
President in 1921 and again in 1930. 

He was likewise a most active member of his Church. In 1911, he 
became Superintendent of St. James Presbyterian Sunday School and 
was engaged in Church and Sunday School activities continuously since. 
For some twenty-five years he taught a young men's Sunday class known 
as the Square Club of St. Giles United Church and served as an Elder 
of this church since he was inducted as such on April 29, 1928. 

Notwithstanding all these activities, he found time to devote to the 
Militia and served in what is now known as the Argyll and Sutherland 
Highlanders for six years, retiring with the rank of Sgt.-Major. More- 
over, he did enlist with the 58 Bn. C.E.F., World War I, but was not 
permitted to proceed overseas because of the importance, particularly 
then, of his position with the Steel Company of Canada. 

Thus, M. Ex. Comp. Dean leaves with us a most imposing record of 
service to his fellow companions. One w T hich we believe will not be 
forgotten, and above all should stimulate all within our jurisdiction to 
try and emulate. 

Such lives as his uplift and mold the race and carry on its purpose, 

will, and aim. In deathless skies his star now takes its place to shine 
always with pure and steady flame. Far better than he dreamed, his 
work shall live in human hearts, strength, hope, and cheer to give. 


GRAND Z. 1967-1969 



Most Excellent Companion Stanley Portch 

Grand Z. 1967-1969 

The Grand Chapter of R.A.M. of Canada in the Province of Ontario 
sustained another great loss in the sudden death of M. Ex. Comp. Stanley 
Portch on 10 February, 1971. His death came as a great shock to all 
companions because of his continued devotion and dedication particularly 
up to the time of his short terminal illness. Here, indeed, we find a 
Mason who very early in his Masonic life became inoculated with its 
great fundamentals and tenets, but above all put them into practical 
use in all phases of his life, Masonic or otherwise. He had a great- 
belief that Masonry, like everything else good, must be used to be effec- 
tive, but that intelligent use is a prime requisite, and that opportunities 
for applying the great concepts and principles of Masonry are unlimited. 
However, he will also be remembered for his deep religious convictions 
and many will recall that he always emphasized our duty to the Great 
Jehovah above all, and this is exemplified in his first address to Grand 
Chapter in which he concluded with the following: 

"Our day and our time is a difficult day and time, and 
yet with the spirit and benevolence of our Heavenly 
Father with us and men such as you, dedicated to 
his service, we can go forward in spirit and in truth 
fearing naught, knowing he is ever watching over us." 

M. Ex. Comp. Portch was indeed a most distinguished Mason and 
Grand First Principal and his presence, any place or sphere, enhanced 
the prestige and reputation of our Grand Chapter. Always aware that 
Masonry was facing a period in world history when its course will be 
marked by what we do as well as what we say. 

This diligent and devoted attention to his responsibilities as Grand 
Z., his further contribution as chairman of the Grand Chapter Com- 
mittee on Masonic Education and Instruction will always serve as a 
monument to his memory. 

His Masonic Life was an imposing one. He was initiated in Oak- 
ville Lodge, No. 400 G. A. C. in 1941 and was installed Worshipful 
Master in 1946. In 1966, he was honoured by the Grand Master with 
an appointment to the office of Grand Junior Deacon of the Grand 
Lodge of Canada, in the Province of Ontario. 

He was exalted in White Oak Chapter and was installed First 
Principal in 1947. He was elected Grand Superintendent of Hamilton 
District No. 5, in 1952. He was a member of the Grand Chapter Execu- 
tive from 1959 - 1964. In 1965, he was elected Grand Second Principal, 
and in 1967 became the Grand Z. He was a past President of the 
Hamilton Principals' Association. He was also honoured by the Grand 
Chapter of New Brunswick and was made an Honorary Past Grand 
Third Principal of that Grand Chapter. M. Ex. Comp. Portch became a 
member of the Order of High Priesthood in April, 1962. He was a 
member of Godfrey de Boullion Preceptory No. 3, Hamilton and was a 
past Sovereign of the Masonic and Military Orders of Knights of the Red 
Cross of Constantine. He was also a member of Rameses Shrine and 
found time to serve as a Trustee of the Masonic Temple Board, Oakville. 

M. Ex. Comp. Portch was a most active and energetic member of 


the Zimmerman United Church and was secretary of its Board of 

Notwithstanding all the foregoing activities, he did not forget his 
community responsibilities and served as Provincial Representative for 
the Halton County Health Unit, and was a member of the Hamilton Big 
Brother Association. 

Thus M. Ex. Comp. Portch has left a record of service in Masonic 
and other spheres rarely, if at all, surpassed by others. It must, how- 
ever, be agreed that if the Companions of our jurisdiction do not gain 
inspiration and incentive by it, then, it merely becomes a memory. 

Let us, therefore, constantly remembering his zeal, dedication, and 
devotion make a greater contribution as individuals to our respective 
Chapters and the Royal Craft generally. 

M. Ex. Comp. Portch once wrote the following: 
"Every memory is a keepsake 

With which we will never part, 
God has them in his keeping, 

We have them in our heart." 



To the Most Excellent Grand First Principal, Officers and Companions 
of the Grand Chapter of Canada, in the Province of Ontario. 

Since last we met in this Grand Chapter many of our Companions 
have been honoured, by the Most High, by being called to the grandest of 
all Grand Chapters, the Grand Chapter Above. 

They have laboured in the Quarry of life and with their talents 
and working tools, have transformed their rough Ashler to a more 
perfect Ashler. Now they help to adorn a Spiritual Temple, a Temple 
not made with hands. 

They lived and laboured through our yesterday. Many by their 
diligence and devotion to the duties at hand, have attained a worthy 
distinction, in our noble Order and in the walks of life they chose to 
follow. They laboured that our life to-day, might be fuller and freer. 
They challenge us to be diligent and worthy Companions, and better 
citizens, that we may make a worthy contribution, in ushering in a 
more bright and more glorious to-morrow, for those who take up our 
tools, when we are called to lay them down. 

This Grand Chapter realise the loss of worthy Companions. In that 
loss we think of others. We wish to offer our sincere condolence, to 
their respective Chapter, their family and friends, and all Grand Chap- 
ters, of our sister Grand Jurisdictions, as they mourn for those who 
have passed from their fellowship and companionship. 

It is our earnest Prayer, that you may have a new insight into, 
knowledge and experience of, the Love of the Great I AM, from which 
nothing can separate you. 

Therefore, I ask you to rise and pay a silent tribute to their 
memory. May the Everlasting Arms ever enfold them. 

In further tribute, may I close with this message, by Ella Wheeler 
Wilcox, which I feel, our worthy Companions would leave with us: 


Use all your hidden forces, do not miss 

The purpose of this life, and do not wait 

For circumstances to mold or change your fate. 

In your own self lies destiny. Let this 

Vast truth cast out all fear, all prejudice, 

All hesitation. Know that you are great, 

Great with divinity. So dominate 

Environment, and enter into bliss, — 

Love largely and hate nothing. Hold no aim 

That does not chord with universal good. 

Hear what the voices of silence say, 

All joys are yours if you put forth your claim, 

Once let the spiritual laws be understood, 

Material things must answer and obey. 

The names of our departed Companions are appended hereto, and 
will appear in the proceedings. 

Respectfully and fraternally submitted on behalf of the Committee. 

Gideon J. J. Purcell (Chairman) 


Suggested Hymn: God our help in ages past. 

Invocation: Almighty and Most Merciful Father, the Sovereign of 
all Thy Creation; in our unworthiness, we bow before Thee in humble 
contribution. We come in the knowledge that Thy forgiveness far 
outmeasures our transgressions. May we enjoy the blessing of Thy 
forgiving Grace. 

We thank Thee, that in the multitude of Thy mercies bestowed on 
us, Thou hast called us to serve Thee, in service to our fellowman. 

We thank Thee for our beloved Fraternity, and the principles on 
which it is founded and which it advocates. Graciously inspire and 
confirm every Companion with these principles. 

We remember with grateful hearts, our Companions who have been 
found worthy to be translated to higher service, in the Grand Chapter 
Above. They have been called from our midst and have left a great 
void in our fellowship. We cherish their memory in our hearts. 

Look with tender mercy on those who mourn. May the darkness 
of their hour of sorrow be banished by Thy Presence, Thy Grace and 
Thy Love. 

May we be conscious of Thy Presence in this 113th Convocation of 
the Grand Chapter of Canada in the Province of Ontario. Inspire our 
Leaders wtih Grace and Wisdom, that they may rule with charity and 
integrity, so that all that is done here, be to the honour and glory of 
Thy Holy Name. 

We present these petitions in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord. 


Life is a great picture gallery. We visit a gallery and we see 
portraits of many individuals, who by faith, integrity and devotion to 
the Principles by which they chose to live, have made an outstanding 
contribution to the history of mankind. It is borne in upon us that, day 
by day, we are making our contribution to that history. 

The Volume of the Sacred Law is a record of men and women, who 


have achieved their goal, by their faith and righteous living. Their path 
was not always strewn with roses, but they persevered, being alert to 
the challenge of their day, and were able to accomplish the task given 
to them. 

Moses speaks of self surrender to nobility of purpose, when he gave 
himself to the service of his people. Recognizing his great calling, he 
gave himself to that service. In spite of innumerable discouragements 
he persevered and was able to accomplish the task at hand. David 
gave himself to building uprightness of character and gained the respect 
of a heathen court. God honoured him by delivering him from the 
Lion's Den. 

Life gives nothing away. We must set a goal before us and then 
strive for its attainment. We are men of destiny. In every one of us 
there is the possibility of attainment. In this era of enlightenment, 
while we pay homage to those who have gone before, we must build 
our own temple, and build it true and trusty, not looking for honour or 
distinction for ourselves, but for the good of our fellowman. 

This brings me to a text. "Therefore surrounded as we are by such 
a cloud of witnesses, let us set aside every encumbrance and sin, that 
so readily entangle our feet, and let us run with confidence the race 
that is set before us, simply fixing our gaze upon Jesus, the Leader and 
Perfecter of our faith." Hebrews 12: 1. t, Weymouth). 

The writer has just given a recital of many men and women, of 
past days, who had been noble witnesses to their faith. They were men 
and women of the true faith, of steadfast hope and a courage to stand, 
even unto death, for the things in which they believed. Having set 
their goal ahead of them and with a fixed purpose, ran with patience, 
the great race of life, having set aside every encumbrance. They were 
not witnesses of us, but to us; not only of their faith but of their 
accomplishments as well. 

In every age and generation there have always been those indivi- 
duals, who have added nobility to their faith. We have come together 
to-day in this Memorial Service, to keep alive, in our hearts and minds, 
the memory of those who have passed from us. They have been called 
from our midst, but their memory still remains. It is needless to say 
that every noble Soul who passes through life, leaves something behind 
which is not of this earth. 

The heritage left to us then is a challenge to become, not only the 
Companions they were, but to be better members of our community, 
better Citizens of our Nation and true examples of our Christian Faith. 

They have gone; their warfare is over. But life must go on; there 
are battles to be fought, victories to be won and much ground to be 
possessed. We have the problems of the present to challenge us, and 
the future lies before us. Let us remember and carry on. 

They shall not grow old, as we that are left grow old, 
Age shall not weary them, nor years condemn. 

At the going down of the sun, and in the morning 
We will remember them. 

Hymn — Abide with me. 

Of these Companions who answered the call to Higher Service, the 

following held Grand Chapter Rank: 


104 M. 



Stanley Portch 

175 M. 



Frederick William Dean 

2 V. 



J. W. Craven 

4 V. 



G. G. Sheppard 

6 V. 



H. W. Hewett 

16 V. 



H. A. McCallum 

20 R. 



A. J. W. Sherman 

26 V. 



F. W. Sherbert 

27 R. 



F. C. Bendell 

29 R. 



O. M. Krick 

41 R. 



W. L. Anscombe 

59 V. 



G. R. Sawyer 

62 V. 



S. K. Clark 

63 V. 



W. M. Leonard 

64 R. 



R. H. Dilamarter 

79 V. 



L. Bramwell 

80 V. 



H. B. Porter 

82 R. 



H. Stanworth 

90 V. 



T. J. Thomas 

115 V. 



S. B. Stickland 

119 V. 



B. E. Ellis 

205 R. 



C. W. Martin 

212 R. 



M. Gottlieb 

217 V. 



J. A. Burton 

219 V. 



H. L. Kesteven 

220 V. 



W. F. Leuty, V. Ex. Comp. 

A. R. M 

224 V. 



R. W. Turner 

235 R. 



G. A. C. Gunton 

238 V. 



E. S. F. Houghton 

241 V. 



E. Pickles, R. Ex. Comp. A 


260 V. 



A. R. McDougall 


To our Sister Jurisdictions in the Dominion of Canada, The British 
Commonwealth of Nations and the United States of America, we extend 
sincere sympathy for the loss of their distinguished Companions: 


Velmar Alexander Meadows, M.E.G.H.P. — 1953 

Arthur John Dean, F.G.P. — 1955-56 

Carl Radcliffe Moore, G.H.P.— 1950-51 

James Carmichael Newton, Grand Treas., Grand Com. — 1938-39. 

Benjamin Walter Ela, G.H.P. — 1939-40 

Bird, H. Dolby, M.E.G.H.P.— 1959 

Chas. Edward Walters, M.E.G.H.P. — 1964-65 

James Edward Collins, M.E.G.H.P. — 1932-33 

John Hurley Williams, R.E.G.K. 

Frank E. Bell, P.G.K. — 1950 

C. Sydney Tremewan, M.E.G.H.P. — 1955-56 

Walter Thomas Winch, M.IU.Gr.M. — 1961 



Edward W. J. Scott, G.S. — 1970 

Robt. Foster Janes, G.G.H.P. — 1951-54 

James Wallace Ferguson, G.H.P. — 1963-64 

Paul Gould Lutz, G.H.P. — 1936-37 

Chas. H. Weaver, M.E.G.H.P. — 1933-34 

Frederick Cornelius Wilson, G.F.P. — 1948-49 

Granville Vallintine Elmore, M.E.P.G.H.P. — 1949 

Daniel N. Cushing, M.E.G.H.P. — 1927 

John Temple Rice, M.E.G.H.P. — 1943 

C. A. Hays, M.E.G.H.P. — 1966 

Convass Brown Dean, G.H.P. — 1951-52 

Charles Carlisle Helms, G.H.P. — 1958-59 

Carl F. Hoylman, R.E.G.K. 

DEATHS — 1970 

1 Craven, L. W., Scrutton, J. H., Grimsley, V. J., Veale, H. Q., Steen, 
C. W., Hodgson, A. W., Henry, E. J., Birchenough, J. A., Gordon, 
C. L., Evans, D. J. 

2 Bishop, F., Hunter, J., Spink, N., Young, F., Hastings, M. M., 
Craven, J. W. 

3 Kingsmill, T. F., Ralph, P., Hammersley, R. G., Waite, W. Ch., 
Clark, A. A., Nichols, E. R., Hoffman, C. K. 

4 Sheppard, G. G., Lewis, A. H., Burk, R. J. 

5 Walker, B. C, Green, E., Bowling, J. L., Clark, W. H., Cavanagh, A., 
Moore, S. A., Wardle, A. 

6 Rogers, J. P., Haun, C. R., Hewett, H. W., Wright, H. P. 

7 Kerr, N. M., Doig, W. J., MacDonald, C. H., Phillips, W. H., Connor, 
H. F., Smith, W. W., Annis, J., Wessels, C. E. 

8 Mansell, W., Hossack, J. A., Fairbanks, W., Hall, A. G., Leitch, F. S., 
Lackie, F. S., Foote, H. G., Dean, F. W., Blackwell, W. H., Sanford, 
L. R., Pettit, C. J., Bath, W. E., Harris, S., Storks, R. 

15 Evans, H. H., Flynn, G. R., McLam, A. B., Soden, E. A., Loomis, 

C. W., Shillinglaw, L. 

16 Dewar, J. H. B., McCallum, H. A., Grimes, W. T., Loynes, W., 
Markey, J. F., Horton, F. C, Spence, H. B., Anderson, G., Whittle, 

D. G., Wright, J. C. 

18 Crosby, R. F., Jenkins, C. R., Mather, G. M., Lutz, A. K. 

19 Vass, J. U., Bryant, G. F., Mason, A. R., Falls, D. M. 

20 Robbins, A., Sherman, A. J. W., Payne, C. E. 

22 Ingram, H. S., Brown, P. 

23 Smith, W. H., Hall, W. J. 

24 Beckner, H. S., Baynham, A. L., Atkins, G. S., Reed, W. H. 

26 Riley, G. C, Sherbert, F. W. 

27 Royal, J. B., Grieveson, J., Bowins, P., McAllister, J. A., Bendell, 
F. C, Foreman, W. V. 

28 Mollon R. C, Magee, W. D., Heme, D. F., Nichols, H., Charlton, W., 
Crock, R., Morrison J. A. 

29 Adams, R. M., Krick, 0. M. 

30 Robertson, J. J., Prevett, S. H., Kaitting, A. T. 

31 Collier, E. A., Rawlins, H. A., Foster, D. J. 

32 Roelofson, J. F., Siefert, O. H., Ott, M. 


34 Hodges, R. D., Brown, D. R. A., Heels, J. G., Madden, W. 

36 Payne, A. E., Loomis, D. A., McRae, I. F., Lewis, A. H., Lowe, S. A., 
Dobbin, R. L., Rosenburgh, J. H., Doughty, T. F., Horton, F. W., 
Steinkrauses, J. W., Munro, P. B., Rose, W. S., Heckman, A. W., 
Rothwell, J. 

40 Hignell, H. A., Shackleton, N., Bleach, H. H., Smith, W., Arnold, 
J. F., Graham, J. C, Rittenhouse, W. S. 

41 McRoberts, H. C, Anscombe, W. L., Webber, A. G. 

44 Wooffinden, W., Baldwin, A. C, Kimmerly, A. S., Elliott, J. B. 

45 Swayne, H. 

46 Jackson, W. 

47 Keats, J. D., Chandler, L., Brown, N. J., Bekeart, R. 

53 Smith, E. A. 

54 McGugan, N. D., Barr, C. R., Murray, J. M., McKee, J. A., Mclntyre, 
D. J., Wood, M. L., Logan, H., May, H. G., Ball, A. V. D., Russell, 
J. A., Grice, J. W., Cooper, T., Cornett, W. F., Anderson, C. M. 

55 Newman, J. G., Wilson, G. D., McColeman, R. 

57 Bain, A., Freeman, W. J., Shaubel, J., King, An G., Winger, G. C. 

59 Easton, J. B., Smith, H., McMullen, E. L., Blyth, J., Allan, W. E., 
Everitts, W. M., Kyle, G. E., Row, E. A., Gray, J. A., Peeling, W. J., 
Kennedy, W. G., Witney, 0. W., Steed, C. L., White, F. J., Saw- 
yer, G. R. 

61 Jack, C. H. 

62 Clark, S. K., McLeod, S. W., Dean, F. W, 

63 Norman, W., Lamont, J. L., Bridge, C. 0., Bennett, M. A., Leonard, 
W. M., Martyn, R. H. 

64 Cooper, J. W., Biggar, G. A., Dilamarter, R. H. 

66 Middleton, W. E. 

67 Hodgins, J., Shaw, C. E. 

68 Acton, W. A., Hutchinson, K. 
71 Wigle, W. S. 

73 Wade, N. S., McDougall, D. B., Youngs, E. R. 

74 Dolphin, H., Field, A. E., Richardson, L. C. 

75 MacMurphy, D. 

76 Gregory, F. W., Keech, C. H. 

78 Gill, W, Gray, G. G. 

79 Simons, B. W., Bruce, J. W., Bramwell, L. 

80 Howe, F., Porter, H. B., Webb, J., English, F. S., Stewart, J., Mac- 
Leod, F. W. 

81 Hobbs, P., Gettas, G. K., McCord, G. 

82 Cameron, A. W., McKinnon, W. A., Stanworth, H., Chase, H. S., 
Connors, G., Anderson, 0. 

83 Bowen, A. I. 

84 Wain, J. A., MacDonald, A. J. H. 
88 McKim, H. R. 

90 Beaton, C. D., Anderson, F. O., Chislett, C. C, Thomas, T. J. John- 
son, W. A., Rimstad, S., Allan, J., McCannon, W., McMillan, H. L. 

91 Fox, W., Hayman, S. J., Dean, F. W., Harris, W. 

94 Fee, E. D., Hodgson, C. W. 

95 Laine, 0. R., Jab, W. 0., Groom, D. T., Stump, R. W., Duncan, 
W. A., Bibby, C, Thompson, T. G. 

102 Stong, R., Hull, J., Sparling, P. H., Hillmer, W. B. 

103 Bacon, R. R., Beattie, C. J., Bain, B. A., Wright, W. H., McFadden, 
U., Carmichael, G. A. 

104 Bury, G. M., Hammell, W. J., Stevenson, W., Dean, F. W., Portch, S. 
110 Gait, M. E. 

112 Paull, H. E., Trickey, W. E. 

113 Farlinger, H. E., Greenfield, A., Dick, D., Nickerson, A., Hill, Z. 

114 Fowler, J. H. W. 


115 Stickland, S. B., McCaul, H. C, Fleming, 0., Butler, W. D. 

116 McAdam, J. D., McCutcheon, F. E. 

117 Ernst, V., Dawson, W. L., Fraser, D. H., Hawkins, H. P., Mason, A. C. 
119 Hall, G. W., Ellis, B. E. 

129 Partridge, A. S., Robinson, E., Taylor, K. 

130 Rushton, J. A. 

131 Whitney, A. R., Walker, R. A., Lee, W. 

132 Moxley, L. W. J., Mabee, J. C. 

133 Reid, J. G., Arnold, R. A., Campbell, H. M., Carey, R. G., Stanzel, W., 
Neale, A., Anbus, W. S., Johnston, G., Davis, W. 

134 Hackney, A. B., Martindale, E. 

135 Gilbert, C. C, Midgley, C. 

138 Whalley, J., Craig, J., Pannabecker, R. C, James, E. L., Berry, W. H., 

Smith, F. W., Talbot, C. A. 
140 Bruce, W., Leiterman, W. M., Roach, C. F. 
143 McEwen, M. 

145 Stronach, G., Dean, F. W., Nevin, W., Knight, T. H., Berkinshaw, 
R. C, Ranee, R. F., Stoodley, J. L., Hawley, F. B., Adams, P., 
Book, G. C. 

146 Schure, L., Coghlin, W., Jackson, W. R. 

148 Maclntyre, G. D., Scott, G., Mooney, L., Stephens, V. 

149 Robertson, W. H., Ricci, A. V., Chapman, W. O. 

150 Little, T. E., Meadows, G. H., Thomas, G. R., Strathmeyer, E. F., 
Dean, F. W., Holmes, W. E. 

151 Gillick, E. H., Weedmark, E., Condie, H. G. 

152 Gillmor, R. H., Miller, G. C, Wees, H. F., Green, R. V. V. 

153 Errey, F. J. 

161 Mawson, D., Way, C. E., Bellinger, H. C. 

167 Butler, L., Hodges, J., Smith, E. A., Gervais, G. 

168 Maybee, C. F., Benor, J. O. 

169 Edwards, T., Bristow, G., Murdock, H. G. 

175 Treleaven, R. W., Howes, H. D., MacDonald, N., Ewing, D. L., Davey, 

R. E., Blagrave, R. C, Dean, F. W. 
184 Seeley, J. A., Combe, J. H., Burke, W. H., Boyd, C. S., Sinclair, J. O. 
195 Gibson, H. L. 

198 Smith, A., Coates, G. S., Moore, W., Stewart, W. B. 
205 Stocks, J., Martin, C. W. 
210 Fetterly, C. 

212 Casselman, N., Caesar, H. L., Gottlieb, M., Raber, B. Z., Feldstein, 
L. C, Solman, A., Gastman, H. I., Silverberg, A. 

213 Taplin, L. B. 

214 Urie, P. R., McNeil, A. D. 

215 Dean, J. D., Aymer, W., Edwards, W. A., Gottlieb, M. 
217 McArthur, H., Burton, J. A., Bell, H. E., Fleming, R. V. 

219 Dean, F. W., Kesteven, H. L. 

220 Leuty, W. F., McDougall, A. R., Read, H. R., Beckett, A. A. 

222 Hagar, A. H., Rous, M. E., Raeney, R. J., McConnell, W. N., 
Perry, W. B. 

224 Turner, R. W. 

225 Gottlieb, M., Elliot, P. L., Mellis, W. 

226 Rubenstein, J., Middleton, L., McLean, J. R., Rodger, J. H. 

227 McDonald, F. H., Both, J., Ragsdale, O. B., McDonald, F. W., Poste, 
F., Wheatley, W. E., Kilfedder, J. H., Hodgson, H. W. 

230 Brook, R., Potter, H. L. 

231 Dean, F. W., Brown, W. F., Wright, A., Price, G. I. 

232 Dean, F. W., Lent, C. L, Bunting, H. V., Houlding, T. R. 

233 Armstrong, G. R., Dean, F. W., Byers, G. W., Webber, R. H., Cox, 
G. W. 

234 Barrager, D., Hamilton, W. B. 


235 Boulding, C. R., Hollingsworth, R. S., Gunton, G. A. C. 

236 Featherston, H., McDonald, H., Little, T. S. 

238 Adilman, L., Houghton, E. S. F., Sims, A. T. 

239 Webster, H. E. 

241 Lougheed, G. W., Ott, E. C, Pickles, E., Pickles, A. 
243 Eatell, H. G., Smith, C. J. C, Winterbottom, A. 
246 Farr, W. J. 

248 Anderson, J. G., Cardiff, W. J. S., Badham, H. 

249 Moffatt, A. E. 

250 Bonnett, R. L., Millin, E. W., Gee, W. B., Wilson, A. C, Chambers, 
R. G., Jones, W. K., Thompson, J., Thomas, C., Cope, F. N. 

251 Ball, D. 

252 Degan, W., Wilson, E. J., Dean, F. W. 

254 Moltey, L. 0., Gibson, J. H., Webb, W. T., Dean, F. W., Browne, L. 0. 

255 Secord, C, Wilton, A. C, Drewry, D. E., Gibson, W. H. 
257 Brown, S. S. 

259 MacPhail N. 

260 McDougall, A. R., Gibson, H. L., Leuty, W. F. 

261 Forsyth, 0., James, H. 


To the Most Excellent, the Grand First Principal, Frederick W. D. 
Welham, officers and members of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch 
Masons of Canada, in the Province of Ontario, distinguished guests from 
sister jurisdictions in Canada, the United States and representatives 
from other Masonic Organizations, the Companions of Toronto Districts 
8 and 8A welcome this opportunity to extend to you our sincerest frater- 
nal greetings on this, the one hundred and thirteenth Annual Convocation 
of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Canada in the Province of 

We express to you our appreciation for once again allowing us to 
be the hosts for this, the Annual Convocation of Grand Chapter. We 
trust that your journey to Toronto was most pleasant and that your 
stay, this year in somewhat different surroundings, will be both memor- 
able and profitable. 

Most Excellent Sir, we of the two Toronto Districts, have, as we are 
sure all Districts have, profited from your capable, conscientious stew- 

We pray that as you enter the second year in your exalted office, 
you may be spared in health and strength to continue to lend your 
experience, your wisdom, and your zeal to the cause of Capitular Masonry 
for this and many more years to come. 

Presented this 30th day of April, 1971. 

Grand Superintendent District 8 
Grand Superintendent District 8A 


It was moved by R. Ex. Comp. Leo J. Gent, seconded by R. Ex. Comp. 
William S. Thomson, 

"That the Proceedings of the former Annual Convocation, held on 
Tuesday and Wednesday, 28, 29 April, 1970, have been printed and 
copies sent to all Chapters of this Jurisdiction, the recorded minutes be 
considered read and the same is now confirmed." — Carried. 



It was moved by R. Ex. Comp. Leo J. Gent, seconded by R. Ex. Comp. 
William S. Thomson, 

"That the order of business of this Grand Convocation be changed 
at the discretion of the Grand Z." — Carried. 


R. Ex. Comp. James W. Woodland, Chairman of the Credentials 
Committee, reported that there are 156 warranted Chapters on the roll 
of Grand Chapter of which 139 Chapters were represented by the follow- 

1 W. C. Warmington, H.; C. M. Peters, J.; and W. H. Gummer, R. 
Seymour, R. G. Willis and V. F. Neilsen, P.Z.'s. 

2 W. Grey, J.; and E. M. Marshall, W. K. Scobbie and W. B. Six- 
smith, P.Z.'s. 

3 W. K. Macrow, Z.; A. G. Smuck, H.; and W. H. Parker, P.Z. 

4 H. McCaw, Z; R. C. Edwards, H.; and J. C. Lyttle, J. 

5 E. Brown, Z.; S. Peterson, J.; and M. McRae and W. Wilson, P.Z.'s. 

6 A. Wilson, P.Z. with Proxy and F. Scott and P. Eppes, P.Z.'s. 

7 G. B. Seeley, Z.; H. T. Bankier, H.; F. Rodgers, J.; and M. H. Han- 
cock, L. E. Vaughan, W. G. Connor, W. A. Dempsey, F. K. Hodgen, 
H. E. Payne, C. Beatty, E. W. Harrison and C. E. Meyers, P.Z.'s. 

8 S. Weston, Z.; and C. Smyth, D. Armstrong, F. Dickens, G. A. 
McConnell, A. Otis and W. Newton, P.Z.'s. 

15 L. Ewener, H. C. Keam, H. R. Marriott, K. L. Luther, R. L. Parker, 
C. W. Emmett and B. Smith, P.Z.'s. 

16 M. Hughson, Z.; and L. B. Gillespie, C. E. Compton, C. Meunier, H. 
Burmaster, W. McDuffee, W. E. Boyle and E. J. Jackson, P.Z.'s. 

18 A. Dickinson, Z.; and J. Weber, P.Z. 

19 R. Lawther, Z.; and W. S. Anderson, P.Z. 

20 R. E. McFadden, P.Z. 

22 L. O. Walker, Z.; and G. R. Drummond, P.Z. 

23 H. S. Hutchison, P.Z. with Proxy. 

24 P. D. Armstrong, Z.; and G. Smith, P.Z. 

26 F. Bowman, Z.; and N. M. Sprague and A. McDonald, P.Z.'s. 

27 M. G. McKechnie, Z.; and B. M. Conron, J. A. Kilsby and F. C. Mel- 
ton, P.Z.'s. 

28 G. E. Pidduck, Z.; F. Manos, J.; and W. F. Boorman, W. E. McKin- 
stry, J. G. MaGee, R. E. Temperton, and J. Randall, P.Z.'s. 

29 F. Deamude, Z. 

31 J. Gray, Z.; W. Douglas, H.; M. M. Popw, J.; and J. York and H. 
Alder, P.Z.'s. 

32 A. E. Tremaine, H.; and D. L. Attridge, R. D. Law, W. B. Murphy, 
W. J. Everingham and F. C. Ackert, P.Z.'s. 

34 G. W. Campbell, Z. 

35 B. H. Orton, Z.; A. F. Rankine, J.; and T. R. Tompkins, D. McHeag, 
A. Taylor, L. M. Standish and B. A. Miner, P.Z.'s. 

36 D. Miller, P.Z. with Proxy, and J. E. Girven, R. K. Burns, C. A. Bed- 
ford and R. Matthews, P.Z.'s. 

40 H. R. Eales, Z.; and J. A. Robertson and W. H. Quant, P.Z.'s. 
44 R. Dawson, Z.; C. A. Markle, H.; N. Robertson, J.; and A. V. Roy, 
C. G. Sexsmith and G. H. Fresque, P.Z.'s. 

46 V. Hearn, Z.; R. Johnson, H.; W. McKay, J.; and C. Dunseath, 
W. E. Hanly, J. R. Aitcheson and D. C. White, P.Z.'s. 

47 W. A. Hyatt, Z.; and G. E. Fennell, P.Z. 

53 R. Jameslaur, Z.; and R. W. Bygrove and D. Johnson, P.Z.'s. 

54 T. F. A. Longthorne, P.Z. with Proxy and H. Fackrell, P.Z. 


55 K. Woodhouse, Z.; D. Weaver, J.; and C. A. Larson and B. Collard, 

56 F. Binns, Z.; R. Tannahill, H.; and R. A. Faulkner, J. 

57 R. Radford, H.; and C. A. Winn and G. D. Penwarden, P.Z.'s. 
59 W. H. Rogers, Z.; and G. B. Carley, J. 

61 C. 0. Barber, P.Z. with Proxy. 

62 G. L. Stewart, Z.; B. G. Prosser, H.; and J. Hood, J. Sheilds, E. 
Hubbard, D. B. Filsinger, J. S. Sheilds, S. S. Kell, J. H. Cook, W. J. 
Grierson and C. M. Platten, P.Z.'s. 

63 G. A. Stewart, A. Macarther, E. F. Frey, P.Z.'s. 

64 H. J. Pattie, P.Z. with Proxy, J. L. McKeand, N. J. Penwarden and 
B. D. Penwarden, P.Z.'s. 

65 W. G. Oatman, Z.; and M. Clarke, P.Z. 

66 0. Oke and J. Doig, P.Z.'s. 

67 F. G. Johnson, P.Z. with Proxy. 

68 G. L. Abbott, Z.; and G. J. Purcell and L. Dool, P.Z.'s. 

69 G. Dequetteville, P.Z. with Proxy, and G. B. Lipsitt and L. L. Lym- 
burger, P.Z.'s. 

71 B. Ross, Z.; J. Smith, H.; and T. E. Weaver, L. Potter and R. 
Sweetman, P.Z.'s. 

72 C. L. Fargay, Z.; and J. L. Good and B. Woodbeck, P.Z.'s. 

73 P. L. Lalonde, P.Z. with Proxy and F. Yardley, P.Z. 

74 F. Hendry, P.Z. with Proxy. 

75 J. McPhail, Z.; and H. E. Zimmerman, P.Z. 

76 R. G. Johnston, Z.; and N. Farrington, P.Z. 

77 P. Pettet, Z.; W. Boston, H.; E. Buscombe, J.; and C. W. Emmett, 
G. Elms, P. Helm, A. Lee, F. Wrattan, J. Hogaboom, E. Jenkins, W. 
Damp, F. Harris, H. Smith and J. W. Woodland, P.Z.'s. 

78 D. R. E. Steeper, Z.; G. H. Hale, Alex McGregor and J. C. Dawson, 

79 L. Querie, P.Z. with Proxy and J. Burton, A. Cook, A. Jones and 
A. O'Halloran, P.Z.'s. 

80 I. T. Cowie, Z.; and G. E. Turner, A. R. Bourne, H. Henderson, A. D. 
Bates, C. E. Hillman and A. W. Lorenz, P.Z.'s. 

81 H. P. Grant, P.Z. 

82 W. J. McNabb, Z.; and W. H. Cheetam and E. S. Pearson, P.Z.'s. 

83 W. E. Watson, P.Z. with Proxy and H. French, P.Z. 
88 J. E. Finley, Z.; and R. Cadwallader, P.Z. 

91 W. Weatherall, Z.; R. M. Blake, J.; and R. Colman, H. Powell, J. 
Hewat, W. Dixon, R. Wilson, E. J. Brown and C. Howes, P.Z.'s. 

94 G. Macombe, P.Z. 

95 P. Fairhall, Z.; and L. J. Atkinson and P. Bregman, P.Z.'s. 

102 D. Delayer, Z.; and E. McWilliams, R. W. King, N. W. Walker, E. 
Price and W. Hohara, P.Z.'s. 

103 A. Haley, P.Z. with Proxy and R. C. Schmeler, P.Z. 

104 J. Baker, J.; and W. S. Thomson, S. R. Amos and G. K. Brown, P.Z.'s. 
110 L. E. Paterson, Z.; and M. Durnford, P.Z. 

113 C. Craig, Z.; and A. L. Farmsworth, P.Z. 

116 C. R. Ruttle, Z.; and M. P. Morris, A. M. James, D. T. Steele and 
A. A. Wright, P.Z.'s . 

117 K. R. Rollo, Z.; and G. H. Shannon, R. S. Brown and W. Hemphill, 

119 J. Bradly, Z.; J. Ward, H.; J. Bradey, J.; and J. Mclntire, L. F. 
Hillman, D. Robinson and H. Mills, P.Z. 

129 R. Gloor, Z.; R. Wierterson, H.; and W. H. Cheoros, E. J. Hingst and 
M. A. Stuart, P.Z.'s. 

130 H. W. Evens, Z.; and L. B. Evens, P.Z. 

131 M. Nixon, P.Z. 


133 W. H. Oattes, Z.; and G. A. Phillips, F. Fairfield, G. H. Patterson 
and Rev. C. W. Armstrong, P.Z.'s. 

134 C. McPhail and I. Fisher, P.Z.'s. 

135 C. S. Feasby, P. Z. 

138 E. Hughes, P.Z. with Proxy and M. Van Wamelen, C. E. Wills, C. 

Rich, E. Hughes, G. Ferguson, B. Spencer, H. Hughes, P. James, 

E. G. Whalley, R. M. Young and E. Moyle, P.Z.'s. 
140 N. J. Pappas, Z.; and D. Harcus, P.Z. 

143 E. Park, P.Z. with Proxy. 

144 R. R. Bell, K. McQuoid, A. Peister and J. E. Solomon, P.Z.'s. 

145 R. S. Woodward, P.Z. with Proxy and M. A. Searle, F. Knowles, 
W. S. Romeroy and R. L. Carr, P.Z.'s. 

146 L. Frank, Z.; and F. Hay, L. E. Adair, M. G. Beatty, E. Johnston, 
B. Hastings and J. Gee, P.Z.'s. 

147 G. W. Evans, J. W. Stewart and G. J. Fisher, P.Z.'s. 

149 J. T. Race, P.Z. 

150 H. W. Campbell, Z.; and E. Carson and J. W. Carson, P.Z.'s. 

151 R. W. Crigger, Z.; and E. R. Molson and J. E. Brown, P.Z.'s. 

152 J. T. Race, P.Z. with Proxy. 

153 W. Kellett, Z.; G. Eagleson, J.; and T. Kenny and G. A. Lauzon, 

155 J. D. Calder, P.Z. with Proxy, R. Brown and G. Penny, P.Z.'s. 
161 T. C. Lloyd, P.Z. with Proxy. 

167 E. B. Fowler, Z.; J. Hofmann, J.; and G. H. Williamson, P.Z. 

168 G. Burnett, J.; and J. Poulton and T. Burges, P.Z.'s. 

169 J. W. Smith, P.Z. with Proxy. 

175 C. R. Smith, P.Z. with Proxy; and J. Dunbar and B. D. Burt, P.Z.'s. 

195 J. Whitten, Z.; L. Archdekin, H.; J. Post, J.; F. Kline, P.Z. with 
Proxy, and W. H. Sproule, W. Cannon, M. Clark, D. Davidson, 
H. McClure, G. Cotton, E. Carney, H. C. Snyder, F. Richardson, 
J. A. McCleave, A. Archdekin and J. Archdekin, P.Z.'s. 

198 G. Cook, Z.; A. Cook, H.; and L. Johnson, J. 

205 G. Hall, P.Z. with Proxy and D. Tozer, J. Bell and D. Hill, P.Z.'s. 

210 D. Campbell, P.Z. with Proxy. 

212 J. Hauer, Z.; L. Dinaberg, H.; J. Ross, J.; and I. M. Ingles, S. Ten- 
enbaum, F. Sheldon, E. M. Bluestein, Dr. S. Perlman, W. H. Carter, 
A. Weisman, N. Austin, B. Walters, S. B. Bederman, H. Sayles, 
J. Woodland, M. Fidler, J. Taube, H. Ginsberg, A. Fox and M. 
Cooper, P.Z.'s. 

213 L. H. Netherton, Z.; and H. W. Poole and W. J. Cock, P.Z.'s. 

214 B. A. Russell, J. 

215 J. W. Cook, Z.; W. Bell, H.; G. Stuart, J.; and D. Reedie, R. Younker, 
M. H. King, C. W. Roberts, W. B. Angst, E. G. Weeks, J. C. Cox 
and B. Rodd, P.Z.'s. 

217 J. Abbott, Z.; W. Mansfield, J.; and J. Turnbull, N. Brown, A. Neill, 
E. W. Elcombe, A. Baldwin, W. J. Raeburn, E. Reid, W. J. Webber, 
J. L. House, and E. Stewart, P.Z.'s. 

218 D. Deller, H.; A. Mawdsley, P.Z. with Proxy; and T. H. McGhee, G. 
Silk, L. Mournaham, R. J. Clark and J. A. Doney, P.Z.'s. 

219 D. MacLachlan, P.Z. with Proxy; and P. Taylor, G. Anthony, T. 
Barker and J. Sheard, P.Z.'s. 

220 G. Holmes, Z.; T. Ward, H.; S. Bellis, J.; P. McGregor, P.Z. with 
Proxy; and H. M. Jackson, W. Greech, J. Richardson and G. Horner, 
P Z 's 

221 C. F. Rae, H.; H. Pudden, J.; and W. E. Crerar, J. N. Edwards and 
J. E. Armstrong, P.Z.'s. 

222 D. Mills, Z.; W. D. Taylor and A. Kent, P.Z.'s. 

223 A. Rosenbaum, Z.; and W. Layte, P.Z. 


224 J. Cowman, Z.; L. Cunningham, H.; and M. Spiers and G. B. Cow- 
man, P.Z.'s. 

225 J. Brentnall, H.; B. Jackson, J.; and F. W. D. Welham, J. E. Richard- 
son, R. Spencelly, J. Wallace, D. Magee, T. Nishino, F. Daubney, 
W. Sturch, and R. Roberts, P.Z.'s. 

226 V. Morrow, Z. 

227 F. H. Cotton, Z.; and B. H. Smith, C. Batt and C. McMullen, P.Z.'s. 

230 C. J. Lewis, Z.; N. Matherson, H.; and R. A. Young and T. Henry, 

231 J. Yaeger, Z.; A. Brown, H.; T. Carter, J.: and Rev. D. W. Kerr, 
J. C. Crockett, J. Ingles, E. C. Shunk, J. C. Callaghan, J. Woodland 
and W. J. Bain, P.Z.'s. 

232 J. A. Sheppard, Z.; C. B. Coleman, H.; E. Chaperlin, J.; and J. L. 
Mellor, A. S. Currie and W. Lester, P.Z.'s. 

233 W. Dunlop, Z.; and L. DeZoozi, J. Burns, W. E. Gardner and D. 
Wilson, P.Z.'s. 

234 J. Long, Z.; R. Tracey, H.; and I. G. Noble, P.Z. 

235 R. G. Rickwood, Z.; and R. H. Foote, P.Z. 

238 L. J. Jacobs, Z.; F. McLeod, J.; and E. W. Mitchell, V. L. Hopwood, 
C. Hanna, J. Hessy, L. Fortner and W. L. Davies, P.Z.'s. 

240 L. T. Vail, R. L. Jackson, G. B. Scott and J. H. Davis, P.Z.'s. 

241 O. R. Roberts, P.Z. with Proxy, J. R. Brown, H. S. Biggs, J. E. 
Young and W. E. Bailey, P.Z.'s. 

242 C. L. Phillip, Z.; and S. M. Ellenor, W. Chalcraft and M. Thompson, 

243 L. Clayton, Z.; and F. W. Checkley, P.Z. 

245 G. Braby, P.Z. with Proxy. 

246 D. J. Trumpass, Z.; J. A. Gravelle, J.; and P. Maydan, D. C. Danby, 
H. E. Harrison, J. R. McLaughlin, J. W. Woodland and E. Caruthers, 

247 D. Gray, Z.; and L. Gent, I. D. Parkinson, E. B. Ford, R. Neely, 
H. Motton and H. Banks, P.Z.'s. 

249 E. F. R. Osborne, P.Z. with Proxy; and V. W. G. Pascoe and H. G. 
Freeman, P.Z.'s. 

250 F. Long, Z.; and A. A. Leal, A. F. Blair, R. W. Purdy and N. Spence, 

251 T. Whittle, Z.; and G. E. Tipper and K. Griffin, P.Z.'s. 

252 L. F. James, Z. 

253 F. M. Given, P.Z. 

254 J. T. Race, P.Z. with Proxy and C. Fotheringham, P.Z. 

255 D. Hiller, M. Hicks, and C. Scott, P.Z.'s. 

257 A. F. Killah, P.Z. with Proxy. 

258 W. Woodcock, Z.; and F. C. Conley, P.Z. 

259 J. B. Fraser, P.Z. with Proxy. 

260 J. Kline, Z.; V. Nowman, P.Z. with Proxy; and H. Carr and A. T. 
Williams, P.Z.'s. 

261 R. Sheriff, H.; S. Tonkin, J.; S. Perry, P.Z. with Proxy; and L. E. 
Jackson, G. Tait and F. C. Powell, P.Z.'s. 

262 D. R. Frost, Z.; J. G. Robbins, J.; and H. Edgar, C. D. Reading, 
J. Loft and J. Hobson, P.Z.'s. 

263 J. McKenzie, Z.; W. Kinnaird, H.; P. C. Johnstone, P.Z. with Proxy, 
and R. K. Muir and W. S. Wright, P.Z.'s. 


The Most Excellent the Grand Z., directed the Grand Scribe E. to 
call the roll of representatives of Sister Jurisdictions when they 
assembled before the Altar. The following Grand Representatives 
answered their names: 


Alberta — E. K. Hogaboom, Athol St., Toronto 

Argentina — Wm. H. Sproule, 4 Elizabeth St. S., Brampton 

Arizona — Edward Marshall, Apt. No. 11, 137 Emerald St., Hamilton 

California — B. M. Conron, 120 Maple St., Collingwood 

Colorado— Cyril McMullen, R.R. No. 5, Belleville 

Delaware — Wm. J. Grierson, 136 Bedford Park Ave., Toronto 12 

Dist. of Columbia— B. H. Smith, 169 Dufferin Ave., Belleville 

France— George A. Phillips, 30 Daniel St., Smiths Falls 

Illinois— J. W. Woodland, 595 St. Clair Ave. W., Toronto 10 

Iowa — Wm. S. Thomson, 1329 Cumnock Cres., Oakville 

Ireland— R. W. E, McFadden, 4 Hart Street, Brantford 

Louisiana — Jos. Carson, 689 Colborne Street, London 

Maine — Lome E. Vaughan, 315 Bleecker St., Belleville 

Maryland — Leo J. Gent, Box 78, 21 Catharine St., Dorchester 

Massachusetts — Dr. Fraser Hay, 165 Victoria Ave. N., Listowel 

Michigan— Fred W. D. Welham, 60 Stewart Smith Dr., Toronto 385 

Minnesota — F. Carl Ackert, 1 Lincoln Ave., Gait 

Missouri — H. S. Biggs, 463 Hillsdale Ave., Toronto 7 

Montana— David Harcus, 1523 Walsh St., Fort William 

Nebraska — A. V. Roy, Box 57, Napanee 

Netherlands — Maarten van Wamelen, 1177 Bloor St. W., Mississauga 

Nevada — Dr. George E. Turner, 2281 Victoria Ave., Windsor 

New Hampshire — N. M. Sprague, Trenton 

New Jersey — G. H. Shannon, 30 Spetz Street, Kitchener 

New York— M. A. Searle, Apt. 21, 24 Shallmar Blvd., Toronto 10 

North Dakota — William H. Gummer, 242 Westdale Ave., Kingston 

Nova Scotia — Leslie C. Ewener, 961 Toro St., Sarnia 

Pennsylvania — John L. House, 14 Pearson Avenue, Toronto 13 

Quebec — C. W. Emmett, 27 Colwood Rd., Islington 

Rhode Island — Donald L. Attridge, 4 Alexander Ave., Gait 

Saskatchewan — J. E. Girven, 581 Weller Street, Peterborough 

Scotland— James Turnbull, 377 O'Connor Dr., Toronto 6 

South Dakota — Frederick C. Conley, 4 Houghton Blvd., Markham 

Tennessee — Chas. Fotheringham, 57 Union St. E., Apt. 103, Waterloo 

Texas— Fred Scott, 41 Fairfield Ave. N., Hamilton 

Utah — Lloyd B. Gillespie, 410 Eden Avenue, Ottawa 

Vermont — Norman Farrington, Niagara Parkway, Queenston 

Victoria — Harold Foote, 62 Cunning Ave., Aurora 

Wisconsin — Dr. S. Perlman, 11 Shalmar Blvd., Toronto 10 



To the Officers and Companions of the Grand Chapter Royal 
Arch Masons of Canada in the Province of Ontario. 

When I was installed as your Grand First Principal a year 
ago I realized the responsibilities which would be mine but I must 
admit I underestimated by far the joy and satisfaction that was to 
be mine in being of service to you, my Companions. 

It has been my privilege to visit many of you in your Chap- 
ters throughout our Grand Jurisdiction, at receptions, and to wor- 
ship with you at your District Divine Services. On all occasions 
the kind expressions of brotherly love while with you, and the 
dignity with which you held my office has far exceeded any 
expectations that may have been mine, while at the same time 
it has made me hold my head a little higher, it has been a source 
of inspiration. I am indeed proud to be chosen as your leader, 
proud to be your representative wherever my travels have taken 
me throughout Canada and in the United States. 

It is with a great deal of pride and satisfaction that I extend 
to each of you a warm welcome to this our One Hundred and 
Thirteenth Grand Convocation of the Grand Chapter Royal Arch 
Masons of Canada in the Province of Ontario ;let us give thanks 
to the Most High for all of the blessings vouchsafed to us during 
the past year and may His presence be felt during our delibera- 
tions this week-end. As we commence this Grand Convocation 
I am afforded the pleasure of returning in some small measure 
the wonderful hospitality so graciously extended to me by so 
many of you my Companions. I trust your time spent with us 
may be both pleasant and profitable. May you return to your 
Chapters with renewed enthusiasm, and zeal for Royal Arch 

To our distinguished guests from our Sister Jurisdictions, I 
extend to you our warmest greetings. By your presence, you have 
added much to our Convocation, we are most happy to have you 
share in our deliberations. I trust you have found your accommo- 
dations to your satisfaction, and comfort, that you will renew old 
friendships, that you will generate many new friendships which 
will endure down through the years. I have considered it a 
privilege and a pleasure to meet with many of you in your own 
Grand Jurisdictions. These visits, I assure you, were most enjoy- 
able and I would, at this time, express the thanks of Mrs. Welham 


and myself for your hospitality and kindness to both of us. 

I have been invited to attend quite a number of the receptions 
to our beloved Grand Master, Most Worshipful Brother and Right 
Excellent Companion Bruce Brown Foster. On all occasions the 
respect and admiration shown for this wonderful Mason knew no 
bounds. To our Most Worshipful Brother and to the Grand Lodge 
of Canada in the Province of Ontario, we pledge our loyalty. It 
is unfortunate that the dates of our Grand Convocation conflict 
with the date of a previous commitment made by our Grand 
Master some eighteen months ago. We well realize that it is our 
misfortune not to have our Grand Master with us. However, he 
has sent us, as his representative, another great Mason whom 
we all love and we do hope his stay with us shall be most enjoy- 
able to him. We extend to you Mosct Worshipful Brother Donald 
Gunn a warm welcome. May you express, on our behalf, to our 
Grand Master our regrets that the change of dates upset his plans 
to be with us, also please convey to him this message, "we are 
inspired by the leadership he has given us, that our strength has 
been renewed in all our endeavours, we wish for him health, hap- 
piness and God's richest blessings." 

Each year our Annual Convocation presents us with the 
opportunity to fraternize and to exchange thoughts and ideas not 
only with our Companions, but with our Brethren in all branches 
of Masonry. This year is no exception. We are pleased to wel- 
come the leaders and representatives from all branches of Free- 
masonry. The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, The Grand 
Council, Royal and Select Masters of the Cryptic Rite, The High 
Priesthood, The Sovereign Great Priory of Canada Knights Temp- 
ler, and The Masonic and Military Order of the Knights of the 
Red Cross of Constantine. We appreciate your attendance and 
the opportunity to express and demonstrate our deep regard and 
affection for each of you. The teachings of Masonry in all of its 
branches is a world force for good. The high standard of moral 
integrity and principles draw men of good will and understanding 
together. May the Great Jehovah extend his richest blessings 
upon all of us and may he continue to use us through thoughts, 
words, and actions, to draw men to a closer relationship one with 
another. Our hearts are saddened by the passing to the Grand 
Chapter above of two hundred and six of our Companions who 
have been a part of, and who contributed so much to our lives 
with an unselfish devotion to service for the betterment of man- 
kind. Let us therefor, be thankful that we were privileged to have 
associated with these Companions whom God has called home, 
yet, while they were with us, they left an indelible mark that will 
remain with us until time immemorial. Our loss has been great 


in Grand Chapter with the passing of three whom it will be hard 
to replace in the persons of M. Ex. Companion Fred W. Dean, M. 
Ex. Comp. Stanley Portch and R. Ex. Comp. Milton Gottlieb. Our 
Grand Advisory is becoming sadly depleted, but God has blessed 
us with Past Grand First Principals who are putting their shoulder 
to the wheel and taking up the slack caused by those losses 
These leaders we revered and honoured for their influence, coun- 
cil and zeal, serving as guiding lights for all. We extend our 
deepest sympathy to the families of all whose loved ones have 
made the great sojourn to be with our Father. We also extend 
our deepest sympathy to the families of those of our Sister Juris- 
dictions whose fathers, husbands and loved ones have crossed 
the line of no return. 


R. Ex. Comp. Gideon Purcell will give us a more detailed 
account later on in the Convocation. As we remember our de- 
parted Companions, let us stand reverently, with bowed heads 
while our Grand Chaplain offers thanks to God for the lives of 
those Companions who are no longer with us. They have added 
much to our endeavours, we are better men through having known 
and walked with them. 


I would thank the Principals' Association of the two Toronto 
Districts, 8 and 8A, who have kindly consented to be our hosts 
for 1971. Their untiring efforts to make this Grand Convocation a 
success is most certainly appreciated by the members of your 
Grand Chapter. 

As you will recall at our Grand Convocation on April 27th, 
28th and 29th, 1970 it was passed that the 1971 Grand Convoca- 
tion be held in the City of Ottawa. In the company of our G.S.E., 
I journeyed to Ottawa on May 4th, 1970 for the purpose of making 
arrangements with the management of the Chateau Laurier Hotel 
to hold our Convocation there this year. Unfortunately, they 
could not supply the proper accommodations or dates. 

I called a meeting of our Grand Advisory Committee on my 
return, where I reported my findings in Ottawa, together with the 
communications between the Chateau Laurier Management and 
myself. It was thereupon agreed, that your Grand Z. use his pero- 
gative to change our next place of meeting, with the recommen- 
dation, that the Grand Z. endeavour to find suitable accommoda- 
tion i nOttawa, at a later date. If such were available, the Ottawa 
District may, at some future period, again invite the Grand Chap- 


ter to convene in that City. Following up this recommendation I 
had a meeting with one of the sales staff of the Sky Line Hotels 
at the Grand Chapter Office, December 14th, 1971. This salesman 
looked over our requirements re space, catering, etc., assured me 
they now had such accommodation at the Sky Line Hotel in 
Ottawa. On Friday, February 26th, 1971, I asked R. Ex. Comp. 
Molson, Grand Superintendent of the Ottawa District, to join me 
at a meeting with Mr. Christie, the Manager of the Otawa Sky 
Line Hoel. We were shown through the hotel and found that 
they had a room large enough to hold both our Grand Chapter 
Meeting and our banquet. They could not supply enough rooms 
where our district meetings could be held, only ten meeting rooms 
could be supplied, six of these to hold two district meetings each 
at the same time which, of course, would be an impossibility. 
There would be a charge for any district meeting rooms used, 
ranging in price from $35.00 to $107.00 for one hour's use, with the 
offer to cut that price in half were we to have over 100 delegates. 
(We have always enjoyed our district meeting rooms free of 
charge.) We next brought up the subject of luncheons for our 
members (there are no restaurants in the vicinity of the hotel) at 
noon. 3,000 government employees from the adjoining building 
use the hotel dining room and, by my personal observation, these 
people are lined up in the hotel hallway at noon. R. Ex. Comp. 
Molson and I agreed that these accommodations were unsuitable 
for our needs. I recommended to the Grand Superintendent that 
he so inform the Ottawa members at their next district meeting. 

I would suggest in view of the above information that, should 
any district contemplate extending an invitation to Grand Chapter 
to hold a Convocation in their city, that they first ask Grand 
Chapter to send one who has the experience of our requirements 
to investigate that the same is available before sending in the 
invitation. I well realize that it was no doubt a big disappoint- 
ment to the members of the Ottawa District not to have this Con- 
vocation in Ottawa and I assure you, my Companions, I did not 
appreciate the task of having to turn down their kind offer: 


May 1st and 2nd — Chateau Laurier, Ottawa, re Grand Con- 
vocation 1971. 

May 5th— The Scarborough Chapter, 263— Invest G.M. 4th 

May 8th - 9th — Grand Chapter of New Hampshire. 

May 11th - 12th— Grand Chapter of Maryland. 

May 15th - 16th — Grand Chapter of Connecticut. 

May 20th— Mt. Sinai Chapter, 212— Welfare Committee. 


May 21st — Midland Chapter, 94 — Lindsay Grand Chapter 
Night, H.R.A. 

May 23rd — St. Andrews & St. John, 4, Toronto — Centennial. 

May 24th— Orillia Hospital, Mt. Sinai, 212— Retarded children. 

May 29th - 30th — Royal & Select Masters Convocation, St. 
Thomas — Guest. 

May 30th — York Cross of Honour, Breakfast, St. Thomas — 

June 2nd - 3rd — Grand Chapter of Quebec, Montreal — Guest. 

June 4th— Kitchener Chapter.. 117— Grand Chapter H.R.A. 

June 6th — Dochert Chapter, 248, Arnprior — Dedication. 

June 7th — Dochert Chapter, 248, Arnprior, Divine Service. 

June 8th — Quinte Friendship Chapter, 227, Belleville — 

June 9th— White Oak Chapter 104, Oakville— Present hon- 
ourary membership. 

June 10th — Grand Chapter Office Advisory Meeting. 

June 11th— Wellington Chapter, 47, Chatham— H.R.A. 

June 12th — Hiawatha Chapter, 252, Sarnia — Ladies' Night. 

June 13th — Succoth Chapter, 135, Uxbridge — Family Night. 

June 14th — Niagara District, 7, Beamsville — Divine Service. 

June 15th — Prince Edward Chapter, 31, Picton — H.R.A. 

June 20th— Nilestown Chapter, 247, Grand Chapter Night— 

June 21st — Nilestown Chapter, 247 — Divine Service. 

June 22nd — Centennial Chapter, 260, Streetsville — Speaker. 

June 23rd — Welfare Committee, Beverly Hills, Toronto. 

June 25th— Caledonia Chapter, 236, Caledonia— M.E.M. 

June 26th - 27th — Grand Chapter of New Brunswick, Moncton, 

Juyl 8th — R. Ex. Comp. M. Gottlieb Masonic Service. 

July 9th— R. Ex. Comp. M. Gottlieb Funeral. 

July 14th - 16th— Grand Lodge of Canada A.F. & A.M. 

July 19th— Beaver Chapter, 225— Picnic. 

July 26th— Mt. Sinai, 212, Orillia Hospital Retarded Children. 

July 27th — Grand Chapter Office Bursary Committee. 

July 28th— Mt. Sinai Chapter, 212— Welfare Meeting. 

Aug. 5th — Palestine Chapter, 249, Bowman ville — Present 

Aug. 9th — Vimy Chapter, 214, Inwood — Divine Service. 

Aug. 12th— Mt. Sinai Chapter, 212— Golf Tournament. 

Aug. 25th— Mt. Sinai Chapter, 212— Welfare Committee din- 
ner meeting. 

Aug. 27th — Grand Chapter Office Bursary Committee. 


Sept. 1st — Mt. Sinai Chapter, 212 — Reception, M. Ex. Comp. 
M. Silverstone, Israel, V. Ex. Comp. Wiseman presented with 
Honourary Membership H.R.A. Chapter 8, Israel. 

Sept. 3rd — Tyrian Chapter, 258, Stouffville — Present regalia 
to G.S.E. 

Sept. 6th - 8th — Sovereign Great Priory of Canada, Saint lohn, 

Sept. 9th — Peel Chapter, Brampton — Speaker. 

Sept. 10th — Mississauga Lodge — Reception, D.D.G.M. 

Sept. 11th— Guelph Chapter, 40, Guelph— P.P. Night Speaker. 

Sept. 13th — Huron District, No. 6, Lucknow — Divine Service. 

Sept. 14th — Bernard Lodge, Listowel — Reception to Grand 

Sept. 15th— The St. Patrick Chapter, 145— Reception V. Ex. 
Comp. Woodward. 

Sept. 21st — Grand Chapter Office 1971 Convocation Com- 
mittee Meeting. 

Sept. 22nd — Grand Chapter Office Bursary Committee. 

Sept. 23rd — Palestine Lodge — Reception Grand Ir. Deacon. 

Sept. 26th — Concord Lodge, Hespeler — Consecration. 

Sept. 27th — Hamilton District Divine Service, Ancaster. 

Sept. 28th — General Mercer Lodge — Reception V. Wor. Bro. 
M. Hastings. 

Oct. 1st — Grand Chapter Office Advisory Meeting. 

Oct. 3rd — Guelph Chapter, 40, Guelph — Centennial Speaker. 

Oct. 4th — Toronto Districts 8 and 8A — Divine Service. 

Oct. 5th — Keystone Chapter, Hamilton. 

Oct. 7th - 8th — Grand Chapter of Ohio, Toledo — Guest. 

Oct. 9th - 10th — Convent. Genl. York Cross of Honour, Niagara 
Falls — Guest. 

Oct. 11th — St. Clair District, No. 1, Chatham — Divine Service. 

Oct. 12th— Ouinte Friendship, 227, Belleville— Present D.S.A. 
Comp. Cooper. 

Oct. 15th - 16th— Grand Chapter Michigan, Battle Creek- 
Received Honourary Membership. 

Oct. 17th— Ark Chapter, Windsor, York Rite Day— Speaker. 

Oct. 18th — London Dist. 2, London — Divine Service. 

Oct. 19th— Grand Chapter Office, R. Ex. Comp. C. Ackert— 

Oct. 20th— Presqu'ile Chapter, 144, Brighton. 

Oct. 21st — Mt. Sinai Chapter, 44, Napanee. 

Oct. 23rd — The Hiram Chapter, 2, Stoney Creek — Grand 
Chapter M.E.M. Speaker. 

Oct. 24th — Aldsworth Lodge, Paisley — Reception to Grand 

Oct. 27th - 29th— Grand Chapter of Virginia. 


Oct. 31st — Ottawa Chapter, 222 — International Day, Speaker. 

Nov. 1st — Ottawa Chapter, 222, Ottawa — Divine Service. 

Nov. 2nd— Mt. Sinai Chapter, 212, Cryptic Rite Night, H.R.A. 

Nov. 5th — Alpha Lodge, Toronto — Remembrance Night. 

Nov. 6th — Excelsior Chapter, 45, Colborne — 100th Anniver- 
sary Meeting. 

Nov. 7th — Vimy Chapter, 214, Inwood — Ladies' Night. 

Nov. 8th — Toronto Districts A.F. & A.M. — Divine Service. 

Nov. 9th — Stevenson Lodge, 218 — Reception Presentation of 
Regalia G.S.D. 

Nov. 11th — Beaver Chapter, 225 — Reception Honourary 

Nov. 13th — Mt. Sinai Chapter, Buffalo — Received Honourary 

Nov. 14th— Keystone Chapter, 35, Whitby, Grand Chapter 
H.R.A., 3:00 p.m. 

Nov. 14th— Mt. Sinai Chapter, 212,— Welfare Dinner and 
Dance, 7:00 p.m. 

Nov. 16th — Grand Chapter Office, Treasurer Meeting J. Rich- 

Nov. 17th — Welfare Committee — Man of Year Dinner. 

Nov. 18th — King Darius Chapter, 134, Cannington, Grand 
Chapter H.R.A. — Speaker. 

Nov. 20th — Barton Lodge, Hamilton — Reception to Grand 

Nov. 21st — Harris Chapter, 41, Ingersoll — Centennial Dinner 

Nov. 22nd — Harris Chapter, 41, Ingersoll — Divine Service. 

Nov. 23rd — M. Ex. Comp. Fred Dean Funeral. 

Nov. 23rd — King David Chapter, 262, Burlington — Speaker. 

Nov. 24th — Grand Chapter Office Convocation Meeting. 

Nov. 25th — Corinthian Chapter, 36, Peterborough. 

Nov. 26th — Grand Chapter Office Bursary Committee 

Nov. 27th — The Hiram Chapter, 2, Hamilton — Present Jewel 
M.W. Bro. E. Dixon. 

Nov. 29th— Orillia Hospital, Orillia— Retarded Children. 

Dec. 1st — The Scarborough Chapter, 263, Toronto — Installa- 

Dec 2nd - 3rd — Grand Chapter of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia 
— Guest. 

Dec. 8th - 9th — Grand Chapter of Massachusetts, Boston — 

Dec. 10th — King Hiram Chapter, 57, Port Colborne. 

Dec. 11th — Grand Chapter Advisory Meeting. 


Dec. 12th — Succoth Chapter, 135, Uxbridge — Xmas Party. 

Dec. 13th — Welfare Committee, Beverley Hills Hotel. 

Dec. 14th — Stevenson Lodge, 218 — Installation. 

Dec. 16th— Regal Chapter, 253, Port Dover. 

Dec. 20th — Geoffrey de St. Aldamar Preceptory — Xmas Ser- 

Dec. 21st — Zeradetha Lodge, Uxbridge — Installation. 

Dec. 28th— Madoc Chapter, 161, Madoc. 

Jan. 4th, 1971 — Keystone Council Cryptic Rite — Installation. 

Jan. 5th — Mt. Sinai Chapter, 212, Toronto — Installation. 

Jan. 6th — Mimico Chapter, 215, Toronto — Installation. 

Jan. 7th — Tyrian Chapter, 258, Stouffville — Installation. 

Jan. 8th — York Chapter, 62, Toronto — Installation, Honourary 

Jan. 11th — Kichikewana Chapter, 167, Midland — Installation. 

Jan. 12th — Shekinah Chapter, 138, Toronto — Installation. 

Jan. 13th — Beaver Chapter, 225, Toronto — Installation. 

Jan. 14th — The St. Clair, 231, Toronto — Installation. 

Jan. 15th - 16th — Grand Chapter of Delaware — Guest. 

Ian. 18th — Grand Chapter Convocation Committee Meeting. 

Jan. 20th — King Cyrus Chapter, 232, Toronto — Installation. 

Ian. 21st — Mt. Sinai Chapter, 44, Napanee — Installation. 

Ian. 22nd — Prince of Wales Lodge, Toronto — Installation. 

Ian. 25th — Centennial Chapter, 260, Streetsville — Installation. 

Ian. 26th — Aurora Chapter, 235, Aurora — Installation. 

Jan. 27th — Orient Chapter, 79, Toronto — Installation. 

Ian, 28th — King Solomon's Chapter, 8, Toronto — Installation. 

Jan. 29th — Principals' Association, Toronto — Dinner. 

Feb. 2nd— Mt. Sinai Chapter, 212, Toronto— P.P. Night. 

Feb. 3rd - 4th— Grand Chapter of New York, Albany— Guest. 

Feb. 8th — Quinte Friendship Chapter, 227, Belleville — Present 
25 year jewel to M. Ex. Comp Bruce Smith — Speaker. 

Feb. 9th — St. Andrew's Lodge, Toronto — Educational Night. 

Feb. 12th — Masonic Service — M. Ex. Comp. Portch, Oakville. 

Feb. 14th— M. Ex. Comp Portch Funeral. 

Feb. 18th — Grand Chapter Convocation Meeting. 

Feb. 19th— Humber Chapter, 246, Weston. 

Feb. 21st — District 8 A Ruling Principals' Meeting. 

Feb. 22nd — Seaway Hotel Convocation Meeting. 

Feb. 23rd— Amabel Chapter, 131, Wiarton. 

Feb. 24th — Rising Sun Lodge, Aurora — Reception V.W. Bro. 
I. Knowles. 

Feb. 25th— Ottawa Chapter, 222, Ottawa— Present Jewels. 

Feb. 26th — Granite Chapter, 61, Almonte. 

Feb. 26th— Meeting with Sky Line Hotel. 


Feb. 27th— The Scarborough Chapter, 263, Toronto— Ladies' 

Mar. 2nd— Ex. Comp. Col. R. S. McLaughlin, Oshawa— 
Presented 75 Year Jewel. 

Mar. 2nd — Pentalpha Chapter, 28, Oshawa, Grand Chapter 
Night— M.E.M.— Speaker. 

Mar. 3rd— Victoria Chapter, 205, Thomhill— Received Hon- 
ourary Membership. 

Mar. 4th— Tyrian Chapter, 258, Stouffville . 

Mar. 5th - 6th — Grand Chapter District of Columbia, Wash- 
ington — Guest. 

Mar. 11th— The St. Clair Chapter, 231, Toronto— Presented 
25 Year Jewel, V. Ex. Comp. E. Shunk. 

Mar. 12 - 14 — Hiawath Chapter, 252 — International Week-end 
and Divine Service. 

Mar. 15 — Grand Chapter Office — Nomination Committee. 

Mar. 16th — Huron Chapter, 30, Goderich — Presented Jewels. 

Mar. 18th - 19th — Grand Chapter of Illinois — Guest — Received 
Honourary Membership. 

Mar. 20th— London District A.F. & A.M.— Grand Master's 

Mar. 26th — Tecumseh Chapter, 24, Stratford — Presented 

Mar. 28th— Mt. Sinai Chapter, 212— M.M. Meeting. 

Mar. 29th — Grand Chapter Office Bursary Committee. 

Mar. 30th — Toronto Districts A.F. & A.M. — Reception to Grand 

Mar. 31st — Niagara District 7 — Principals' Association 

April 1st — Seaway Hotel Convocation Meeting. 

April 1st— Tyrian Chapter, 258, Stouffville— H.R. A. 

April 2nd & 3rd — Grand Chapter Rhode Island — Honourary 
Membership — Guest. 

April 6th — Wingham Lodge, Wingham — Speaker. 

April 8th — St. James Chapter, 46, St. Marys — Speaker. 

April 8th — Huron District 6 Principals' Association — Speaker. 

April 11th — Rose Croix A.A.S.R. — Toronto Easter Service. 

April 12th — Kichikewana Chapter, 167, Midland — Speaker. 

April 13th— Signet Chapter, 34, Barrie 

April 16th— Mount Nebo Chapter, 76,Grand Chapter Night— 

April 19th — Zeradetha Lodge, Uxbridge — Speaker. 

April 20th — Grand Chapter Office Advisory Meeting 

April 21st — Bruce Chapter, 53, Petrolia — Presentation. 

April 22nd— Waterloo Chapter, 32, Gait— Present Jewel R. Ex. 
Comp. Carl Ackert. 


April 24th— Mount Chapter, No. 163, Buffalo Visitation by 
Shekinah Chapter. 

April 26th — Seaway Hotel Convocation Committee Dinner 

April 29th — Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons of Canada in 
the Province of Ontario. 

April 30th — One Hundred and Thirteenth Convocation at the 
Seaway Towers Hotel. 

May 1st — One Hundred and Thirteenth Convocation at the 
Seaway Towers Hotel. 


Victoria Chapter No. 205 Mount Sinai Chapter No. 163, Buf- 

Mount Sinai Chapter No. 212 falo, N.Y. 

Tyrian Chapter No. 258 Holy Land Royal Arch Chapter No. 

Beaver Chapter No. 225 8 Israel 

Grand Chapter of Michigan The Grand Royal Arch Chapter of 

Keystone Chapter No. 35 Rhode Island 

The St. Patrick Chapter No. 145 The Grand Royal Arch Chapter of 

York Chapter No. 72 the State of Illinois 

I deeply appreciate the honours that have been bestowed 
upon me, and I shall cherish the memory of these presentations. 
I shall ever be ready to assist those who have so honoured me 
when called upon to do so. 


There was one dedication during the year and I am most 
happy to report that a large delegation of Companions from 
throughout the Province met at Amprior, Ontario, on June 6th, 
where we dedicated the new premises of Dochert Chapter No. 248. 
Our Grand Chapter Officers were all in attendance assisting in 
the ceremony and adding much by their presence. I would take 
this opportunity to thank all Grand Chapter Officers past and 
present for their assistance and their attendance. We appreciate 
the fine hospitality shown by Dochert Chapter members and the 
members of the Ottawa District. You left nothing to be desired. 
I know I speak for all in attendance when I say how much we 
appreciated your kindness to us. I wish to congratulate Dochert 
Chapter No. 248 on your new quarters. I feel sure you will be 
most comfortable in your new surroundings and may God's 
richest blessing be upon all your future endeavours. 


Seventy-five Years a Royal Arch Mason 

Pentalpha Chapter No. 28— Ex. Comp. Col. R. S. McLaughlin 

Ex. Comp. Col. R. S. McLaughlin is to be congratulated on his 
attainment of seventy-five years a Royal Arch Mason and it was 
a privilege which I shall cherish in my memories. I presented 
this jewel at his home, Parkwood Manor, Oshawa. I was accom- 
panied by the Grand Superintendent, R. Ex. Comp. W. McKinstry 
of the Ontario District and the First Principal of Pentalpha Chapter 
No. 28, Ex. Comp. Geo. Pidduck. We found Colonel Sam, as he is 
affectionately known, in good spirits and very alert. He told me 
the names of the other candidates who were exalted with him also 
the officers of that year Ex. Comp. McLaughlin served as an officer 
until he reached the chair of Haggai then had to drop out under 
the pressure of business. He will be 100 years old on September 
8th and very interested in all that is happening today. 

Sixty Years A Royal Arch Mason 

Ezra Chapter No. 23 — Comp. John Rutherford 
Shekinah Chapter No. 138— V. Ex. Comp. Geo. G. Elliott 

Fifty Years a Royal Arch Mason: 

Hiram Chapter No. 2 — Comp. Wm. Sheddon, Comp. F. S. Whitmore, 

Comp. M. G. Hill, V. Ex. Comp. J. H. Smith, Ex. Comp. E. G. Dixon. 
St. John's Chapter No. 3— R. Ex. Comp. Wm. Parker, V. Ex. Comp. R. G. 

Moira Chapter No. 7 — Comp. J. Mather. 
King Solomon's Chapter No. 8 — Comp. C. J. Sanders, Comp. E. H. Duthie, 

Comp. Geo. S. McArthur. 
Mount Moriah Chapter No. 19 — Comp. Chas. Weaver, Comp. C. G. Burch, 

Comp. G. Whitehead. 
Ezra Chapter No. 23— Comp. Cecil E. Bell. 
Waterloo Chapter No. 32— Comp. C. H. Smith. 
Signet Chapter No. 34 — Comp. J. G. Heels, Comp. E. Firman. 
Victoria Chapter No. 37 — Comp. F. H. Briden, Comp. R. G. Beatty. 
Mount Sinai Chapter No. 44 — Comp. F. J. Cummings, Comp. H. L. Van- 

luven, Comp. A. V. Roy, Comp. H. E. Boyle. 
Niagara Chapter No. 55 — Ex. Comp. G. Jerman. 
Georgian Chapter No. 56 — Ex. Comp. R. J. Archer, R. Ex. Comp. H. C. 

Irwin, R. Ex. Comp. G. E. L. Vanstone. 
Grimsby Chapter No. 69 — Ex. Comp. Vernon Tuck. 
Erie Chapter No. 73— R. Ex. Comp. E. V. Bingham. 
Beaver Chapter No. 74— V. Ex. Comp. E. T. Lewis, Ex. Comp. Wm. M. 

Mount Nebo Chapter No. 76 — Comp. O. Kreitner, Comp. R. C. Young, 

Comp. E. A. Williams. 
Occident Chapter No. 77 — V. Ex. Comp. Geo. Elms. 
Orient Chapter No. 79— Comp. J. M. Scott. 
Golden Chapter No. 90— Ex. Comp. J. Allen. 

Toronto-Antiquity Chapter No. 91 — R. Ex. Comp. Wm. Martyn. 
Tuscan Chapter No. 95 — Comp. Geo. M. Miller. 


Covenant Chapter No. 113 — Comp. Paul E. Buss, Comp. Heber Adams, 

V. Ex. Comp. H. Farlinger, Comp. D. B. Cameron. 
Maple Chapter No. 116— Ex. Comp. F. C. McDiarmid, V. Ex. Comp. H. E. 

Kitchener Chapter No. 117 — V. Ex. Comp. Wm. Cooper, Comp. G. H. 

St. Francis Chapter No. 133— Comp. T. V. Rogers, Ex. Comp. W. A. 

Graham, Comp. T. A. Kidd, Comp. R. A. Arnold. 
Shekinah Chapter No .138— Comp. B. W. Roszell, Comp. C. A. Talbot, 

Comp. R. Harris, Comp. J. L. Madigan, V. Ex. Comp. E. C. Tyers. 
Fort William Chapter No. 140— Ex. Comp. C. A. Auld, Comp. R. H. 

St. Patrick Chapter No. 145 — Comp. A. Wm. Preece. 
Sombra Chapter No. 153 — Comp. C. A. Norsworthy. 
Ancaster Chapter No. 155 — R. Ex. Comp. G. Quackenbush. 
Kichikewana Chapter No. 167 — Comp. J. R. Hayne. 
Ionic Chapter No. 168 — Comp. B. Grant, Comp. W. Henson, Comp. H. 

Hamilton Chapter No. 175 — Comp. Wm. A. Laidlaw. 
Victoria Chapter No. 205— Comp. G. Kelly, Ex. Comp. E. S. Cox, Comp. 

D. R. Risebrough. 
Ulster Chapter No. 219— Comp. D. S. MacLachlan. 
Ottawa Chapter No. 222— R. Ex. Comp. R. Howie. 

Fifty Year Bar Past Principal's Jewel: 

Victoria Chapter No. 205— Ex. Comp. E. S. Cox 

St. Patrick Chapter No. 145 — Comp. Albert Wm. Preece. 

For Twenty-five Years Installed First Principal: 

Ancient Frontenac & Cataraqui Chapter No. 1 — V. Ex. Comp. E. L. Earl, 

Ex. Comp. D. Cheyne, Ex. Comp. J. T. Winney. 
St. Andrew & St. John Chapter No. 4 — Ex. Comp. James Bain. 
The Moira Chapter No. 7 — Comp. C. E. Meyers. 
Oxford Chapter No. 18— Ex. Comp. G. S. Murray. 

Waterloo Chapter No. 32 — Ex. Comp. G. Woods, Ex. Comp. R. Hastings. 
Corinthian Chapter No. 36— Comp. D. G. H. Melton. 
Victoria Chapter No. 37— R. Ex. Comp. H. Inch. 
Bruce Chapter No. 53 — R. Ex. Comp. A. McLean. 
Palestine Chapter No. 54 — Comp. J. A. Robinson. 
Willson Chapter No. 64 —Ex. Comp. T. Baxter. 
MacNabb Chapter No. 88— R. Ex. Comp. R. Cadwallader. 
Midland Chapter No. 94— Ex. Comp. K. Wm. Griffin. 
Covenant Chapter No. 113— Ex. Comp. F. W. Elliott. 
Maple Chapter No. 16— Ex. Comp. E. R. Fee. 

Kitchener Chapter No. 117— V. Ex. Comp. R. J. Brown, Comp. B. W. Butt. 
St. Francis Chapter No. 133— R. Ex. Comp. C. A. Bailey. 
Presqu'ile Chapter No. 144 — V. Ex. Comp. K. A. McQuoid. 
St. John's Chapter No. 148 — Ex. Comp. K. MacKenzie. 
Sombra Chapter No. 153 — Ex. Comp. R. W. Greenwood. 
Ionic Chapter No. 168— R. Ex. Comp. Wm. Brady. 
Peel Chapter No. 195— Ex. Comp. J. C. Wiggins. 
St. Alban's Chapter No. 217 — Ex. Comp. J. Spencer. 
Preston Chapter No. 245 — V. Ex. Comp. F. Illingworth. 
Hiawath Chapter No. 252— Ex. Comp. W. L. Millman. 


Palestine Chapter No. 249 — Comp. David R. Aldread. 
Quinte Friendship Chapter No. 227 — Comp. Alfred Cooper. 



The Hiram Chapter No. 2 150 years 

St. Andrew and St. John No. 4 100 years 

Guelph Chapter No. 40 100 years 

Harris Chapter No. 41 100 years 

Lebanon Chapter No. 220 50 years 


One hundred and sixty-four dispensations were issued as 

For Divine Services 13 

Change Date of Meeting 46 

Open Early 4 

Change of Location 2 

Dispense With Meeting 19 

Ladies' Night , 24 

Regular Convocation 4 

Special Convocation 14 

Field Day 2 

Application 2 

Fraternal Visit to Another Jurisdiction 3 

Fraternal Visit From Another Jurisdiction 7 

Dedicate Chapter Room 1 

Change of Election Night 4 

Picnic 2 

Waiver of Jurisdiction 1 

York Rite Day 1 

Shorten Waiting Period 1 

Centennial Banquet 1 

Christmas Party 4 

New Year's Party 2 

Installation as Past "Z." 1 

Installation of 3rd Principal to 1st Principal 4 

Joint Installation 2 

Total 164 


1— 73 Erie Chapter, Ridgetown 7 June, 1970 

2—248 Dochert Chapter, Arnprior 7 June, 1970 

3— 69 Grimsby, Grimsby 14 June, 1970 

4—214 Vimy Chapter, Inwood 9 August, 1970 

5 — 10 Ontario District, Oshawa 8 November, 1970 

6 — 259 Quetico Chapter, Atikokan 25 October, 1970 

7—116 Maple Chapter, Carleton Place 18 October, 1970 

8—252 Hiawatha Chapter, Sarnia 1 November, 1970 

9 — 41 Harris, Ingersoll 22 November, 1970 

10—221 Durham, Durham 25 October, 1970 

11—222 Ottawa, Ottawa 1 November, 1970 

12— 47 Wellington, Chatham 11 October, 1970 



The following Chapters requested changes in their By-Laws: 

Chapter No. Chapter No. 

Mount Moriah 19 Laurentian 151 

Corinthian 36 Smithville 240 

Victoria 37 Kirkland 251 

Mount Sinai 44 Regal 253 

Mount Nebo 76 Sequin 261 

Succoth 135 

All amendments to By-laws were approved upon recommen- 
dations from M. Ex. Comp.| H. Shannon. We are indebted to 
M. Ex. Comp. Shannon and his Committee for the work which they 
have accomplished. I would point out to our Chapters that closer 
attention to the requirements with regards to procedure when 
applying for changes in your By-laws would ease the work load 
placed upon our Chairman. May we express our thanks, M. Ex. 
Sir, for work well done in the face of many frustrations. 


There were twelve vacancies to be filled this year. I have 
recommended to the following Grand Bodies, Grand Chapter 
Officers whom I feel confident will keep the lines of communica- 
tion open. I am glad to report to you that these recommendations 
have met with the approval of the Grand Chapters involved to 
exchange areas. 

Grand Chapter of Alberta R. Ex. Comp. E. K. Hogaboom 

Grand Chapter of Argentina R. Ex. Comp. Wm. Sproule 

Grand Chapter of New Brunswick R. Ex. Comp. Dr. Geo. Turner 

Grand Chapter of Iowa R. Ex. Comp. Wm. Thomson 

Grand Chapter of Michigan M. Ex. Comp. Fred W. D. Welham 

Grand Chapter of The Netherlands R. Ex. Comp. Maarten vanWamelen 

Grand Chapter of New Zealand R. Ex. Comp. Harold Ince 

Grand Chapter of Nova Scotia R. Ex. Comp. Leo Ewener 

Grand Chapter of Rhode Island R. Ex. Comp. Don Attridge 

Grand Chapter of South Dakota R. Ex. Comp. Fred C. Conley 

Grand Chapter of Texas R. Ex. Comp. Fred Scott 

Grand Chapter of Victoria R. Ex. Comp. Harold Foote 

Grand Chapter of Israel R. Ex. Comp. Irvin Inglis 


Following the recommendation of the Grand High Priest of 
the following Grand Chapters we issued the following commis- 
sions to these Companions as our Grand Representatives near 
these Grand Bodies: 

R. W. Bro. Nathaniel Ben Haviv Israel 

Ex. Comp. Earl M. Sitton Kansas 

R. Ex. Comp. Milton C. Stephenson Maine 

Ex. Comp. Arthur B. Pratt Missouri 

Ex. Comp. James D. Seatter New York 

M. Ex. Comp. Otto F. Doerr Saskatchewan 



I wish to express my gratitude to this loyal group of Royal 
Arch Masons under the leadership of R. Ex. Comp. John E. Richard- 
son. I feel that this Committee does not receive the recognition 
it deserves from the Chapters. Their work in entertaining the 
aged, the transportation of the less fortunate every week end to 
the summer camp at Bronte, and their visitations to our sick 
companions from out of town Chapters, one could fill a page 
telling of their good works. As one member expressed to me 
some time ago, our reward is in the smile of appreciation from 
those to whom we have brought an hour or two of cheer. I would 
be remiss were I not to mention the Mount Sinai No. 212 Welfare 
Committee and their able assistants at Orillia. Couchiching 
Chapter No. 198 who, with their ladies, assist the Mt. Sinai Chap- 
ter through transportation of the retarded children and through 
the preparing and serving the meals to the children. During the 
year several visits were made by Mt. Sinai Chapter No. 293 of 
the Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons of New York. Through 
their frequent visits to Mt. Sinai Chapter No. 212, Toronto, they 
came to know Comp. Mike Mitchell, Chairman of the Mt. Sinai 
No. 212 Welfare Work and his interest in the retarded children. 
This work brought to them a desire to take an active part in the 
visits to the Orillia Hospital. They not only came themselves, 
they have brought car loads of entertainers in order that they 
too might contribute in this wonderful work. I commend these 
Companions from across the border of whom I had the honour 
to be made an Honorary Member of their Chapter and I trust that 
this wonderful work and companionship may continue as long 
as there is a R.A.M. left in these two countries. Comp. Mike 
Mitchell and his Committee have, by their labours on behalf of 
retarded children both in Toronto and Orillia, fulfilled all the 
obligations they have taken at the altar. They work unceasingly 
twelve months of the year in bringing happiness and enjoyment 
to those (seme of them forgotten souls) who have not the ability 
to look after themselves. On behalf of Grand Chapter I congratu- 
late both Welfare Committees on their work, by your labours you 
are presenting to the outside world the true definition of Masonry. 
To give of one's self, 
To use the things that I possess, 

In service full and free, 
To sacrifice my smaller self, 
That larger good may be. 


I have experienced much pride this year in Royal Arch 
Masonry in all its endeavours. Without taking anything away 


from the labours of any of our Committees, I would suggest to 
you that the untiring efforts of M. Ex. Comp. Searle and V. Ex. 
Comp. Aube Weisman have born much fruit and given us all 
reason to stand a little more erect. 

We are experiencing a great deal of unrest within the ranks 
of our young people. True some are radicals, however, would we 
deprive the many for the few? The work of this Committee has 
made it possible for some of our children who required a little 
assistance to take their place as our leaders of tomorrow. You 
and I, my Companions, must apply ourselves with double dili- 
gence to assist this Committee in order that they shall have the 
funds available to carry out their work. In my travels, I find that 
the Chapters who take an active interest, who participate in the 
practice of Masonry by giving of their substance and themselves, 
become so involved that they are stronger Chapters. I know M. 
Ex. Comp. Searle is most appreciative of the work on this Com- 
mittee by V. Ex. Comp. Aube Weisman who has been a tower of 
strength during the illness of the Chairman, M. Ex. Comp. Searle. 
I would express my own personal thanks and the appreciation 
of Grand Chapter to V. Ex. Comp. Weisman for his many hours 
of labour on behalf of the Grand Chapter Bursary Committee, for 
his most informative literature, his enlightening talks, above all, 
for the leadership you have displayed in your endeavours through 
the Grand Superintendents to bring the message of Bursary to 
their members. 


We experienced a great loss in the demise of M. Ex. Comp. 
Stanley Portch, the Chairman of our Masonic Education and 
Instruction Committee. I have worked many hours with M. Ex. 
Comp. Portch making plans we both felt necessary to assist our 
young officers and members. He was ever ready to go to the 
assistance of any Grand Superintendent or Chapter requiring 
his assistance, he never spared himself. I trust that we shall 
meditate upon his contribution to our Royal Craft. I called upon 
R. Ex. Comp. Maarten vanWamelen to take over the Chairman- 
ship of this Committee until this Grand Convocation. In choosing 
R. Ex. Comp. vanWamelen, I thought to get the best, to my 
knowledge, in the field. He is a great scholar of Freemasonry in 
all of its branches, his greatest love would appear to be Royal 
Arch Masonry. His vocation is an engineer, however, his firm 
now employs him in organizing and training the other engineers 
through Seminars and group discussions. 

Plans have been laid to hold seminqrs in all of our districts 


through the Grand Chapter Masonic Education and Instruction 
Committee, working in conjunction with the Superintendent and 
District Instruction Chairman. At these seminars, all Ruling 
Principals and their officers will be expected to attend. Protocol, 
Administration and Leadership will be presented in the hope 
that our officers will have greater knowledge of their obligations 
to their Chapters, through which they shall have a greater con- 
fidence in themselves. The theme will be "Better Royal Arch 
Masons Through Better Leadership". 

We are truly fortunate in having the calibre of men which 
comprise our Committee. They are all dedicated Masons, seek- 
ing only that which shall be for the betterment of our Royal Craft. 
I would also thank R. Ex. Comp. Leo Gent, R. Ex. Comps. Ellenor 
and R. Ex. Comp. Ed. Marshall for their endeavours in the educa- 
tion of the Principals of London District No. 2. I have had many 
glowing reports of the leadership training meeting held by these 


Most Ex. Comp. Jim Girven has given of himself freely in this 
work. There is yet much to be done. It is a slow process. I 
would particularly suggest to Chapters who may need help to let 
us know as only then can we know of your situation. The only 
other alternative is through the report of the Grand Superintendent 
or by a member of your Grand Council who may visit you. I 
would like to thank M. Ex. Comp. Girven on his success with one 
of the Chapters in his own District and to congratulate the two 
Grand Chapter Officers of Corinthian Chapter No. 36 who affiliated 
with the weaker Chapter, and strengthened it by giving of their 
knowledge as well as filling two of the important offices for a 


This Committee has held several meetings, however theirs 
is a task which must take a great deal of consideration in their 
actions. They are attempting to shorten some of the work without 
taking anything away from the degree which would affect the 
explanation of the message which the degree brings to the can- 
didates and to our members. M. Ex. Comp. Chas. Emmett is 
conscious of the fact that some members feel that there is too 
much repetition, particularly in the opening and closing cere- 
monies. He and his Committee are working along these lines at 
the present moment and hope to have something concrete to bring 
forward in the very near future. 


With regard to the time element of our degrees, I would like 
to make this observation. I believe most of the time is lost not in 
our work being too long, but rather in the time wasted while 
examining and preparing candidates, also in setting up the 
Chapter Room after closing down in the Degree of the Holy Royal 
Arch. To keep a Chapter and its members interested, we must 
first open on time, go through our business in a business like 
manner, having first ironed out any possible delays on any 
subject, by having them brought up previously at an executive 
meeting. Then carrying out the degree with precision and in an 
interesting manner. 


We still show a decrease in membership although on looking 
over the figures available they indicate a smaller decerase over 
the past few years. It behooves each of us to practice our Royal 
Art at all times, demonstrating to the world in general and our 
Symbolic Ledge members in particular, that there is much to be 
gained by advancing into Royal Arch Masonry. 


We experienced another great loss this year in the passing 
of M. Ex. Comp. Fred Dean who occupied the office of Treasurer 
while at the same time he was Chairman of Benevolence. M. Ex. 
Comp. Dean was a true and faithful servant, one who did much 
to keep our Treasury and accounts working to the benefit of all. 
A month before he passed away, he asked me to accept his 
resignation as he was too ill to fulfill his duties. I suggested to 
him that we do not accept his resignation until this Grand Con- 
vocation and that I would get R. Ex. Comp. John E. Richardson 
to assist him until that time. He agreed to this arrangmeent. 

I then approached R. Ex. Comp. Richardson with regards to 
catching up with that work of the Treasurer which was almost a 
year behind I feel we are indebted to our Acting Treasurer whom 
I appointed to fill the office after M. Ex. Comp. Dean died, for the 
work he has put into getting everything in order. Although R. 
Ex. Comp. Richardson is a Bank Manager, well trained to do this 
work, I know he spent many evenings going over receipts and 
books in order that we may have a true account to give of the 
Treasurer's work. Please accept my personal thank, R. Ex. Sir, for 
your assistance at a time when we in Grand Chapter were sorely 


As I have already mentioned in the report on Finances, the 
death of our Treasurer left a vacant spot in our Benevolence Com- 


mittee. I at once approached R. Ex. Comp. Carl Ackert with 
regards to acting as Chairman of this very active Committee. I 
would here repeat myself in saying we are most fortunate in 
having men qualified to fill in at once in an emergency. R. Ex. 
Comp. Ackert has had a vast experience in other bodies re the 
distribution of benevolence. He has done an excellent job for 
which we are indebted to him. I wish to thank him personally 
and on behalf of Grand Chapter. 


Having made a thorough study of our expenses in the Grand 
Chapter Office and the general operating of the Grand Chapter, 
and having discussed same with our Grand Scribe E. and our 
Chairman of Finance, I give notice that at our next annual 
convocation I will move or caused to be moved that an increase 
in the per capita tax be made in the sum of 30c (thirty cents). 


Grand H. 

Grand Chapter, like everyone else, is feeling the high cost of 
operation. Rents, office supplies, postage, everything connecetd 
with our work has gone up in price. Some things doubled, some 
trebled since we last asked for an increase in our per capita. 

This year we budgeted for $3,800 debit, however with all our 
efforts to keep our expenses to a minimum, we show a debit of 
some $5,000. At Grand Chapter Office we have cancelled certain 
ietms of printing and we now either use instant printing or our 
own Gestetner which is far less expensive. You will notice a 
change in your ballot sheets this year although they are as 
efficient as the former sheets we have cut our costs by 75%. I 
have worked diligently with our Grand Scribe E. to bring our 
operating expenses down and we shall continue to do so, how- 
ever, we must ask you to give this notice of motion your fullest 
consideration in order that we may give to you the standard of 
efficiency you so richly deserve. 


I would compliment R. Ex. Comp. Fred Conley on the work 
of Grand Scribe E. His work becomes very frustrating at times. 
The letters that must be written to Chapters answering questions 
that can be answered by the Constitution, although at all times 
we are most happy to have you write to us of your problems. 
In a great many cases, all we are doing is quoting that which is 
printed in our Constitution. I wish to thank all Chapters in the 
assistance given to our Grand Scribe E. by having your returns 


sent in early, a great many were not complete and had to be sent 
back, however, I am sure in time we will get that all straightened 
out. Many thanks to our Grand Scribe E. and to his assistant, 
Mrs. Greco, for their assistance this year. 


R. Ex. Comp. Leo Gent and his Committee have an arduous 
task in the revising of our Constitution, but they are making pro- 
gress. However, it will take a great deal of time to complete this 
work. They are reading, discussing, and fitting in where it is 
possible, clauses and changes which you have brought to their 
attention. Our Grand H. has zealously dedicated much of his 
time to this work and will in time, present to us a proposed draft 
of a New Constitution which shall leave nothing to be desired. 
I would recommend that this Committee be reappointed and 
authorized to continue with their work and that they, from time to 
time, give a report to Grand Chapter in order that we may keep 
the membership informed. 


I would express my gratitude to R. Ex. Comp. Leo Gent, our 
Grand H. and R. Ex. Comp. William S. Thomson, our Grand J. for 
their untiring efforts during the year to make my first year in 
office a rewarding one. They have assisted whenever called 
upon by myself and have assisted the Chapters throughout the 
jurisdiction when their services were sought. I would also thank 
M. Ex. Comp. John Burden, the Dean of our Past Grand Z.'s, and 
M. Ex. Comp. Maurice Searle from whom I have sought after and 
received advice on numerous occasions. Both of these, M. Ex. 
Companions have been a tower of strength to me, any success we 
have had this year has only been because of the support I have 
had from the Grand Chapter Officers and my Companions, it is 
well said "without the individual Chapters there could be no 
Grand Chapter". I would add "without the love, affection/ and 
strength of you, my Companions, I could not have fulfilled my 
duty to you." I would also take this opportunity to thank all of 
our Superintendents for their loyalty and service during their term 
of office. You were truly great representatives. 

To V. Ex. Comp. Aube Wiseman and his dedicated Convoca- 
tion Committee who have worked so many evenings planning 
and making it possible that we have a successful Convocation.. 
I would express your thanks as well as my own. Only to those 
who have taken part in the planning of a Convocation, such as 
this, is known the tremendous amount of work and details which 
must be carried out to make it successful. On behalf of all please 


accept our thanks. We appreciate your efforts and we congratu- 
late you on the success which you have attained. 


My Companions you have been most patient with me during 
this year I have not accomplished all that I would, however, I 
pledge you my time, my energy, and the talents with which God 
has blessed me to recompense you for your patience this year. 
We have come through a year of sorrow and of loss, first we lost 
our Chairman of the Convocation Committee, R. Ex. Comp. Gott- 
lieb, next we lost M. Ex. Comp. Dean, later M. Ex. Comp Portch — 
three stalwarts upon whom I was to lean heavily. The Great 
Jehovah saw fit to take them home, however, he did not leave us 
without; in their replacements, we have men who have had a 
great deal of experience in the office to which I have appointed 
them. We have much to be thankful for. I am truly thankful to 
you, my Companions, for the opportunity to serve you, I also give 
thanks to the great I Am., for strength to .carry out my duties. I 
trust I have fulfilled your expectations, please forgive my short- 
comings and mistakes. Let us continue to labour in unanimity 
and success will crown our efforts. 

Another year has gone, what we have done can never be undone; 

For good or ill a chain of sequence from our acts will run 

Far down the years and have an influence still, 

To err is human; though we've made mistakes we fear, 

We've tried our best to choose and do the right, 

We hope the Master's verdict for the year 

May be that we've made progress towards the light. 

Sincerely and fraternally, 

dfred W. 0. Welham, 


Moved by R. Ex. Comp. L. J. Gent, seconded by R. Ex. Comp. Wm. 
S. Thomson, and — 

Resolved — That the address of the Most Excellent the Grand Z. be 
referred to the Committee on the Grand Z.'s Address to report thereon 
to the present Convocation of Grand Chapters. 




R. Ex. Comp. Thomas E. Weaver 

May I first express my thanks to the Past Principals and members 
of Prince of Wales Chapter No. 71 for proposing me for the office of 
Grand Superintendent and to the Past Principals of the District for their 
confidence in electing me to this high office and to Most Excellent 
Companion Fred W. D. Welham for confirming my election. 

My first official duty was to appoint Ex. Comp. Roy W. Sweetman as 
District Secretary, who accompanied me on all official functions. 

On my official visits and inspections throughout the District I was 
received with cordiality and dignity as representative of the Grand First 
Principal. The degree work presented was well done and all officers of 
the Chapters were very proficient. 

During my official visits to all the Chapters in the district the 
attendance of the companions was very good, but the visitors outnum- 
bered the members present which shows that inter-chapter visitation is 
needed to make the evening enjoyable and to get members out. On the 
whole the District has had a decline in membership even though we have 
had new members. 

I had the privilege and honour of presenting a 50-year Jewel to 
Companion C. A. Norsworthy and a 25-year Past Principal's Jewel to 
Ex. Comp. Rolf Greenwood, both of Sombra Chapter, Wallaceburg. On 
the occasion of the Fall Divine Service held under the auspices of Wel- 
lington Chapter, Chatham, I had the pleasure of accompanying Most Ex- 
Companion Fred Welham and Rt. Ex. Companion Leo Gent, Grand 
Second Principal in presenting an award of merit to Companion Harold 
English., During my official visit to McNabb Chapter, Dresden, I had 
the pleasure of participating in the ceremony of dedicating a memorial 
Bible to the Chapter. 

Another highlight of the year was a Royal Arch Reunion held in 
Windsor, October 17, 1971. The M.E.M. degree was conferred on 16 
candidates in the afternoon with Most Ex. Companion F. W. D. Welham, 
Grand First Principal, Rt. Ex. Companion Wm. S. Thomson, Rt. Ex. 
Comp. Fred C. Conley, Rt. Ex. Comp. Donald Attridge, Most Ex. Comp. 
Cyrle York, Grand High Priest of Maryland and Rt. Ex. Comp. Russel A. 
Brown, Grand Superintendent of Hamilton District in attendance. After 
dinner the Grand First Principal spoke, the R.A.M. degree was conferred 
on 18 candidates by the Past Grand Chapter Officers of the District. 
On the Sunday, Divine Service was held in St. Barnabas Anglican 
Church, Windsor with the Grand First Principal and myself partici- 

On November 21, 1970 I travelled to Ingersoll with Ex. Comp. Arthur 
Lorenz, First Principal of Ark Chapter and our good ladies to attend the 
Centennial Celebration of Harris Chapter No. 41 and the Wilson District 
Reception in honour of the Grand First Principal. This event was well 
attended with the Grand Council, numerous Past Grand Chapter Officers 
and six Grand Superintendents being present. The R.A.M. degree was 
conferred by the Grand Chapter officers. Dinner was a gala affair and 
Most Ex. Comp. Welham gave a most inspiring address. On the Sunday, 
Divine Service was held in St. Paul's Presbyterian Church with the 
Grand First Principal participating. 


In conclusion I would once again express my heartfelt thanks to the 
officers and companions of St. Clair District for their loyal support, 
many courtesies and cooperation shown me this year. To my successor 
I extend my whole-hearted support. I trust he will receive the full co- 
operation of all the Chapters. 

Rt. Ex. Comp. S. M. Ellenor 

It is a pleasure to submit my report on the condition of Capitular 
Masonry in London District No. 2. 

May I first express my thanks to the Principals of the London 
District for the honour they conferred upon me, and through me to St. 
Paul's Chapter 242 in Lambeth in electing me to the office of Grand 
Superintendent. I also extend my sincere thanks to Most Excellent 
Companion Fred W. D. Welham in confirming my election. 

My first duty was to appoint Ex. Comp. Gordon W. Hotham as my 
secretary. He accompanied me on my visits and I thank him for his 
capable assistance throughout the year. 

A Lodge of Instruction was held in Lambeth Temple, Tuesday, May 
26, 1970 and assisted by Right Ex. Comps. Ray E. Moore and Hugh E. 
Fackrell. We discussed the three degrees in Royal Arch Masonry. 

During the year I presented two fifty year jewels and two twenty- 
five year past principal jewels. 

The dates of my official visits were as follows: Wawanosh No. 15, 
Sarnia, June 12; Minnewawa No. 78, Parkhill, June 15; Bruce No. 53, 
Petrolia, June 17th; St. John's No. 3, London, June 24th; Palestine No. 
54, St. Thomas, Sept. 10; London No. 150, London, Sept. 15th; Nilestown 
No. 247, Nilestown, Sept. 17; St. Andrews No. 238, London, Sept. 24th; 
Beaver No. 74, Strathroy, Oct. 5th St.; Paul's No. 242, Lambeth, Oct. 
6th; St. Georges No. 5, London, Oct. 23rd; Hiawatha No. 252, Sarnia, 
Nov. 2nd; Aylmer, No. 81, Aylmer, Nov. 5th; and Vimy, No. 214; Inwood, 
Nov. 9th. 

On all these visits our attendance was up over last year and I was 
received in a proper and most cordial manner as the representative of 
the Most Excellent, the Grand First Principal. 

Degrees were conferred or exemplified at all official visits and the 
Officers and others taking part were sincere and enthusiastic. 

The books, records and regalia of the Chapters in the District are 
well kept and a credit to Royal Arch Masonry. Total membership in 
our district is down and although there is a lack of attendance we are 
trying to correct this with a general training plan and competition in 
our district. 

On May 9th my wife and I had the pleasure of an International visit 
to Ionic Chapter in Detroit, Mich., with the companions of the St. 
Andrews, Chapter No. 238. 

The Grand Council of the Grand Chapter was honored by a banquet 
attended by district Royal Arch Masons and their wives held by Niles- 
town Chapter No. 247. The Holy Royal Arch Degree was conferred on 
five candidates by the Grand Chapter and a Divine Service was held the 
following morning in the Dorchester United Church. 


Vimy Chapter No. 214 Inwood held a Masonic Picnic and Divine 
Service in Alvinston, Aug. 9th and the event was a well planned success. 
Most Excellent Companion Fred W. D. Welham was in attendance. 

The Grand Chapter Officers of London District No. 2 conferred the 
Mark Master Masons degree on five candidates for Hiram Chapter No. 2 
in Stoney Creek with Rt. Ex. Companion Wm. Chalcraft acting as 

A very successful and enjoyable Royal Arch Ball was held at the 
London Masonic Temple, Oct. 3rd, and many companions from other 
districts attended. 

Our District Divine Service was held in Lambeth United Church. 
Most Excellent Comp. Fred W. D. Welham, Grand Chapter officers and 
many companions of the district and their wives were present. 

Vimy Chapter No. 214, Inwood, held a special day to honor The Most 
Ex. Comp. Wm. J. Inwood, the Grand High Priest of the Grand Chapter 
Royal Arch Masons of Michigan. Here again a Grand Chapter Degree 
Team put on the Mark Master Mason Degree with Right Excellent Com- 
panion Leo J. Gent acting as Worshipful Master. The speaker at the 
dinner was Most Excellent Companion Fred W. D. Welham. 

The ruling principals of London District No. 2 were invited to attend 
a training session at Lambeth Temple, Feb. 21, 1971. Those attending 
had the privilege of being addressed by Right Excellent Companion E. 
Marshall on Grand Chapter Protocol, Right Ex. Comp. Leo J. Gent on 
the powers of the Principals, and Ex. Comp. Gordon Hales as to how to 
increase attendance, liven the chapter and how to make our meetings 
more interesting. This was a very interesting meeting and will be 
repeated in the future. 

On March 13th, the annual International Day held under the direc- 
tion of Hiawatha Chapter No. 252 was well attended with Grand Chapter 
Officers, of Ontario and several American States present. A Divine Ser- 
vice was held on Sunday a.m., March 14, 1971. 

In closing I wish to express my best wishes to my successor, and 
offer to him my willing assistance at all times. To the late Most 
Excellent Companion Stanley Portch I will always be grateful for his 
wisdom, his patience and his kindness. His instruction session proved 
invaluable during this past year. To one and all of London District 
No. 2 I give my sincere thanks. It has been a great privilege and honour 
to act as your Grand Superintendent. 


R. Ex. Comp. Mervin A. L. Hicks 

I would first like to convey my thanks to the Companions of my 
own Chapter, Tillsonburg No. 255, for sponsoring me to the office of 
Grand Superintendent and to the Principals and Past Principals of Wil- 
son District No. 3 in electing me to this office and to the Most Excellent 
the Grand Z. for confirming my election. 

As my first official duty I appointed Ex. Comp. Daniel Hillier as my 
secretary. The assistance he has given me has made my work much 
easier and I also convey to him my thanks. 

During my term of office I visited all Chapters officially and was 
received in every case very properly and cordially. I have made several 
visitations to the Chapters in addition to the official visits and have seen 


work done in all degrees. The feeling of warmth and friendship that 
has been extended to me has made the experience for me, one of great 
pleasure and learning. 

The highlight of the year was the combined reception for the Most 
Excellent the Grand Z. and the celebration of the 100th birthday of 
Harris Chapter No. 41 of Ingersoll, Ontario. The Royal Arch degree 
was conferred upon several candidates by a team of Grand Chapter 
Officers. At the banquet Most Excellent Companion Fred W. D. Wel- 
ham our Grand Z. brought us a wonderful message in Masonry. This 
event took place on Nov. 21st, 1970 and many visiting dignitaries 
attended a church service on Sunday the 22nd. 

On Tues., Feb. 16th, a M.M.M. degree was exemplified at Tillson- 
burg Chapter No. 255 with members of each Chapter in the district 
taking part. 

In conclusion I would like to again express my thanks for the 
opportunity of serving as the Grand Superintendent of Wilson District 
No. 3 and for the wonderful support I have received. It has been a very 
personal pleasure to me as well as a wonderful experience in masonry. 
I extend my very best wishes to my successor and offer my support to 


Rt. Ex. Comp. R. H. French 

I wish to convey my thanks to the Principals and Past Principals of 
Wellington District for the honour conferred upon Ionic Chapter No. 83 
and me by electing me to this high office and a special thank you to 
Most Ex. Comp. Welham for confirming my election. 

Ex. Comp. W. E. Watson kindly consented to act as my secretary 
and accompanied me on all my official visits. 

On June 6 we visited Arnprior, Ont., and attended the dedication of 
Dochert Chapter by the Grand Council and members of Grand Chapter. 

I was received with dignity and warm hospitality at all my official 
visits. A degree was conferred by the officers of each Chapter on every 
official visit. The degree work was all very good and in some Chapters 
excellent. The visitation from other Chapters on official visits was 
very good and I wish to thank them for their support. The Travelling 
Keystone was presented to the First Principal of the Chapter on our 
official visit by a Principal of the Chapter we last visited. I am certain 
the Travelling Keystone encourages visitation throughout the District 

With the exception of one or two Chapters that are having trouble 
getting candidates the other Chapters are strong and active. Attend- 
ance at the regular meetings is not as high as we would like. 

The following Jewels were presented on behalf of the Grand First 
Principal: The 50-year Royal Arch Masons Jewel to V. Ex. Comp. Wm. R. 
Cooper, Comp. Geo. H. Bramm and to Comp. Cecil H. Smith. The 25-year 
Past Principal's Jewel was presented to Ex. Comp. B. W. Butt, V. Ex. 
Comp. R. J. Brown, Ex. Comp. G. E. Woods, Ex. Comp. R. M. Hastings 
and V. Ex. Comp. Fred Illingworth. 

One of the highlights of this year in Wellington District was the 
One Hundredth Anniversary of Guelph Chapter No. 40, G.R.C. and was 
celebrated on Oct. 3rd. Most Ex. Comp. Welham was the guest speaker. 


The District Divine Service was combined with Guelph Chapter's 
centennial celebration and was held in St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, 
Guelph, Sunday, Oct. 25th. We were most happy to have Most Ex. 
Comp. Welham attending. There was a very good attendance of Royal 
Arch Masons and their families. We are very grateful to Speed Lodge 
Choir for their fine contribution. 

I hope my efforts throughout the year have made a small contribu- 
tion to Capitular Masonry. I wish to congratulate my successor and I 
am sure he will receive the same cooperation from the Companions of 
the district that I have. 


R. Ex. Comp. Russell A. Brown 

In submitting my report, may I say it has been an honour and a 
privilege to serve as the Grand Superintendent of Hamilton District No. 
5. To all the Companions of the District, I would like to offer my sin- 
cere thanks for the support and co-operation which I have received in 
all my visits to the various Chapters. 

My first pleasant duty as Grand Superintendent was to select Ex. 
Comp. George Penny as my secretary. He has certainly fulfilled his 
obligations. I made an official visit to each of the Chapters in the 
District and I was received with dignity and cordiality. The work in all 
Chapters was well done and the officers were congratulated on behalf 
of the Grand First Principal. 

The Scribes of each Chapter had their books in very good shape. 

On September 27, 1970, I arranged a Divine Service in Bowman 
United Church in Ancaster. It was well attended by the various Chap- 
ters, and Rt. Ex. Comp. William S. Thomson and the Rev. R. Gordon 
Hazelwood took part in the Service. 

I also attended each election of Officers in the Chapters of the dis- 
trict and their installations in January. 

I also was invited to the Dedication of Dochert Chapter No. 248 in 

I had the privilege of attending 50th Anniversaries of Quinte 
Friendship Chapter No. 227, Ottawa Chapter No. 222, and Beaver Chap- 
ter No. 225. Also attending 100th Anniversaries of Guelph Chapter No. 
40 and Harris Chapter No. 41. I had the honour of attending the reunion 
of Royal Arch Masons, St. Clair District No. 1 at Ark Chapter No. 80 
and the 23rd International Day at Hiawatha Chapter No. 252. 

Ritual — The work was done very well. Officers spoke up clearly 
and dignity was observed in and out of the Chapter room. 

There is room for some improvement in the district, but there are 
enough dedicated Masons in the district to look forward to the future 
with confidence. 

I would once again like to extend my sincere thanks to all the 
Grand Chapter Officers, the Companions of the various Chapters, and 
especially to Rt. Ex. Comp. Alex Wilson and the late Most Ex. Comp. 
Stanley Portch for their assistance in making my term of Office a very 
profitable and most enjoyable experience. 

In closing, I express my best wishes to my successor, and offer to 


him my willing assistance at all times. To one and all of you I give my 
sincere thanks and appreciation. 


Rt. Ex. Comp. Geo. Wm. Evans 

In submitting my report I would first like to thank the Principals 
and Past Principals of Huron District No. 6 for electing me as Grand 
Superintendent and also to Most Ex. Companion F. W. D. Welham for 
confirming the same. 

My first official duty was to appoint Ex. Companion Gordon Fisher 
as my secretary, and my thanks are due to him for his untiring efforts 
and faithful co-operation. 

On all my official visits I was received with dignity befitting the 
office of representative of the Grand First Principal. I have visited all 
Chapters officially once, and before my term expires will have visited two 
or three times. On all my visits but one, a degree was conferred. I can 
truthfully say the work of the Officers was of the highest calibre, and 
were congratulated on behalf of the Grand First Principal. 

Our Past Principals' Association is still functioning. We had our 
Fall meeting Oct. 29 in Mitchell and had the pleasure of having our Grand 
Third Principal Rt. Ex. Comp. Wm. S. Thomson as our guest speaker. 
We have our Spring meeting arranged for April 8th in St. James Chap- 
ter, St. Marys. 

I arranged for our District Divine Service in Lucknow Presbyterian 
Church which was very well attended and we also had the pleasure of 
having Most Ex. Comp. Welham and his wife and grandson with us. 

It was indeed a pleasure for me to attend the 100th Anniversary 
of Harris Chapter No. 41 in Ingersoll last fall. Grand Chapter Officers 
conferred the Royal Arch Degree. I also attended the Installation of 
Tecumseh Chapter at Stratford and had the honour of presenting Com- 
panion Wm. H. Murrell with his 50 Year Jewel. 

In closing I would like to express my thanks and appreciation to the 
Past Grand Superintendents for their help and co-operation extended 
me, and, to my successor, I offer my congratulations and will assist him 
any way I can. 

Rt. Ex. Comp. L. T. Vail 

I would like to express my great appreciation to the Principals and 
Past Principals of the district for electing me to the high office of Grand 
Superintendent, and for their wonderful support and friendship. I would 
also like to thank Most Ex. Comp. F. W. D. Welham for confirming my 

My first duty in office was to appoint Ex. Comp. Ross L. Jackson 
as my secretary, which duty he performed in a most excellent manner, 
and accompanied me on all my official visits. 

Our district Divine Service was held in June in the First Baptist 
Church, Beamsville. We were very pleased to have Most Ex. Comp. 
F. W. D. Welham and his wife in attendance. 

Our fall Principals Association meeting was held in the Smithville 
Temple. All Chapters were well represented except Hugh Muray. 


Rt. Ex. Comp. J. C. L. McKean conducted a Masonic Education question 
and answer period. 

During the year I had the great pleasure of presenting several 50 
year jewels and one 25 year jewel. In our district we have two Chapters 
who have degree teams and we work Third Degrees in four different 
craft lodges. It has proved to be very good promotion. I have attended 
most of the Chapter meetings in the district this year and endeavoured 
to promote more visiting in the Chapters. It has been a pleasure to 
assist in the election of officers and their installations and I am very 
happy to report the large number of young members taking office in 
all Chapters in the district. 

I feel that Capitular Masonry in Niagara District is on the up 
swing. Some Chapters who have not had candidates for some time are 
now working. Most of the Chapters have now adjusted their dues and 
exaltation fees and are setting up bursary committees which I am sure 
will show improvement in the near future. It has been a great honour 
to represent our Grand First Principal in Niagara District. In closing 
this report I would like to wish my successor the very best for the com- 
ing year and pledge him my support. 


Rt. Ex. Comp. Harold Ince 

It is with a great deal of pleasure that I submit my report on the 
conditions of Capitular Masonry in Toronto District No. 8. I would 
like to thank the Principals, both Past and Present, for the honor they 
bestowed on me and through me to Victoria Chapter No. 205, for elect- 
ing me to this high office. I would also like to express my sincere 
thanks to Most Excellent Companion F. W. D. Welham for his confirma- 
tion of my election It was my pleasure to appoint Ex. Comp. D. Hill as 
my secretary and I am most grateful to him for the very capable and 
efficient manner he performed his duties. 

I have been privileged to attend several functions in other parts of 
our Grand Jurisdiction, when Most Ex. Comp. F. W. D. Welham together 
with other Grand Chapter Officers, both Past and Present, were in atten- 
dance, notably among these occasions were the evenings spent at Niles- 
town Chapter No. 247, Harris Chapter No. 41, Kichekewana Chapter No. 
161 and Pentalpha Chapter No. 28. 

A combined Church Service was held for Districts 8 and 8A on 
Sunday, October 4th, 1970, at Thornhill Anglican Church. Most Ex. 
Comp. F. W. D. Welham, Rt. Ex. Comp. Leo Gent, and Rt. Ex. Comp. 
W. S. Thomson took part. There was a fair turnout of Companions and 
their ladies. 

There have been many pleasing duties such as presenting on behalf 
of the Grand First Principal, six 50 year Royal Arch Mason's Jewels, 
together with a 50 year Bar to his Past Principal's Jewel, to Ex. Comp. 
E. S. Cox of Victoria Chapter No. 205. 

All Chapters were visited, and without exception I am pleased to 
report that the reception extended was exceedingly warm and with 
dignity that becomes the representative of the Grand First Principal. 

All degrees were conferred by the various Chapters, and the quality 
of the work was quite good, most of the Chapters encourage junior 
members to participate, their work was in all cases exceptional. 


An instruction night was held on March 4th, 1971 with the assistance 
of the District Masonic Education Committee composed of Rt. Ex. Comp. 
Harold Foote chairman, Rt. Ex. Comp. 0. R. Roberts and V. Ex. Comp. 
C. Kerr. A further instruction meeting is planned for April 24th. 

The team work and spirit of the Chapters in the District is generally 
good, one or two Chapters are experiencing a little difficulty in main- 
taining a regular line of officers. 

To the Chapters who reduced their meetings to five per year, and 
to those who may be considering similar action, I ask you to reconsider 
your actions, educational, social and family nights will certainly stimu- 
late interest in both your members and prospective candidates. 

In conclusion I would like to say that any success I may have 
obtained must be attributed to the support of all my Companions in the 
District, particularly to the members of my own Chapter and the mem- 
bers of Grand Chapter, who supported me so well on my visitations 
throughout the District. 

Rt. Ex. Comp. M. A. van Wamelen 

I would first like to thank the Companions who elected me to the 
office of Grand Superintendent and also my appreciation to Most Ex. 
Comp. F. W. D. Welham for his confirmation of same. 

I appointed Ex. Comp. Cliff E. Rich as my Secretary, who made a 
lasting contribution to the District as adviser and participant at our 
Masonic Education Nights. 

Official visits were made to each Chapter of the District. In addition 
it was my privilege to visit the various Chapters of the District on many 
other occasions. During my year of office Lebanon Chapter No. 220 
G.R.C. and Mount Sinai Chapter No. 212 G.R.C. celebrated their 50th 

Mainly due to the efforts of my secretary, I was able to present 
the results of a survey covering membership, candidates, deaths, with- 
drawals, suspensions, financial status, etc., of the Chapters in the 
District over the last fifty years. 

These results indicate beyond doubt that the success of a Chapter 
depends on Leadership, Good Degree Work, Enthusiasm and Proper 
Financial Management. 

I am pleased to be able to report that these essential requisites are 
practised in some of the Chapters in the District and their beneficial 
results are clearly visible. I must however also regretfully report that in 
some Chapters these necessities are totally lacking and consequently 
the future of these Chapters is quite precarious unless some drastic 
improvements be made soon. 

It is further suggested that regular attendance by our members at 
Craft Lodge functions be considered a part of our Masonic duties, which 
in due course might lead others to further advancement in Masonry. 

The fellowship in the Chapters throughout the District, and I might 
add any other Chapter we had the privilege to visit or partake in the 
Work, is of a nature that could not help but make one proud of being a 
Royal Arch Mason. 


In conclusion, I would like to say that any success I may have 
assisted me whenever needed, not only from the members of the District 
but also from the Grand Chapter. 


Rt. Ex. Comp. Mancel Nixon 

It has been an honour and a pleasure to have served as Grand 
Superintendent of this District. I would like to thank the Companions 
who were responsible for my nomination and support at Grand Chapter, 
also Most Ex. Comp. W. D. Welham, for his confirmation of my appoint- 

One of my first duties was to appoint Ex. Comp. A. R. Whitney, as 
my secretary. A short time after this appointment Ex. Comp. Whitney 
became very ill and passed away in December. After his death, I 
appointed Ex. Comp. Orville Greig who had acted for Ex. Comp. Whitney 
as secretary on my last five visits of inspection, which he did in a very 
capable manner. 

Our district meeting was held in Manitou Chapter, Collingwood, on 
May 20, 1970, at which time the dates of my official visits were deter- 

I visited all the Chapters of District No. 9, at least once, and some, 
on several occasions. At all times I was warmly received and on my 
official visit, each Chapter put on a degree. These degrees in most 
cases were well put on, with very little prompting. The Chapters I 
visited are as follows: June 3, 1970 — Sequin Chapter No. 261, Parry 
Sound— M.M.M. Degree; Oct. 9, 1970— Couchiching Chapter No. 198, 
Orillia— M.E.M. Degree; Oct. 13, 1970— Signet Chapter No. 34, Barrie— 
M.M.M. Degree; Oct. 20, 1970— Georgian Chapter No. 56, Owen Sound 
—M.M.M. Degree; Oct. 26— 1970— Kichikewana Chapter No. 167, Midland 
— H.R.A. Degree; Dec. 1, 1970— Chantry Chapter No. 130, Southampton 
—M.E.M. Degree; Jan. 19, 1971— Amabel Chapter No. 131, Wiarton— 
H.R.A. Degree; Feb. 3, 1971— Manitou Chapter No. 27, Collingwood— 
M.M.M. Degree. 

During my year, I had the pleasure of presenting 50 year R.A.M. 
Jewels to: Rt. Ex. Herbert Irwin, Georgian Chapter, Owen Sound; Ex. 
Comp. Roy Archer, Georgian Chapter, Owen Sound; Rt. Ex. Comp. Les 
Vanstone, Georgian Chapter, Owen Sound; Comp. Ezekel Firman, Signet 
Chapter, Barrie; Comp. Duthie, Collingwood, on behalf of King Solomon 
Chapter, Toronto. 

25 year Past Principals' Jewels to the following: Ex. Comp. H. E. 
McNaughton, Amabel Chapter, Wiarton. 

Before my year ends I will have the pleasure of presenting the fol- 
lowing 50 year R.A.M. Jewels to: Ex. Comp. Albert Gardiner, Couchi- 
ching Chapter, Orillia; Rt. Ex. Comp. Bolton Price, Couchiching Chapter, 
Orillia; Comp. J. P. Leslie. Georgian Chapter, Owen Sound; Rt. Ex. 
Comp. C. A. Trott, Manitou Chapter, Collingwood. 25 year Past Princi- 
pals' Jewels to: Ex. Comp. J. N. Haywood, Couchiching Chapter, Orillia; 
Ex. Comp. G. A. Kennedy, Manitou Chapter, Collingwood; Rt. Ex. Comp. 
F. C. Conley, Couchiching Chapter, Orillia. 

In closing I would like to thank all those who assisted me during 
my term as Grand Superintendent. Special thanks to our Grand Scribe 
E. Rt. Ex. Comp. Fred C. Conley, who has been most helpful and 


patient; an inspiration to all Companions by the wonderful image he has 
created to Royal Arch Masonry. 

I truly hope my successor receives the same co-operation that I have 
enjoyed from District No. 9. 


Rt. Ex. Comp. W. E. McKinstry 

As requested in your letter of March 22, I am enclosing my report. 

In my estimation, Ontario District No. 10 has had a successful year. 
I realize that we have a few weak Chapters, but feel confident that they 
will pull through and come back to the strength they were in other years, 
providing they receive the continued help from Grand Chapter and the 
other Chapters in the District. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and Grand Chapter 
for the assistance I have received during the term of my office which is 
fast drawing to a close. I trust my reports are in order and looking 
froward to seeing you at the Grand Chapter Convocation. 

Membership last report (1969) 1,334 

Deaths in District (1970) 29 

Membership this report (1970) 1,329 

Total loss of Membership 5 

Withdrawals 28 

Suspensions 7 

Amount of Benevolence $131.24 

This amount received from 2 Chapters in District. 


Rt. Ex. Comp, Ralph Bell 

I wish to express my sincere thanks to the Principals and Past 
Principals of Prince Edward District No. 11 for electing me to District 
Superintendent as the representative of the Grand First Principal. Also 
for the confidence and support given to me by my own Companions of 
Presqu'ile Chapter No. 144, Brighton. I wish to express my gratitude to 
Most Ex. Companion Fred Welham for confirming my election. I ap- 
pointed Ex. Companion Arnold Peister of Presqu'ile Chapter No. 144 as 
my secretary and am most grateful for his efficient and untiring efforts 
during the past year. 

My Official Visits were carried out on schedule. I was received with 
respect and dignity befitting the representative of the Grand First 

The Inter-Chapter Visits throughout the district have been well 
attended. Degrees were conferred at all Official Visits with the excep- 
tion of one Chapter and upon the request of Most Ex. Companion Fred 
Welham another Official Visit was arranged and a M.E.M. Degree was 
conferred. In general, the Work in the District was well done, but 
unfortunately there was the odd occasion where the quality of the Work 
was a little below average. District Divine Service was held in the 
Masonic Temple in Belleville and was fairly well attended. A series of 
Inter-Chapter Visits were arranged. The books, records and regalia of 
the Chapters in the district are well kept. The lack of attendance is a 
problem. I personally feel that we must put more preparation into our 
meetings, with guest speakers and more special nights, such as visits 
from Sister Chapters, Ladies' Nights and the like. It should be the 
responsibility of the First Principal to see that his Members are all 


active. I cannot stress too strongly the importance of our Convocations 
starting on time, especially when visitors are present from a distance. 
The business of the evening should be handled as quickly as possible and 
kept to a minimum. 

The highlight of the year was our "Bruce Smith Night", when Most 
Ex. Companion Smith received his 25 year Past Principal's Jewel, which 
was presented to him by Most Ex. Companion Fred Welham. This Con- 
vocation was attended by Grand Chapter Officers and Companions from 
Toronto, Hamilton and other Districts. 

In conclusion I wish to extend my thanks to all Officers and Com- 
panions of Prince Edward District for their support and guidance this 
past year. The good fellowship, harmony and co-operation displayed in 
the District has rendered my year in Office a happy and memorable 
one. To my successor I offer my sincere support and wish him every 


Rt. Ex. Comp. R. H. Seymour 

It is with pleasure that I tender my report on Royal Arch Masonry 
in St. Lawrence District No. 12. Through the year, my appointment of 
Ex. Comp. Victor F. Nielsen as my Secretary has proved to be a happy 

The Superintendent's meeting with Chapter Principals of the Dis- 
trict was held at Brockville, June 19th, at which time inter-Chapter 
visits were planned and convenient dates selected for the Official Visits 
to be made. Amongst other matters, we discussed the responsibilities 
of the Principals in directing Chapter activities in conformity with the 
wishes of Grand Chapter. 

There were seven Official Visits and on each occasion I was received 
with the dignity and respect due to a representative of the Grand First 
Principal. On these visits the degree work was excellent; the Chapter 
records found to be properly maintained; the attendance encouraging, 
with the support of many past and present Grand Chapter Officers and 

At Maitland Chapter No. 68, Kemptville, my Official Visit was a 
noteworthy one for that Chapter through my clothing of our Grand 
Chaplain with Grand Chapter regalia presented to Rt. Ex. Comp. Gideon 
J. Purcell by his Chapter. 

On my Official Visit at Kingston, in Ancient Frontenac & Cataraqui 
Chapter No. 1, it was a great pleasure for me, in behalf of all the Com- 
panions, to recognise the long service of V. Ex. Comp. E. L. Earl, Ex. 
Comp. D. Cheyne and Ex. Comp. J. Winney with the presentation of 
25-year Past Principal's jewels. 

At Cornwall, on Dec. 16, I again had the pleasure of presenting the 
25-year Past Principal's jewel, this time to Ex. Comp. F. W. Elliott of 
Covenant Chapter No. 113. 

At Brockville, Oct. 24, 1970, a Chapter of Instruction featured the 
M.M.M. degree exemplified under the direction of Ex. Comp. W. C. 
Warmington, Third Principal of Ancient Frontenac and Cataraqui Chap- 
ter No. 1. M. Ex. Comp. Stanley Portch, Past Grand Z., was in atten- 
dance as Chairman of the Masonic Instruction Committee. 

While attending installations in the District, it was an enjoyable 


privilege to assist in some of the work. Of these installations, one of 
the highlights was an inspiring address by M. Ex. Comp. C. W. Emmett, 
Past Grand Z., to the Companions and visitors at Ancient Frontenac & 
Cataraqui Chapter No. 1. 

On Feb. 8, 1971, I had the honour of accompanying our Grand First 
Principal, M. Ex. Comp. F. W. D. Welham and other Grand Chapter 
officers to Quinte-Friendship Chapter at Belleville, when M. Ex. Comp. 
Bruce Smith, Past Grand Z., was presented with his 25-year Past Prin- 
cipal's jewel. 

I can report a gradual improvement in attendance. I consider one 
of the most promising ways to better attendance is to persuade some 
Companions to personally escort their selected absentees. 

We have seen cases of suspension or demit which would have had 
no terminal outcome if Life Membership entailed only a moderate outlay 
for the long-service Companion. Past Principals and Companions I 
have talked with about this serious problem reflect the view that the 
terms of Life Membership should be reviewed and revised downward. 

On each of my Official Visits, the function of the Bursary Com- 
mittee and the benefits available to applicants were, I believe, made 
clear to the Chapters. The enthusiastic response to this follow-up work 
is evidenced by the donations to the Bursary Fund made by each of the 
Chapters on the occasion of my official visit. 

Study of the financial position of Chapters in our District reveals 
three Chapters experiencing financial difficulties. I believe a review of 
their affairs to be warranted, with particular reference to fees for 
exaltation, annual dues, and arrears. 

I believe that the more affluent Chapters may be persuaded to assist 
some who are struggling to keep their Chapters working. Recently, 
Ancient Frontenac & Cataraqui Chapter No. 1 ear-marked the sum of 
two hundred dollars as a cash donation to aid a worthy Chapter and this, 
my Companions, is an expression of the true spirit of Royal Arch 


Rt. Ex. Comp. E. R. Molson 

May I first express my sincere thanks to the Principals, and Past 
Principals of Ottawa District for the honour they conferred upon me 
in electing me to this office. I also wish to extend my sincere thanks 
to Most Excellent Companion Frederick W. D. Welham in confirming 
my election. 

My first duty was to appoint Ex. Comp. James E. Brown as my sec- 
retary. In this capacity he accompanied me on all my Official Visits, 
and I wish to extend to him my sincere thanks for his efficient and 
capable assistance throughout the year. 

On June 6th, 1970 Dochert Chapter in Arnprior was Dedicated. We 
had the pleasure of having our Grand Council perform the ceremonies 
of Dedication of the Chapter room, in a most proficient and dignified 
manner. Grand Council present were Most Ex. Comp. Fred W. D. Wel- 
ham, Grand First Principal Z.; Rt. Ex. Comp. Leo J. Gent, Grand H.; 
Rt. Ex. Comp. William S. Thomson, Grand J.; Most Ex. Comp. Stanley 
Portch, Past Grand Z.; Rt. Ex. Comp. Frederick C. Conley, Grand Scribe 
E., and many other Grand Chapter Officers. This was followed by a 


Divine Service Sunday, June 7th, at Emmanuel Anglican Church. 

We had the pleasure of having our Grand Council with us at the 
occasion of Ottawa Chapter No. 222 celebrating their 50th anniversary, 
October 31st, followed by a Divine Service, Sunday, Nov. 1st, at the 
Northwestern United Church in Ottawa. 

A District meeting of instruction was held at Carleton Place, Maple 
Chapter, Wednesday, June 24th, 1970 which was well attended and most 

The dates of my Official Visits were as follows: My first visit, my 
own Chapter Laurentian No. 151, Pembroke, September 17th; Glengarry 
No. 143, Maxville, September 28th; Dochert No. 248, Arnprior, October 
5th; Kitchener No. 210, Russell, Wednesday, October 7th; Granite No. 61, 
Almonte, Thursday, October 8th; St. Francis No. 133, Smith's Falls, 
Thursday, October 15th; Bonnechere No. 114, Renfrew, Monday, October 
19th; Carleton No. 16, Ottawa, Wednesday, October 21st; St. John's No. 
148, Vankleek Hill, Thursday, October 22nd; Maple No. 116, Carleton 
Place, Wednesday, November 4th; Prince of Wales, No. 226, Perth, Wed- 
nesday, November 24th; Ottawa No. 222, Ottawa, Thursday, November 

On all these Official Visits I was received in a most cordial manner 
as the representative of the Most Excellent the Grand First Principal. 

Degrees were conferred or exemplified at all Official Visits except 
Granite Chapter No. 61. They had difficulty getting sufficient Officers 
out to exemplify a degree. All others the Officers taking part were 
sincere and enthusiastic, with the work being presented in a very 
efficient manner which could not help but impress the candidates. 

The books, records and paraphernalia of the Chapters in the District 
are well kept and a credit to Royal Arch Masonry. The lack of atten- 
dance throughout the District is a problem and no solution in view. 

In May of this year Rt. Ex. Comp. William Beyers requested the 
privilege of presenting 4 50-year Royal Arch Mason Jewels and a 25-year 
Past Principal's Jewel to his close Companions in Smith's Falls and 
were as follows: 50-year Royal Arch Masons Jewels to Comp. T. V. 
Rogers, Ex. Comp. W. A. Graham, Comp. T. A. Kidd, and Comp. R. A. 
Arnold; and a 25-year Past Principal's Jewel to Rt. Ex. Comp. C. A. 
Bailey. I had the privilege of presenting the following Jewels: To Ex. 
Comp. Kenneth McKenzie, 25 years Past Principal; to Ex. Comp. E. R. 
Fee, 25 years Past Principal; and to V. Ex. Comp. Herbert E. Sinclair, 50 
years Royal Arch Mason; Comp. Russel James Howie, 50 years Royal 
Arch Mason; Comp. Frank C. McDirmid. 

Capitular Masonry in general in the Ottawa District is good, with 
all Chapter Officers, Past and Present, taking an active part in all 
activities in the Chapter. 

In conclusion, may I express my appreciation to the Companions 
throughout the District, past and present Grand Chapter Officers for 
their loyal support during my term of Office and solicit for my succes- 
sor the same loyal support. 

Finally, to Most Ex. Comp. Fred W. D. Welham I extend my 
appreciation for the privilege of serving as his representative in the 
Ottawa District. 



Rt. Ex. Companion J. B. Fraser 

It is an honor and privilege to present my report as District Super- 
intendent for Algoma District No. 14, Royal Arch Masonry in Ontario. 

Following my election I appointed Ex. Comp. Fred A. Loverin of 
Quetico Chapter No. 259 as secretary. His cooperation has been most 
helpful to me. Ex. Comp. Swanbergson was appointed Chairman of the 
Bursary Fund. V. Ex. Comp. Boone was appointed as District Chairman 
of Masonic Education. 

My official visits to all chapters in the district were memorable 
occasions. I was received in a dignified manner at all Chapters as repre- 
sentative of the Most Ex. Grand First Principal. 

Prior to my appointment as Grand Superintendent, Quetico Chapter's 
Ex. Comp. First Principal MacPhail passed away suddenly. Our imme- 
diate Past Z. was obliged to carry on with his office until our election 
and installation in January, 1971. Ex. Comp. Neil's passing was a 
great loss to our Chapter. Ex. Comp. Kelly carried on ably — our good 
attendance continued. 

I found the general attendance in the district was rather low as 
per capita. Efforts are being made to increase the attendance by giving 
the new members some small task to do to build up interest for them. 

My statistical reports report all Chapters are very proficient in 
conferring all degrees. A Field Day was witnessed at Thunder Bay 
with Fort William Chapter conferring the Mark Master Degree and 
Thunder Bay conferring the following degrees, with Quetico Chapter 
taking some part. Quetico Chapter has had visits from Chapter members 
from other chapters and always enjoy the companionship of visitors. 

District No. 14 covers a large area. Our closest Chapter to Quetico 
is 100 miles — our furthest is 310 miles. Due to our snow covered roads 
and cold weather it is difficult to visit as often as I would like. 

I would like to say thanks for all the assistance I have received 
from many of my companions. To my successor I offer all my coopera- 

It has been a privilege to be the representative of the Most Ex. 
Comp. F. W. D. Welham for District No. 14. I can assure that all Chap- 
ters are in good hands — that Capitular Masonry is moving ahead in 
Northwestern Ontario. 

Rt. Ex. Comp. R. C. Schmeler 

It is with much pleasure I submit my report on Royal Arch Masonry 
in New Ontario District No. 15 for the past year as Grand Superin- 

My first duty was to appoint Ex. Comp. A. J. Scott as my secretary. 
He was able to accompany me on some of my visits. He was also very 

I also express my thanks to Rt. Ex. Comp. A. S. Haley, who made 
the visits of inspection with me. He was able to guide me in all the 
aspects of my duties. With his advice and knowledge of Royal Arch 
Masonry made my task that much easier. 


My first visit was to Algonquin Chapter No. 102, in Sault Ste. Marie, 
on September 25th, 1970, accompanied by Rt. Ex. Companion A. S. Haley. 
The degree of Mark Master Mason was conferred in a very dignified 
manner. The work of their officers was extremely well done. 

On October 15th, 1970 I made my second visit to Tuscan Chapter 
No. 95 in Sudbury. The degree of Mark Master Mason was conferred 
on five candidates. The degree was very well done. 

On November 17th, 1970 I made my third visit to Espanola Chapter 
No. 257. The degree of the Holy Royal Arch was conferred on five fine 
candidates who should be a credit to Espanola Chapter. The work of the 
officers was very capably done. I was received in a very dignified and 
efficient manner. 

On November 19th, 1970 I made my last official visit to St. John's 
Chapter which is my mother Chapter. The degree of the Holy Royal 
Arch was conferred on one very fine candidate. The work was very well 

One of the highlights of my year was a Chapter of Instruction 
which was held in the Masonic Temple of Espanola, on October 3rd, 1970 
at 2:00 p.m. All Chapters in the District were well represented with 
many Companions in attendance A question and answer period after 
each degree was discussed which helped some of our newer Companions 
considerably. My thanks to the Companions of Espanola Chapter and 
particularly to Rt. Ex. Comp. Kenneth R. Shore and Rt. Ex. Comp. Alex 
Killah, both Companions of Espanola Chapter who so ably assisted me to 
make the Chapter of Instruction a great success. 

Another highlight during my term of office was the honour of pre- 
senting a Distinguished Service Medal on behalf of the Most Excellent 
Companion the Grand Z. to Companion W. J. Carmichael who is a hard 
worker for my Chapter St. John's. 

The overall picture of Capitular Masonry in New Ontario District 
No. 15 is very good, with all Chapter Officers, past and present, taking 
an active part in all Chapter activities. 

In conclusion, I would like to extend my thanks to the Officers and 
Companions in the District for the courtesies shown to me during my 
term of office. 

To my successor I extend my heartfelt congratulations and trust 
that to him may be directed the full support and co-operation of the 
Companions that I have enjoyed during my several visits. 

Rt. Ex. Comp. John W. Smith 

One of my first duties was to appoint Ex. Comp. Donald Boyd as 
my secretary. He was with me on all my official visits and performed 
all his duties efficiently. 

On my official visits to the Chapters in the district I was received 
with dignity and made welcome as the representative of the Grand Z. 

On October 21st Ex. Comp. Boyd and myself visited Northern Lights 
Chapter No. 213. Ex. Comp. Stanley and his Officers conferred the 
Most Excellent Master degree in a most impressive and efficient man- 
ner. They are to be commended on their assistance to Abitibi Chapter, 


who are presently working under a difficult situation, which they hope 
and expect to be rectified shortly. 

On November 19th we visited Abitibi Chapter No. 223, who are 
meeting- at the Masonic Temple, Timmins, a distance of 42 miles from 
Iroquois Falls. They expect to have a meeting place in Iroquois Falls 
after the new year. 

On November 25th we visited Kirkland Chapter No. 251 at Kirkland 
Lake, accompanied by Rt. Ex. Comp. W. Bowman and Ex. Comp. C. 
Whalen. Ex. Comp. Wight and his officers exemplified the Most Excel- 
lent Master degree in an excellent manner. 

On December 13th we visited Temiskaming Chapter No. 169 at 
Haileybury. No degree work was done. This was the First Principal's 
second year in the chair and I had seen work done previously. 

The secretary's examinations of the records of the various Chapters 
found them in order and kept in an excellent manner. 

I wish to again express my thanks to the Companions of the district 
for allowing me to serve as Grand Superintendent for the past year. 
Also thanks to Ex. Comp. D. Boyd who served as my secretary and Rt. 
Ex. Comp. W. Bowman and Rt. Ex. Comp. W. Lavert for their support 
and advice. 

To my successor I will give all help and support possible and I wish 
him a successful year. 



To the Most Excellent, The Grand First Principal, Officers and Members 

of the Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons of Canada in the Province 

of Ontario. 

In presenting this report as Acting Grand Treasurer, I need not 
elaborate on the circumstances requiring an interim replacement to a 
position which was so ably filled for many years ;for in sum total we 
did suffer an infinite loss in the ultimate travels of Most Excellent Com- 
panion Fred W. Dean. His attention and guidance to our Royal Craft 
will be sorely missed and long remembered. 

The financial standing for the period March 1, 1970 to February 
28, 1971 is shown in the following Statement of Receipts and Disburse- 



Balance— February 28, 1970 $ 3,091.29 

Received from the Grand Scribe "E." 39,677.18 



Disbursements $39,898.70 

Balance— February 28, 1971 2,869.77 



Balance— February 28, 1970 $ 8,625.46 

Received from Grand Scribe "E." 4,704.53 


Transfers to General Account on Expenses and 

Bond Purchases $ 9,486.06 

Balance— February 28, 1971 3,843.93 



Balance— February, 1970 $ 4,322.48 

Received from Grand Scribe "E." 3,005.77 


Various $ 871.58 

Balance— February 28, 1971 6,456.67 



Balance— February 28, 1970 $ 157.29 

Received from Grand Scribe "E." 7.48 


Various $ 34.50 

Balance— February 28, 1971 130.27 



$ 7,328.25 

$ 7,328.25 


$ 164.77 




Balance— February 28, 1970 $ 7,384.27 

Received from Grand Scribe "E." 5,282.25 



Various $ 8,963.59 

Balance— February 28, 1971 3,702.93 


Examined and verified— JOHN D. LEWARS, C.A., Auditor. 


It is noted that on a number of occasions in recent years, the 
Auditor has questioned our method of bookkeeping and more specifically, 
the necessity of maintaining two sets of books. The system itself was 
probably desirable when the Grand Jurisdiction was much enlarged and 
the Grand Scribe E. travelled extensively with the Grand First Principal, 
however Grand Chapter Office is presently located with a degree of per- 
manency and I concur with the Auditor that such duplication is now out- 
moded. In reviewing the situation, the following observations are made 
in support of this statement: 

— The Grand Treasurer's Cash Journal is presently maintained in a 

condensed form and serves no apparent or useful function. 
— The Banking aspects are for the most part attended to by the 

Grand Scribe E. 
— The duplication does not provide complete authentic control, as 
all information originates from Grand Chapter Office, and the 
element of error or discrepancy would remain dormant until the 
audit is made. 
— The Auditor is in effect requested to balance a second set of books, 
and while not necessarily relevant to the point covered, I under- 
stand that if the system as presently laid down is to continue, it 
will be subject to additional audit cost. 
With these points in mind, it is accordingly suggested that the dupli- 
cation in its present form be eliminated, the Office of Grand Treasurer be 
contained to signature authority on cheques issued, with record of such 
as may be desired in brief detail only, not subject to audit. 
Respectively submitted, 


Acting Grand Treasurer. 


To the M. Ex. the Grand Z., Officers, and members of the Grand 
Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Canada in the Province of Ontario. 

No. Name of Chapter Charges Dr. Cr. 

1 Ancient Frontenac & Cataraqui ... $276.00 $ 2.80 

2 The Hiram 203.45 $7.45 

3 St. John's, London 148.95 16.90 

4 The St. Andrew and St. John 137.40 1.95 

5 St. George's 194.05 45.30 

6 St. John's, Hamilton 164.15 6.50 

7 The Moira 272.55 3.55 

8 King Solomon's 290.35 126.25 

15 Wawanosh 195.40 .65 

16 Carleton 577.10 7.25 

18 Oxford 235.15 1.30 

19 Mount Moriah 256.85 1.30 


No. Name of Chapter Charges Dr. Cr. 

20 Mount Horeb 116.00 7.95 

22 Grenville 128.80 3.95 

23 Ezra 172.95 7.75 

24 Tecumseh 248.45 2.65 

26 St. Mark's 126.70 58.50 

27 Manitou 137.60 1.65 

28 Pentalpha 311.55 3.50 

29 McCallum 136.05 2.50 

30 Huron 196.15 3.70 

31 Prince Edward 203.05 11.20 

32 Waterloo 217.15 2.35 

34 Signet 161.15 1.30 

35 Keystone, Whitby 120.35 1.30 

36 Corinthian 540.05 1.45 

37 Victoria, Port Hope 151.50 9.20 

40 Guelph 213.82 94.42 

41 Harris 139.20 63.20 

44 Mount Sinai, Napanee 151.25 1.30 

45 Excelsior 68.65 2.60 

46 St. James 100.45 7.95 

47 Wellington 142.55 7.50 

48 St. John's, Cobourg 87.55 32.20 

53 Bruce 61.75 11.30 

54 Palestine, St. Thomas 325.95 3.80 

55 Niagara 150.22 32.37 

56 Georgian 121.40 1.20 

57 King Hiram 169.20 1.95 

59 Sussex-St. Lawrence 318.22 2.53 

61 Granite 115.15 2.60 

62 York 148.35 68.90 

63 Havelock 103.00 2.35 

64 Willson 121.45 1.95 

65 St. Paul's, Toronto 78.55 5.90 

66 The Malloch 73.45 

67 Enterprise 114.15 .35 

68 Maitland 141.15 2.60 

69 Grimsby 118.80 13.30 

71 Prince of Wales, Essex 187.60 9.45 

72 Keystone, Stirling 94.30 1.30 

73 Erie 175.85 1.00 

74 Beaver, Strathroy 119.40 1.00 

75 St. Clair, Milton 120.65 3.55 

76 Mount Nebo 101.10 50.15 

77 Occident 200.55 16.40 

78 Minnewawa 164.35 2.45 - 

79 Orient 119.50 1.65 

80 Ark 296.25 1.15 

81 Aylmer 95.40 .65 

82 Shuniah 315.55 .35 

83 Ionic, Orangeville 117.55 5.85 

84 Lebanon, Wingham 68.90 5.25 

88 MacNabb 99.30 .65 

90 Golden 207.80 6.35 

91 Toronto-Antiquity 173.75 3.80 

94 Midland 106.85 1.95 

95 Tuscan 471.65 1.95 

102 Algonquin 297.70 25.20 

103 St. John's, North Bay 196.35 .95 

104 White Oak 196.95 72.10 


No. Name of Chapter Charges Dr. Cr. 

110 Warkworth 78.45 72.45 

112 St. John's, Morrisburg 129.00 42.90 

113 Covenant 278.75 .45 

114 Bonnechere 136.40 8.20 

115 Brant 101.25 

116 Maple 103.55 .65 

117 Kitchener 219.35 .65 

119 King Cyrus, Leamington 177.10 1.05 

129 Elliott 112.60 6.00 

130 Chantry 94.20 .05 

131 Amabel 147.60 1.95 

132 Leeds 123.80 

133 St. Francis 271.95 

134 King Darious 77.20 4.15 

135 Succoth 80.15 .15 

138 Shekinah 420.30 3.65 

140 Fort William 187.45 6.25 

143 Glengarry 93.35 2.35 

144 Presqu'ile 57.20 1.30 

145 The St. Patrick 164.40 80.60 

146 Bernard 149.45 .65 

147 Lucknow 92.30 7.70 

148 St. John's, Vankleek Hill 82.30 1.95 

149 Atwood 53.45 

150 London 118.20 3.90 

151 Laurentian 273.25 1.30 

152 Alberton 216.45 2.55 

153 Sombra 133.80 5.20 

155 Ancaster 138.75 .50 

161 Madoc 136.15 1.70 

167 Kichikewana 225.80 21.00 

168 Ionic, Campbellford 136.40 10.45 

169 Temiskaming 90.00 3.25 

175 The Hamilton 113.60 .35 

184 Hugh Murray 110.00 1.95 

195 Peel 291.15 139.00 

198 Couchiching 163.65 2.30 

205 Victoria, Thornhill 166.25 9.75 

210 Kitchener, Russell 95.75 

212 Mount Sinai, Toronto 626.15 33.60 

213 Northern Lights 165.45 .65 

214 Vimy 77.35 8.45 

215 Mimico 220.55 .65 

217 St. Alban's 154.20 90.15 

218 Prince Edward, Shelburne 70.00 

219 Ulster 85.15 83.50 

220 Lebanon, Lambton Mills 226.20 

221 Durham 120.00 2.65 

222 Ottawa 415.95 3.90 

223 Abitibi 79.45 2.10 

224 Keystone, Hamilton 151.75 3.40 

225 Beaver, Toronto 148.60 47.45 

226 Prince of Wales, Perth 210.55 9.00 

227 Quinte Friendship 325.75 146.90 

230 Port Credit 148.25 72.55 

231 The St. Clair, Toronto 267.45 94.65 

232 King Cyrus, Toronto 168.30 72.45 


No. Name of Chapter Charges Dr. Cr. 

233 Oakwood 108.75 47.35 

234 Halton 176.95 9.00 

235 Aurora 176.90 2.20 

236 Caledonia 90.70 41.60 

238 The St. Andrew 150.25 5.15 

239 Blenheim 138.75 12.65 

240 Smithville 59.00 19.40 

241 University 93.05 .80 

242 St. Paul's, Lambeth 112.73 1.30 

243 McKay 172.60 2.90 

245 Preston 102.95 1.30 

246 Humber 170.15 2.45 

247 Nilestown 245.25 4.50 

248 Dochert 90.10 2.45 

249 Palestine, Bowmanville 145.05 1.95 

250 Thomas Peter's 221.85 2.60 

251 Kirkland 147.40 4.10 

252 Hiawatha 326.05 5.35 

253 Regal 107.50 .65 

254 Golden Star 307.05 2.35 

255 Tillsonburg 186.25 25.90 

257 Espanola 133.95 3.25 

258 Tyrian 142.05 48.10 

259 Quetico 80.20 1.45 

260 Centennial 107.80 39.80 

261 Sequin 70.30 1.70 

262 King David 98.55 4.60 

263 The Scarborough 198.95 20.40 

300-1 Alberta G.C 100.00 

300-2 British Columbia G.C 417.25 278.20 

300-3 Manitoba G.C 80.70 7.50 

300-4 New Brunswick G.C 59.20 33.75 

300-7 Saskatchewan G.C 139.15 

300-8 Sundries 5.80 

$27,375.49 $2,362.09 $304.53 


For The Year Ended February 28, 1971 

Receipts from Chapters $25,165.88 

Grand Convocation and Executive Committee Receipts 2,618.00 

Transfer from Commuted Members' Fund 871.58 

Transfer from Chapters' Life Membership Fund 34.50 

Transfer from Bursary Fund 30.26 

Transfer from Victory Thanksgiving Benevolent Fund 1,036.06 

Interest on Investments 2,265.00 

Receipts from other Grand Chapters 575.60 

Miscellaneous 64.30 

Sale of Investments 7,000.00 

Sale of Histories 16.00 


Examined and Verified — 



Greetings to Representatives from Chapters spread across our 
Jurisdiction. Your presence at this Convocation gives to your leaders 
that you elected that indication of your support for work done, thoughts 
of change desired and that enthusiasm most vital to carrying this great 
organization for good in our time. This report gives you the way in 
which money is raised and the financial standing of your organization 
as of 28 February, 1971. 

It shows that for the last two years you have had to use money 
from capital to pay for the monthly expenses. In times such as this, it 
should not be necessary to so do but we should be at least paying our 
way and either building some capital or being of more assistance to 
others. You will hear more of this later in this Convocation. 

I would like to express my thanks to the various Chapters for their 
co-operation in sending in reports as soon as they are due. Without this 
co-operation the printing of this booklet would be most difficult. It 
would further assist the office if all applications for registration of 
Brethren were sent in as soon as they receive their M.M.M. Degrees and 
then complete the registration of the Companions immediately after the 
H.R.A. Degree. Please do not leave this until 1 January of the year — 
this is the busiest time of the year as your year end reports are then 
due. You have also followed out suggestions made for improvement of 
your circulars. This has been almost 100% corrected as to their form. 

We hope that during the past year we have been of service to the 
various Chapters and that you have received material soon after you 
requested it. This has been the goal of the office. At times, service 
has been late due to a pile up of work but you have been most considerate. 

May we arm ourselves with an infectious enthusiasm for Capitular 
Masonry that will be readily caught by our Companions and they too will 
become enthusiastic in their attitude. This will be one way to further 
offset the decrease in our membership and change its direction upwards. 
Our Grand Z. is demonstrating this enthusiasm on his many visits in 
this Jurisdiction. We too should follow this pattern. 

Respectfully submitted, 

LK. ibx. K^omp. QJreaenck C Co/i/e^ 

Grand Scribe E. 

Moved by R. Ex. Comp. E. C. Conley, seconded by R. Ex. Comp. W. 
S. Thomson, and — 

Resolved — That the report of the Grand Scribe E. be received and 

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To the Most Excellent, the Grand First Principal, Officers and Members 
of the Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons of Canada in the Province 
of Ontario, 1970-71. 
Your committee reports the following investments: 


Canada Perm. Trust Co., 7%%, Oct. 18th, 1971 $ 2,000.00 

Hydro Electric Power Comm., 4%, July 15th, 1974 6,000.00 

Hydro Electric Power Comm., 3%%, Oct. 15th, 1979 28,000.00 

Dominion of Canada, 4%%, Sept. 1st, 1983 17,500.00 

TOTAL $53,50.00 

Canada Perm. Mortg. Corp., 7V 2 %, June 14, 1971 $ 8,000.00 

Canada Perm. Mortg. Corp., 7%%, July 15, 1971 1,000.00 

Canada Perm. Mortg. Corp., 7V 2 c /c, Aug. 15, 1971 21,000.00 

Canada Perm. Mortg. Corp., 7 f /c, Nov. 1, 1971 6,500.00 

Canada Perm. Mortg. Corp., 7%, Nov. 27, 1971 2,000.00 

Royal Trust Co. G.G.I.R., 6V 2 %, Nov. 30, 1971 3,000.00 

Canada Perm. Mortg. Corp., 7V 2 %, Jan. 9, 1972 3,000.00 

National Trust Co. Ltd. G.I.C., SV 2 %, Nov. 16th, 1975 9,000.00 

Province of Ontario, 3%, Oct. 15, 1977 1,000.00 

Hydro Electric Power Comm., 3%%, Oct. 18, 1979 2,000.00 

Dominion of Canada, 4V 2 %, Sept. 1, 1983 11,700.00 

TOTAL $68,200.00 


Mertpolitan Toronto, 3V 2 %, May 2, 1975 $ 3,000.00 

Province of Ontario, 3%, Oct. 15, 1977 4,000.00 

TOTAL $ 7,000.00 


Metropolitan Toronto, 3%%, May 2, 1975 $22,000.00 


State of Israel Savings Bonds, Dec. 1, 1976 (Face Value) $ 300.00 

Province of Ontario, 3%, Oct. 15, 1977 7,000.00 

Dominion of Canada, 7, 8, 8*4%, Nov. 1, 1978 5,000.00 

Dominion of Canada, 4V 2 %, Sept. 1, 1983 3,300.00 

TOTAL $15,600.00 

Several changes have been made in our investment portfolio since 
the last report. 

Bonds in the amount of $7,000.00 were transferred from the General 
Account to the V.T.B. Fund, composed of $3,000.00 Metro. Toronto, and 
$4,000.00 Province of Ontario, in exchange for $7,000.00 cash which was 
required for pending expenses incurred in moving the Grand Chapter 
offices, etc. The Bonds moved to the Benevolent Fund were to be con- 
sidered an non capital, or working funds. 

In the V.T.B. account, a $9,000.00 Guaranteed Investment Certificate 
matured and was re-invested with The National Trust Co. at 8Vk% for 
five years. 

The Bursary Fund seems to be a going concern, as an additional 
$5,000.00 was invested in Canada Savings Bonds during the past year. 


I acknowledge with grateful thanks the assistance and co-operation 
of the Grand First Principal, the Grand Scribe E., and the Chairman of 

Fraternally submitted, 



Moved by R. Ex. Comp. F. Scott, seconded by R. Ex. Comp. Wm. 
S. Thomson, and — 

Resolved — That the report of the Committee on Investments be 
received and adopted. 


Most Excellent Companion, F. W. D. Welham, Grand First Principal, 
Grand Chapter, Royal Arch Masons of Canada in the Province of 
Most Excellent Sir: 

I have made my regular examination of the books of account and 
supporting records of the Grand Scribe E. and the Grand Treasurer of 
the Grand Chapter of the Royal Arch Masons of Canada in the Province 
of Ontario for the fiscal year ended February 28, 1971. From this 
examination, I have prepared the Statements listed below and I now 
present them together with my comments thereon: 

Exhibit "A"— Balance Sheet as at February 28, 1971. 

Exhibit "B" — Comparative Revenue and Expenditure Account for 
the year ended February 28, 1971. 

Schedule "1" — The Victory Thanksgiving Benevolent Fund as at 
February 28, 1971. 

Schedule "2" — The Commuted Membership Fund — Grand Chapter 
as at February 28, 1971. 

Schedule "3" — The Chapters' Life Membership Fund as at February 
28, 1971. 

Schedule "4"— The Bursary Fund as at February 28, 1971. 


The Petty Cash Fund was counted at the time of my examination 
and found to be in order. Vouchers were examined in support of all 
disbursements from this Fund. The several bank balances, shown in 
Exhibit "A" and Schedules "1", "2", "3,", and "4", were verified as at 
February 28, 1971, and all the bank transactions in the several Funds 
for the year then ended were examined in detail. 

The Accounts Receivable from the various Chapters were reviewed in 
detail and appear to be proper charges. The charge against the Com- 
muted Membership Fund of Grand Chapter for Life Membership dues for 
1970, has been completed on the same basis as in the preceding year. 
I recommend that the balance owing from the Commuted Membership 
Fund to the General Fund of $800.50 be paid as poon as possible. 

The computation of the accrued interest in the several Funds was 
checked and found to be in order. 

The inventories of Supplies for Resale and Jewels were furnished to 
me by your Grand Scribe E. and my verification has been limited to 
checking the clerical accuracy of the inventory sheets presented to me 
and the pricing shown thereon. 

The investments of the several Funds are set out in detail in Exhibit 


"A" and Schedules "1", "2", and "4". These investments were held in a 
safe deposit box in the Eglinton and Mount Pleasant Branch of the 
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, in the joint custody of any two 
of the Grand Scribe E., the Grand Treasurer, the Grand First Principal 
and the President of the Executive Committee. These investments were 
counted on March 24, 1971, and found to be in order. 

So far as I was able to ascertain, from due inquiry of the officials 
concerned, and from the information presently available, all known 
liabilities of the various Funds were taken up in the books of account 
as at February 28, 1971, and are reflected in the attached Statements. 

The Computation fee for life memberships or commuted member- 
ships is $20.00 and if it earns an average of 3% per annum, it is expected 
to produce $1.00 per annum. I realise that the Fund in general, is now 
earning in excess of this rate, however, I would also point out that the 
average life expectancy of your members has probably increased in 
accordance wtih national averages, which would mean that members 
may be outliving their contributions to the Fund. I would also point out, 
again, that the creation of a life membership status means that Grand 
Chapter and also the constituent Chapters, if they adhere to Section 246 
of the Constitution, are committing themselves to a fixed annual income 
from these members in the face of steadily and rapidly rising costs and 
consequently rising dues. I recommend that the Commuted Membership 
Fund be reviewed by a competent Actuary to determine whether or not 
it is in sound financial position. I would also recommend, again, that 
consideration be given to deletion or reduction of the life membership 
category, both in so far as the individual Chapters and Grand Chapter 
are concerned. 

I understand that Grand Chapter may be considering increasing the 
annual dues of members in the near future. If the status of Commuted 
Membership is to be continued, and the annual dues are to be increased, 
then consideration should also be given to increasing the Commuted 
Membership fees, taking into consideration the variable factors which I 
have pointed out in the preceding paragraph. 

As in preceding years, interim examinations were made of the 
books of account for the Grand Scribe E. and tentative interim reports 
were submitted as of August 31, 1970, and November 30, 1970. 

My examination included a general review of the accounting pro- 
cedures and such tests of the accounting records and other supporting 
evidence as I considered necessary in the circumstances. I have obtained 
all the information and explanations which I have required. 

In my opinion, the attached Balance Sheet and related Statements, 
are drawn up so as to exhibit a true and correct view of the state of the 
financial affairs of the Grand Chapter of the Royal Arch Masons of 
Canada in the Province of Ontario, as at February 28, 1971, and the 
results of its operations for the year then ended, according to the best 
of my information and the explanations afforded to me and as shown by 
the books of the Grand Chapter. 

All of which is fraternally submitted. 




ASSETS Exhibit "A" 


Petty Cash Fund $ 200.00 

Cash in Transit 1.50 

Cash in Bank 2,869.77 $ 3,071.27 

Accounts Receivable: 

Chapters 2,057.56 

Commuted Membership Fund ... 800.50 2,858.06 

Accrued Interest 843.75 

Inventories (Cost as at Feb. 28, 1971): 

Supplies for Resale 1,934.91 

Jewels 1,064.63 2,999.54 $ 9,772.62 


Canada Permanent— 7%#— Oct. 18, 1971 2,000.00 

H.E.P.C. of Ontario— 4 %— July 15, 1974 6,000.00 

H.E.P.C. of Ontario— 3V 2 %— Oct. 15, 1979 28,000.00 

Government of Canada— 4 V 2 %— Sept. 1, 1983.... 17,500.00 

Less: Unamortized Discount 8.97 53,491.03 


Furniture, Fixtures and 

Equipment (Cost) 14,608.53 

Less: Allowance for Depreciation 14,593.91 14.62 

Grand Chapter Library 250.00 

Grand Chapter Regalia 75.00 339.62 


The Victory Thanksgiving Benevolent Fund 

(Schedule "1") 79,839.22 

The Commuted Membership Fund 

(Schedule "2") 27,432.84 

The Chapters' Life Membership Fund 

(Schedule "3") 130.27 

The Bursary Fund 

(Schedule "4") 20,028.20 127,430.53 

LIABILITIES $191,033.80 


Accounts Payable $ 608.73 

Accrued Employee Deductions 211.68 

Due to The Bursary Fund 9.60 

Due to The Victory Thanksgiving 

Benevolent Fund 60.00 $ 890.01 

Reserve for Special Funds 127,430.53 


Balance — March 1, 1970 67,713.41 

Less — Excess of Expenditures over Revenue 

(Exhibit "B") 5,000.15 62,713.26 



Exhibit "B" 
For The Year Ended February 28, 1971 

REVENUE Balance 

Estimated Actual Over 

Revenue Revenue *or Under 

Fees $ 1,350.00 $ 2,504.50 $*1,154.50 

Dues 22,500.00 22,352.20 147.80 

Commuted Membership Dues 1,500.00 1,557.25 *57.25 

Dispensations and Warrants 150.00 173.00 *23.00 

Sale of Supplies 2,000.00 2,210.25 *210.25 

Interest on Investments 2,400.00 2,208.15 191.85 

Miscellaneous 137.80 * 137.80 

TOTAL REVENUE 29,900.00 31,143.15 *1,243.15 

TOTAL EXPENDITURE 33,750.00 36,143.30 *2,393.30 

YEAR ENDED FEB. 28, 1971 $ 3,850.00 


YEAR ENDED FEB. 28, 1971 $ 5,000.15 *$1, 150.15 


Estimated Balance Over 

GRAND SCRIBE E.: Expenditure Actual Expenditure *or Under 

Compensation $ 6,500.00 $ 6,499.92 $ .08 

Office Assistance 4,680.00 5,101.72 *421.72 

Rent 4,725.00 4,799.67 *74.67 

Miscellaneous (Telephone, 

Postage, etc.) 1,450.00 2,518.74 *1,068.74 

Canada Pension Plan 170.00 179.52 *9.52 

17,525.00 $19,099.57 

Foreign Correspondence 

(Reviewer) 300.00 300.00 

Audit 600.00 700.00 *100.00 


Proceedings 2,500.00 1,725.39 774.61 

General 350.00 1,707.22 *1,357.22 

2,850.00 3,432.61 

Grand Z 2,000.00 2,000.00 

General 200.00 200.00 

2,200.00 2,000.00 

Convocation 4,300.00 4,846.57 *546.57 

Executive Committee 2,000.00 1,785.08 214.92 

6,300.00 6,631.65 


Jewels and Engraving .... 600.00 863.94 *263.94 

Grant — Masonic Library 125.00 125.00 

Liability Insurance 950.00 1,103.80 *153.80 

Education and Instruction 150.00 79.70 70.30 

Supplies for Resale 1,250.00 1,160.20 89.80 

Regalia Repairs 75.00 75.00 

Grand Z. Regalia 475.00 236.37 238.63 

Grand Z. Testimonial .... 350.00 300.00 50.00 

Purchase of Equipment 535.46 *535.46 

3,975.00 4,279.47 

TOTAL EXPENDITURE $33,750.00 $36,143.30 *$2,393.30 


Schedule "1" 


As At February 28, 1971 

Adjusted Balance — March 1, 1970: 

Capital $67,263.74 

Unexpended Income 9,084.70 $76,348.44 


Interest on Investments 4,664.49 

Amortization of Bond Discount 39.74 

Bank Interest 236.55 4,940.78 


Benevolence 1,450.00 

Balance— February 28, 1971: 

Capital 67,303.48 

Unexpended Income 12,535.74 $79,839.22 


Cash in Bank 3,843.93 

Accrued Interest 965.13 

Undipped Coupons 52.50 

Due from General Fund 60.00 4,921.56 

Non Capital: 

Metropolitan Toronto— 3 V 2 % — May 2, 1975 3,000.00 

Province of Ontario— 3 %— Oct. 15, 1977 4,000.00 7,000.00 


Canada Permanent Mortgage — 

7V 2 %— June 14, 1971 8,000.00 

Canada Permanent Mortgage — 

7V 2 %— July 15, 1971 1,000.00 

Canada Permanent Mortgage — 

7V 2 %— August 15, 1971 21,000.00 

Canada Permanent Mortgage — 

7%— November 1, 1971 6,500.00 

Canada Permanent Mortgage — 

7%— November 27, 1971 2,000.00 

Royal Trust— 6 y 2 %— November 30, 1971 3,000.00 
Canada Permanent Mortgage — 

7%%— January 9, 1972 3,000.00 

National Trust— 8 V 2 %— Nov. 16, 1975.. 9,000.00 
Province of Ontario— 3% — Oct. 15, 1977 1,000.00 
H.E.P.C. of Ontario— 3%%— Oct. 18, 1979 2,000.00 
Government of Canada — 

4%%— September 1, 1983 200.00 

Government of Canada — 

4%%— September 1, 1983 11,500.00 

Deduct— Unamortized Discount 282.34 67,917.66 

BALANCE— February 28, 1971 $79,839.22 


Schedule "2" 
As At February 28, 1971 

Balance— March 1, 1970 $25,824.32 


Interest on Investments $ 770.00 

Bank Interest 215.77 

Commuted Members and Honorary- 
Memberships Issued 2,180.00 3,165.77 


Commuted Membership Dues 1,557.25 

Balance— February 28, 1971 $27,432.84 



Cash in Bank 6,456.67 

Accrued Interest 256.67 6,713.34 


Metropolitan Toronto— 3 V 2 %— May 2, 1975 22,000.00 



Due to General Fund 800.50 

Deposits received from Chapters re Honorary 

or Commuted Memberships to be accepted 

when provisions of the Constitution have 

been adhered to 480.00 1,280.50 

BALANCE— February 28, 1971 $27,432.84 

Schedule "3" 


Balance— March 1, 1970 $157.29 

Add— Bank Interest 7.48 

Deduct — 1970 Dues Transferred to General Account for 

Credit to the Chapters' Account 34.50 

Balance— February 28, 1971 $130.27 

Cash in Bank $130.27 


Schedule "4" 


As At February 28, 1971 

Balance— March 1, 1970 $18,263.53 


Donations $4,510.49 

Interest on Investments 509.84 

Bank Interest 344.34 5,364.67 


Bursaries and Scholarships 3,600.00 

Balance— February 28, 1971 $20,028.20 


Cash in Bank 3,702.93 

Accrued Interest 715.67 

Due from General Fund 9.60 4,428.20 


State of Israel— December 1, 1976 300.00 

Province of Ontario— S ( /c— October 15, 1977 .... 7,000.00 
Government of Canada — 7, 8, SV^'/c — 

November 1, 1978 5,000.00 

Government of Canada— 4 V 2 %— Sept. 1, 1983 3,300.00 15,600.00 

BALANCE— February 28, 1971 $20,028.20 


To the Most Excellent Grand First Principal, Officers and Members of 
the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Canada in the Province 
of Ontario. 
Your Committee on Printing has received the expenditures for the 

year ending February 28th, 1971, and submits the following analysis in 

support thereof: 

Printing Proceedings $1,725.39 

Printing, General 1,707.22 

It is respectfully requested that the following monies be placed at 
the disposal of the Printing Committee for the fiscal year 1971-72: 

Printing Proceedings $2,200.00 

Printing, General 600.00 

Printing for Resale 1,500.00 

Fraternally submitted, 
R. Ex. Comp. Harold Ince, Chairman 
R. Ex. Comp. Maarten vanWamelen 

Moved by R. Ex. Comp. H. Ince, seconded by R. Ex. Comp. Maarten 
van Wamelen, and — 

Resolved — That the report of the Printing Committee be received 
and adopted. Carried. 



No. Name of Chapter 

223 Abitibi 
152 Alberton 
102 Algonquin 
131 Amabel 
155 Ancaster 

1 Ancient Frontenac & 

80 Ark 
149 Atwood 

235 Aurora 

81 Aylmer 

163 The Beaches 

74 Beaver, Strathroy 

225 Beaver, Toronto 

146 Bernard 

239 Blenheim 

114 Bonnechere 

115 Brant 
53 Bruce 

236 Caledonia 
16 Carleton 

260 Centennial 

130 Chantry 

36 Corinthian 

113 Covenant 

198 Couchiching 

248 Dochert 

221 Durham 

129 Elliott 

67 Enterprise 

257 Espanola 

73 Erie 

45 Excelsior 

23 Ezra 

140 Fort William 

56 Georgian 

143 Glengarry 

90 Golden 

254 Golden Star 

61 Granite 

22 Grenville 

69 Grimsby 

40 Guelph 
234 Halton 

175 The Hamilton 

41 Harris 
63 Havelock 

252 Hiawatha 

2 The Hiram 
184 Hugh Murray 
246 Humber 

30 Huron 

168 Ionic, Campbellford 

83 Ionic, Orangeville 

224 Keystone, Hamilton 
72 Keystone, Sterling 

No. Name of Chapter 

35 Keystone, Whitby 

167 Kichikewana 

119 King Cyrus, Leamington 

232 King Cyrus, Toronto 
134 King Darious 

262 King David 

57 King Hiram 

8 King Solomon's 

251 Kirkland 

117 Kitchener 

210 Kitchener, Russell 

151 Laurentian 

84 Lebanon, Wingham 

132 Leeds 

150 London 

164 Lome 

147 Lucknow 

88 MacNab 

29 McCallum 

243 McKay 

161 Madoc 

66 Malloch 

68 Maitland 

27 Manitou 
116 Maple 

94 Midland 

215 Mimico 

78 Minnewawa 
7 The Moira 

20 Mount Horeb 

19 Mount Moriah 

76 Mount Nebo 

44 Mount Sinai, Napanee 

212 Mount Sinai, Toronto 
55 Niagara 

247 Nilestown 

213 Northern Lights 

233 Oakwood 

77 Occident 

79 Orient 
222 Ottawa 

18 Oxford 

249 Palestine, Bowmanville 

54 Palestine, Toronto 

195 Peel 

28 Pentalpha 
230 Port Credit 
144 Presqu'ile 
245 Preston 

31 Prince Edward 

218 Prince Edward, Shelburne 

71 Prince of Wales, Essex 

226 Prince of Wales, Perth 
259 Quetico 

227 Quinte Friendship 
253 Regal 


No. Name of Chapter No. Name of Chapter 

217 St. Alban's 240 Smithville 

238 The St. Andrew 153 Sombra 

4 St. Andrew & St. John 59 Sussex-St. Lawrence 
75 St. Clair, Milton 24 Tecumseh 

231 St. Clair, Toronto 169 Temiskaming 

133 St. Francis 250 Thomas Peter's 

5 St. George's 255 Tillsonburg 

46 St. James 91 Toronto-Antiquity 

48 St. John's, Cobourg 95 Tuscan 

6 St. John's, Hamilton 258 Tyrian 
3 St. John's, London 219 Ulster 

112 St. John's, Morrisburg 241 University 

103 St. John's North Bay 37 Victoria, Port Hope 

148 St. John's, Vankleek Hill 205 Victoria, Thornhill 

26 St. Mark's 214 Vimy 

145 St. Patrick 110 Warkworth 

242 St. Paul's, Lambeth 32 Waterloo 

263 The Scarborough 15 Wawanosh 

261 Sequin 47 Wellington 

138 Shekinah 104 White Oak 

82 Shuniah 64 Willson 

34 Signet 62 York 



To the Most Excellent, the Grand First Principal, Officers and 
Companions of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Canada 
in the Province of Ontario. 

Most Excellent Sir and Companions: 

Your Committee on Warrants and Dispensations while eager and 
willing to serve, must report that there were no requests for their ser- 
vices during the past year. We therefore can only express our apprecia- 
tion to Most Excellent Companion F. W. D. Welham for appointing us 
to this Committee and to assure him that we are willing to serve in any 
capacity in the future. 

All of which is respectfully submitted, 

RT. EX. COMP. L. C. EWENER, Chairman. 

Moved by R. Ex. Comp. L. C. Ewener, seconded by R. Ex. Comp. 
W. H. Cheetham, and— 

Resolved — That the report on Warrants and Dispensations be re- 
ceived and adopted. Carried. 


To the Most Excellent Grand First Principal, Officers and Companions 
of Grand Chapter. 

Most Excellent Sirs and Companions: 

It is a distinct pleasure again to have the privilege of reporting 
that your Committee on Grievances and Appeals has had no cases of 


such brought to our attention, so it is considered that peace, harmony 
and happiness prevail throughout our Grand Jurisdiction and in these 
troubled and upset times, this should be thought of as an auspicious 

Fraternally and respectfully submitted, 

M. EX. COMP. BRUCE D. SMITH, Chairman. 

Moved by M. Ex. Comp. Smith, seconded by Ex. Comp. W. S. Thomp- 
son that — 

Resolved — That the report of the Committee on Grievances and 
Appeals be received and adopted. 



To the Most Excellent Grand First Principal, Officers and Companions 
of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Canada in the 
Province of Ontario. 

Most Excellent Grand Z. and Companions: 

Your Committee on Benevolence has considered the Applications 
for relief submitted by the various Chapters and we recommend that 
Grants be authorized from the Victory Thanksgiving Benevolent Fund, 
to the following, for the present Grand Chapter year: 

Chapter Grant in Favor of Amount 

5 Widow of M. Ex. Comp. E. S $ 250.00 

8 Widow of Companion J. L. 250.00 

102 Companion M. S. D 400.00 

151 Companion H. C 200.00 

212 Companion M. S 300.00 


We further recommend that an amount of $800.00 be provided for 
Interim Relief, if it is needed before the next Annual Convocation of 
Grand Chapter. 

The attention of all Chapters is directed to the 'Rules respecting 
Grants for Benevolence' as set forth in our Constitution. One of the 
basic Masonic Principles is the dispensing of Relief and Assistance in the 
case of need. The First Principal of every Chapter is charged with the 
responsibility of seeing that the requirements of the Constitution are 
adhered to, including the necessity of seeing that a new Application 
each year is in the hands of the Grand Scribe E. not later than January 

Respectfully and fraternally submitted. 

B. H. SMITH, P.G.Z., 

F. C. ACKERT, Hon. Grand Executive Chairman. 

Moved by R. Ex. Comp. F. C. Ackert, seconded by M. Ex. Comp. 
B. H. Smith, and— 

Resolved — That the report of the Committee on Benevolence be 
received and adopted. Carried. 



To the Most Excellent, the Grand First Principal, Officers and 
Companions of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Canada 
in the Province of Ontario. 

Most Excellent Sir and Companions: 

Your Committee has reviewed the address of our Grand First Prin- 
cipal, Most Ex. Companion F. W. D. Welham and immediately associates 
itself with his joy and inspiration he has gained because of the many 
opportunities he has experienced of fraternization at all levels of the 
Royal Craft during the last year. 

Likewise we share with him the pride and delight he has expressed 
to all present at this Grand Chapter Convocation and especially to those 
of our many Sister Jurisdictions both in Canada and the United States 
and his hope that all present will renew and cement old friendships and 
generate many new ones which will endure for many years to come. We 
join with him in his re-affirmation of loyalty and allegiance to the Most 
Wor. Grand Master and the Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of 
Ontario and his regrets that the Grand Master could not be present 
because of the necessity of a change of dates and place of meeting of 
our Grand Chapter. However, we voice our welcome W. Bro. Donald J. 
Gunn, the distinguished member of Grand Lodge who is representing 
our Grand Master at this Convocation. 

We likewise welcome with our Grand First Principal those dis- 
tinguished Masons who are present with us representing as they do other 
members of the great Masonic Family. 

While our Grand First Principal has because of his profound modesty 
failed to make reference to the high honour which was conferred on him 
by our Grand Master at the 1970 Communication of Grand Lodge namely, 
that of Grand Senior Deacon, your Committee would be remiss if it 
failed to tender its congratulations but perhaps, even more important, 
its commendation for his diligence and industry in discharging these 
added responsibilities. There is an abundance of proof that these efforts 
have tied more firmly those ties that bind this Grand Chapter to our 
Grand Lodge. 

We share with him his sorrow at the passing of so many of our 
Companions and his special mention of those great stalwarts of Capitular 
Masonry, Most Ex. Comp. Fred Dean and Stan Portch, also R. Ex. Comp. 
Milton Gottlieb. Grand Chapter has indeed sustained a great loss. 

We agree with his timely reference to the work and co-operation 
of the Principal's Association of the two Toronto Districts which assumed 
the responsibility of arranging this Grand Chapter Convocation. 

We commend and concur in the Grand Z.'s explanation for the neces- 
sity of changing the place of meeting of the 1971 Grand Convocation. 
Your Committee congratulates the Grand Z. on the emergency action he 
was required to take, also his words of caution to any district contem- 
plating extending an invitation to Grand Chapter that careful prior 
investigation be made to insure that proper facilities are available. 

My Companions, your Committee noted with great interest the 
visitations made by our Grand Z. since he assumed office approximately 
one year ago. It must be recognized that he has indeed gained for 
himself a record we suggest rarely, if at all, surpassed. 

These visitations reveal that practically every night throughout the 


year he was discharging the responsibilities of his high and important 
office. Your Committee does not suggest that the Companions should 
try to emulate such a record but surely it should stir within us our 
individual responsibilities to our respective Chapters and make us act 

We commend our Grand Z. most highly for this tangible and most 
concrete evidence of his fulfillment of the pledge he made one year ago 
that he would use his strength and talents in the hope of bringing about 
a greater degree of enthusiasm and activity for the Royal Craft in our 

We tender our congratulations to our Grand First Principal for the 
honour bestowed upon him by several Chapters by way of honourary 
membership. Our Grand Z. also established another milestone in the 
history of Grand Chapter when he visited the home of Ex. Comp. Col. 
R. S. McLaughlin in Oshawa and presented him with his Jewel repre- 
senting seventy-five years, a Royal Arch Mason. Your Committee voices 
its congratulations and best wishes to Ex. Comp. Col. R. S. McLaughlin, 
truly a great Canadian and whose life has been an example of a concrete 
and active demonstration of all the great fundamentals and tenets of 

Your Committee also joins with the Grand Z. in his congratulation 
to those Companions who have served the Royal Craft for Sixty and 
Fifty consecutive years and likewise to the many Past Principals who 
have received their twenty-five year Past Principal's Jewels. 

We have reviewed the 164 dispensations granted and find that all 
are within the Constitutional requirements and are therefore concurred 

Your Committee is also pleased to observe the many dispensations 
granted for Divine Services. We congratulate our Grand Z. for his 
choice of Grand Representatives and observe that twelve vacancies in 
their category have been filled during the past year. 

We also share with him his congratulations to the Welfare Com- 
mittee of the two Toronto Districts and likewise the tremendous work 
accomplished by the Welfare Committee of Mt. Sinai Chapter No. 212 
under the really dynamic leadership of Comp. Mike Mitchell who has 
been assisted so capably by the Companions of Couchiching Chapter on 
the bi-monthly visitations to the retarded children hospitalized in 

We commend our Grand Z. for the many Committees he has formed 
and his reference to the work accomplished by them. He has indeed 
set a personal example to all of them by his attendance and the knowl- 
edge he has imparted. He is to be commended for the plans laid to hold 
seminars at all district levels on protocol, administration and leadership 
and all matters of vital importance to the progress of Royal Arch 
Masonry in our jurisdiction. We commend our Grand Z. for his fore- 
sight in his appointment of special committees, namely Masonic instruc- 
tion, assistance to Chapters, study of "The Work" and his choice of 
Chairman of them. We recommend that all constituent Chapters make 
a study of his observations of "The Work" already accomplished by these 
Committees so that they may be guided accordingly. 

We concur and commend our Grand First Principal for his prompt 
action when an emergency arose in the passing of Most Ex. Comp. Fred 
Dean who for years has been the Treasurer of our Grand Chapter and 
also its Chairman of Benevolence. 


This choice of R. Ex. Comp. John Richardson to Acting Grand 
Treasurer and R. Ex. Comp. Carl Ackert as Chairman of Benevolence 
proved to be most sound and we join with him in his thanks to these 
two stalwart Royal Arch Masons for the further contribution they have 
made to our Grand Chapter. 

Your Committee has observed with satisfaction his words of appre- 
ciation for the marked co-operation he has received from Grand Chapter 
Officers particularly R. Ex. Comp. Leo Gent and R. Ex. Comp. W. Thom- 
son and the Grand Scribe E., R. Ex. Comp. Fred Conley and tender our 
voice of commendation accordingly. This likewise applies to V. Ex. 
Comp. Aube Weisman and the members of his Committee who have 
worked so diligently for some months on the arrangements for the 
Grand Chapter Convocation and to ensure its success in all its phases. 

Finally, my Companions, your Committee urges that all Chapters 
make an earnest effort to study carefully the Grand Z.'s address because 
therein you will find a new challenge, which we would exhort all of us 
to accept and do so in a practical manner and not merely by a mental 

He so rightfully informs us that just conferring degrees does not 
make a Mason and particularly a Royal Arch Mason. What is more 
important is that we point out the path for new Companions to follow, 
thus help to narrow future exit from our Chapters, demonstrate that 
companionship which is of greater importance than mere temporal or 
social values and that we convince, not only our Companions but par- 
ticularly the community and, indeed, national level of the true signifi- 
cance and value of Royal Arch Masonry. 

We know that our Grand Z. approaches the forthcoming year with 
great confidence and optimism and this Committee recommends and 
indeed urges that all Companions within the jurisdiction make an honest 
and sincere effort to support him so that at the completion of his term 
of office we all may share with him the joy that fruition of his objectives 
and ambitions will bring. 

We pray that the Great Jehovah will continue to sustain and bless 
him during the balance of his term of office. 

Respectfully and fraternally submitted, 

J. M. BURDEN, Q.C., 








M. A. SEARLE, Chairman. 

Moved by M. Ex. Comp. M. A. Searle, seconded by M. Ex. Comp. 
B. H. Smith, and— 

Resolved — That the report of the Committee on the Grand Z.'s 
Address be received and adopted. Carried. 



To the Most Excellent, the Grand First Principal, Officers and Members 
of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Canada in the 
Province of Ontario. 

The Archives Committee has nothing of a new or constructive 
nature to offer at this time, concluding that any recommendations made, 
would be merely a repetition of the many that have been forthcoming 
since inception of the Committee in 1957. 

While some progress has been made during the interim years, 
towards the preservation of historical material relevant to this Grand 
Chapter, we can only reiterate, that much remains to be done. Notwith- 
standing, we are also cognizant that conclusive action will be costly, and 
it will therefore be necessary to approach the matter in progressive 
stages, as and when funds are available. 

All of which is fraternally and respectively submitted by the Com- 


Moved by R. Ex. Comp. John E. Richardson, seconded by R. Ex. 
Comp. Frederick C. Conley, that the report of the Archives Committee 
be received and adopted. Carried. 


To the Most Excellent, the Grand First Principal, Officers and Members 
of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Canada in the 
Province of Ontario. 

Most Excellent Sir and Companions: 

Your Committee are pleased to submit for your consideration and 
adoption this our interim report. 

Following the appointment last spring of the Members of the Com- 
mittee by the Most Ex. Grand First Principal, with his approval we 
enlarged our Committee by inviting V. Ex. Comp. James Turnbull and 
Companion William Prentice, two eminently qualified Masons to sit on 
our Committee. 

During the past year your Committee met on several occasions, dis- 
cussed at great length the aim and object of our responsibility and 
established a program to accomplish the task. 

Last fall we presented to the Members of the Advisory Committee 
a rough draft of our thinking regarding the re-writing of the Mark 
Master Masons Degree. 

After a thorough and constructive review of the draft by the Mem- 
bers of the Advisory Committee they agreed we should proceed to re- 
write the Mark Master Masons Degree being guided by the points agreed 

With the approval of Grand Chapter by the adoption of this report, 
your Committee proposes to commence immediately to re-write the Mark 
Master Masons Degree. We also feel that many of the changes will 
apply in the re-writing of the Most Ex. Masters Degree. 

When the two degrees have been re-written it is our intention to 


submit this work to the Advisory Committee and endeavour to have it 
approved in principle before we proceed with the Degree of the Holy- 
Royal Arch. 

Your Committee are fully aware not only of the importance of our 
task but of the tremendous amount of work involved, and deeply appre- 
ciate the confidence that has been placed in the Committee, and the 
opportunity that we have in serving Grand Chapter. It is the desire of 
our Committee, if humanly possible, to have ready for our next Grand 
convocation our recommendation covering the three Degrees. 

Respectfully and fraternally submitted, 





M. EX. COMP. CHAS. W. EMMETT, Chairman. 

Moved by M. Ex. Comp. Chas. W. Emmett, seconded by R. Ex. Comp. 
Geo. E. Turner, M.D., and— 

Resolved — That the report of the Committee for the Study of the 
Work be received and adopted. Carried. 


Moved by M. Ex. Comp. Charles W. Emmett, seconded by R. Ex. 
Comp. William S. Thomson, that this report be adopted. 


To the Most Excellent, the Grand First Principal, Officers and Members 
of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Canada in the 
Province of Ontario. 

Most Ex. Sir and Companions: 

The response of the Chapters following the distribution of the draft 
constitution so ably prepared by Most Ex. Comp. Harold Shannon, was 
most gratifying. The enthusiasm indicated by individual members 
replying direct, by Chapters, and even districts forming constitution 
review committees to study and submit recommendations for further 
amendments to the constitution, is indicative of the interest our com- 
panions have in the welfare and progress of Capitular Masonry in its 
service to mankind. 

Your Committee met several times since our last convocation to 
study your recommendations. During committee meetings, every recom- 
mendation either has been, or will be considered. It will require at least 
one more meeting to complete our consideration of your recommendations. 

When every recommendation has been reviewed and considered the 
whole constitution will then be redrafted by our master draftsman, 
Most Ex. Comp. Harold Shannon. The Constitution Review Committee 
will then again review and study the re-drafted Constitution, section by 
section, with the hope in mind of having a new draft constitution before 
this convocation either in 1972, or at the latest in 1973. We want this 
constitution to be your constitution, and we want it to be a constitution 
that will properly serve Capitulary Masonry. 

May the Chairman of this Committee state that the wise counsel 
and untiring efforts of Most Ex. Comp. John M. Burdon, Most Ex. Comp. 
Maurice A. Searle, and Most. Ex. Comp. G. Harold Shannon, made the 
duties on the committee of Rt. Ex. Comp. Wm. Thomson, the Grand Third 


Principal, and the Chairman, a pleasure in their service to you on this 

All of which is respectfully and fraternally submitted, 

RT. EX. COMP. LEO J. GENT, Chairman. 

Moved by Rt. Ex. Comp. Leo J. Gent, seconded by Rt. Ex. Comp. Wm. 
Thomson, that — 

Resolved — That this report of the Committee on Constitution Re- 
vision be received and adopted. 




To the Most Excellent the Grand First Principal, Officers and 
Companions of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Canada, 
in the Province of Ontario. 

Most Excellent Sir and Companions: 

It is with humility and a deep sense of gratitude that we present to 
you a report for the year 1971 of the proceedings of the many Grand 
Chapters which we are in fraternal relationship with and from which 
we receive correspondence throughout the world. 

We have found it to be a very enlightening undertaking to be for- 
tunate enough to read of the many and varied activities which have 
taken place in Grand jurisdictions, not only on this continent but over- 

In reporting on some of the proceedings we have quoted from the 
addresses of the Grand High Priest or Grand First Principal, whichever 
the case, because we have found that these Masons have contributed much 
towards Capitular Masonry over the years so consequently in their wis- 
dom they have many ideas and thoughts to leave with Royal Arch Masons 
which could be of much help for the future. 

As there are many Grand Chapters throughout the world, so there 
are ones with large memberships as well as ones with small memberships, 
but in each case according to our finding they each have something of 
interest. In many cases the larger jurisdictions have suffered in loss 
of membership the greatest, but there were a few Grand Chapters who 
reported an increase or broke even as it were. 

There are a variety of ideas and programmes recommended to help 
stimulate interest and enthusiasm in order to stop the loss of membership 
or try to maintain and increase the membership. 

In some of the Grand Jurisdictions, they have what is called "Fes- 
tivals". It is a day, usually a Saturday, whereby Chapters in a particular 
area of the Grand Jurisdiction will form a committee and make plans for 
these chapters who may bring candidates and have the work performed 
by a team of officers made up from the Chapters which are involved. 
The candidates are given the degrees in a group or class and these 


degrees have been conferred in the open air. Some of the proceedings 
report favourably on this programme. 

Another endeavour well received is the "School of Instruction" 
where the officers in particular have been invited to hear lectures by- 
Grand Chapter Instructors on subjects of interest to all with respect to 
leadership, protocol and the general governing of a Chapter. 

Some Grand Jurisdictions have an award system whereby Certifi- 
cates are presented to chapters who have a certain percentage of in- 
crease in membership for the year. 

Another programme is the Secretary of Lodges is asked for the 
name and address of members who have just been raised to a Master 
Mason. The Scribe E. then sends him an application for membership 
in a Chapter. In one jurisdiction, the Grand First Principal, upon 
receiving the Brother's name and address sends him a personal letter 
of invitation along with other material explaining Royal Arch Masonry. 

Finally, my Companions, in practically all the proceedings we read, 
there was a common suggestion which was made by everyone in order to 
increase membership and help improve the regular attendance, and that 
was to plan the meetings so that they be interesting and a pleasure to 
attend and, last but by no means least, to make a sincere effort to do 
good degree work. 

Moved by R. Ex. Comp. Harold Foote, seconded by R. Ex. Comp. 
William S. Thomson, that this report be received and adopted by Grand 



To the Most Excellent, the Grand First Principal, Officers and Members 
of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Canada in the 
Province of Ontario. 

Your Committee for the Study of Assistance to Chapters met in 
regular session with the Ruling District Grand Superintendents on April 
29, 1971, at which time various items pertaining to methods of assisting 
Chapters in their endeavour to improve their operations, increase their 
attendance, membership, etc., were discussed . 

As a result of these discussions, the Committee respectfully submit 
the following for consideration by the Grand Council: 

a) In order to acquaint the newly elected District Grand Superintendents 
with the current conditions of Masonry in our jurisdiction and the 
recommendations made by their immediate predecessors, they should 
receive immediately after investiture copies of all sixteen official 
District reports submitted to Grand Chapter. 

b) In order to strengthen the bond between the various Chapters and 
the District Superintendent, it is recommended that wherever pos- 
sible, a Principal's Association be in existence or formed consisting 
of Ruling and Past Principals. 

This Association, being representative of the District can 
greatly asisst in the preparation and conducting of meetings of 
educational value to the District in collaboration with Grand Chap- 


c) The present form of the "Report of the Grand Superintendent", 
covering his report of his official visit to a Chapter, is felt to be 
inadequate to reflect a true statement of the condition of the 
pertinent Chapter. 

It is proposed that each present ruling Grand Superintendent 
should submit his suggested revised form to the Chairman of the 
Committee (within 30 days) for review and final submittal to Grand 
Council for approval. 

d) In order to encourage leadership and enthusiasm in Chapters, the 
Committee recommends that Grand Council consider the granting 
of an award once a year, to the Chapter in our jurisdiction, that has 
shown the largest percentage increase in membership attendance. 

In concluding this report, we are most grateful for the assistance 
given and interest shown by the District Superintendents to further the 
cause of Royal Arch Masonry in our Grand Jurisdiction. 

Truly it can be said that proper leadership is the key to success. 

Fraternally submitted, 

MOST EX. COMP. J. GIRVEN, Chairman. 

1 T. E. Weaver 9 Mancel Nixon 

2 S. M. Ellenor 10 Wilbert E. McKinstry 

3 Mervin A. L. Hicks 11 Ralph Bell 

4 Harry French 12 Robert H. Seymour 

5 Russell A. Brown 13 Edmund Molson 

6 George Wm. Evans 14 John B. Fraser 

7 Leslie T. Vail 15 Raymond C. Schmeler 

8 Per Harold Foote 16 John W. Smith 
8A Maarten van Wamelen 

Moved by M. Ex. Comp. James E. Girven, seconded by R. Ex. Comp. 
William S. Thomson, that this report be received and adopted by Grand 



To the Grand First Principal of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons 
of Canada in the Province of Ontario, greetings, this is the report of 
the Bursary Committee of Grand Chapter. 

Most Excellent Sir and Companions: 

It is again the signal honour and privilege of your Bursary Com- 
mittee to submit its report to the 113th Annual Convocation of Grand 

Your committee during the past year has been greatly encouraged 
by the increased enthusiasm shown not only by constituent Chapters but 
also at all Grand Chapter levels. Thus your Bursary Committee is once 
more proud and gratified to report that the past year has not only been 
again one of achievement but also of great progress in all of its adminis- 
trative phases. 

Your committee therefore feels sure that all the Companions of 
this Grand Chapter will share in the pride and joy of its accomplishments, 
not only during the past year, but since the inception of the Grand 
Chapter Bursary Committee's programme in 1966. During the past year 


sixteen applications were given careful consideration and thirteen awards 
made. Therefore your committee reports that since the inception of the 
Grand Chapter Bursary Programme 73 applications have been received, 
from which 59 awards have been granted at a total of $20,150.00. Our 
statistics reveal that of the 59 awards, 32 were female students and 27 
male, moreover 34 constituent Chapters were involved. 

Your Bursary Committee therefore submits that these accomplish- 
ments give abundant proof, not only of the worthiness of its activities, 
but that there is a great need for its work. Indeed, your committee can 
say that from its experience and the reports gleaned from every source 
of news media, that there will be a greater need for bursary awards in 
future years and, therefore, we must be prepared to meet them. Your 
committee therefore repeats its determination to adhere to its adopted 
policy that no dependant of a Royal Arch Mason, or a Companion of our 
jurisdiction, will be denied an opportunity of proceeding in the field of 
higher education, or learning through any advantageous avenue, because 
of financial need. 

Your committee has learned that in a very few Chapters there has 
been a feeling, or indeed some criticism, that your committee has at 
times made awards where there is no financial need. We therefore 
hasten to remind all Companions that awards made, particularly during 
the early formative years, were based on the information given by the 
Chapters completing the application forms and signed by the First 
Principal and Scribe E. Your committee now believes that such cases 
have been avoided by personal visits and explanation to any Chapter 
that has desired information of any nature covering the administration 
of the Bursary Fund. 

In addition, as indicated in our report last year, we have a new appli- 
cation form, which must be completed in detail, and the information thus 
given precludes, in our opinion, an award being granted where financial 
need does not appear indicated. Furthermore through the marked 
efforts of the Vice-Chairman of the committee, V. Ex. Comp. Aube Weis- 
man, a most effective system of records on all applications has been 
set up at the Grand Chapter office. Furthermore, V. Ex. Comp. Weisman 
has made contacts and receives the best of co-operation from the Awards 
Officer of every university, college, or other institution of higher learning 
within our jurisdiction. The Awards Officers are contacted before any 
bursary award is finalized so that your bursary committee has available 
to it what government grants or other financial awards the applicant 
may receive, or is entitled to receive. Also, the new application form 
requires a signed recommendation by the First Principal and Scribe E. 
of the Chapter, by the Grand Superintendent of the District, or District 
Bursary Chairman. 

We therefore believe that the present administration policies and 
procedures are such that they should dispel any doubt which may exist 
that awards made are not in keeping with our terms of reference and 
that financial need does exist. 

Your committee is of the opinion that one section thereof needs 
clarification. It is as follows: — 

"Any child of a deceased Royal Arch Mason who had 
been at any time a member of a Chapter under the 
jurisdiction of this Grand Chapter." 

Your committee feels that this section gives it authority to consider an 
application for a bursary award from the dependant of a demitted or 


suspended Companion, however it further feels that where a demit has 
been granted or suspension ordered, the Chapter submitting the applica- 
tion in either of these categories must give sufficient proof that the 
demit was granted or suspension directed only because of extenuating 
circumstances completely beyond the control of the Companion. Your 
committee is definitely of the opinion that under no circumstances 
should it consider an application from a dependant of a Companion 
expelled for unmasonic conduct. Your committee therefore so recom- 
mends and requests that Grand Chapter concur accordingly. 

Your committee again desires to state with emphasis that all 
awards, and the necessary procedure in connection with them, are of 
strictly confidential nature. In other words: no Companion should at 
any time entertain a feeling that he will not make an application on 
behalf of someone eligible, because it may subsequently cause embar- 
rassment to those concerned. It should be made clear that an award of a 
bursary should never be construed as a form of charity but rather a 
right given as a result of the wisdom of Grand Chapter. 

Through the diligence and industry of the Vice-Chairman of the 
committee great progress has been made in public relations. Grand 
Superintendents have been urged to appoint District Bursary Chairmen, 
all of whom have been kept informed of complete and current informa- 
tion of the committee's progress. Short talks have been prepared which 
may be used on visitations to Chapters within their jurisdiction. These 
talks will encourage the formation of active bursary committees at 
Chapter level. Pertinent information has been sent to constituent 

This publicity has undoubtedly produced some results, but your com- 
mittee must record its disappointment in that there are still some 
Chapters which have not yet expressed any interest in the work of the 
bursary committee. This lack of interest and financial support indicates 
a complete disinterest in the Grand Chapter Bursary Project whose 
accomplishments should be a source of pride to all Companions in the 

The committee's reports indicate that some districts have no "Bur- 
sary Chairman", or, have not notified us of such an appointment. 

Recently an informative letter was prepared by the Vice-Chairman 
of the committee and copies made and sent to constituent Chapters, with 
a request that the Scribe E. send one to each Companion with the 
Chapter summons. Your committee is grateful to the many Scribes E. 
who acted accordingly. We owe a debt of gratitude to Comp. Pat 
Johnstone of Scarborough Chapter for his assistance in producing some 
twenty thousand of these letters. 

There therefore there can be no complaint that Companions are un- 
aware of the existence of a Grand Chapter Bursary Fund, its past 
accomplishments or future needs, these, we believe, will now present a 
greater challenge than at any previous time. If we are to meet this chal- 
lenge it will be because all Companions meet it (as they ought) by 
actively supporting the Grand Chapter Bursary Committee in its deter- 
mination to meet all proper demands made upon it. 

A statistical summary of District support of the Bursary Fund is 
given as an appendix to this report. We sincerely thank these Chapters, 
and individuals who have supported us during the past year. 

It is useful to look at certain circumstances arising out of last year's 
programme. For the first time in the history of the Bursary Fund a 


District, namely St. Lawrence District No. 12, had a financial participa- 
tion by all its constituent Chapters. In connection with the response 
from the St. Lawrence District No. 12 we must thank Grand Superin- 
tendent R. Ex. Comp. Robert Seymour and Ex. Comp. Orval Frances 
for their hard work in promoting the aims and objects of the Grand 
Chapter Bursary Fund. 

Each year, since the inception of the fund. Keystone Chapter No. 
35, of Whitby, has made a substantial contribution to the bursary fund. 
This is a small Chapter, with less than one hundred members, who raise 
donations by community and social endeavours. Mt. Sinai Chapter No. 
212 of Toronto West District No. 8A, has regularly made a contribution 
from its Companions and a similar contribution from the Chapter Wel- 
fare Committee. We also express our thanks to those Councils of Royal 
and Select Masters, Principals Associations, Conclaves and individual 
Companions who have supported this Bursary Fund. We would like to 
single out for their support the following Chapters: Carleton No. 16, 
Shuniah No. 82, Covenant No. 113, Bernard No. 146, Alberton No. 152, 
Mount Sinai No. 212, Lebanon No. 220, Ottawa No. 222, Beaver No. 225, 
Aurora No. 235 and Golden Star No. 254. These are but a few examples 
of what can be accomplished by a determined effort at both District and 
Chapter level. 

Your committee has constantly referred to the worthiness of the 
Grand Chapter Bursary Fund and its achievements, but its best proof of 
this submission has been the many letters of gratitude received from 
those who have been given bursary awards. For example: — 

"May it be gratifying to know that through your bur- 
saries to young people like myself, you are investing in 
the future of our great country of Canada, by helping 
them to prepare themselves to take their places in our 
rapidly changing world. The dividends thus achieved 
will most surely reflect honour upon a great fraternal 

Another is as follows: — 

"I do want to take this opportunity of letting you know 
how grateful I am to the committee. Without your 
assistance I do not think we could have managed it. It 
is a tribute to men like yourselves who have so cheer- 
fully supported so many in achieving worthwhile 
educations and in becoming thereby good and happy 

Your committee would like to comment that its activities and 
achievements have received acclaim from many other levels of society 
as well as from universities and other centres of learning. As a result 
of these activities the stature and reputation of Grand Chapter has been 
enhanced and recognized. 

However, notwithstanding all our past achievements your com- 
mittee cautions that at no time should we develop a feeling of indiffer- 
ence. We believe that nothing retards the wheels of progress quite so 
effectively as contentment or complacency. If we are no better or 
wiser, no greater than in the past, then indeed, have we failed in our 
mission? In order to be successful and justify our existence we must 
be progressive. We must develop new ideas and be aware of the different 
needs of our ever changing society. 

These are all part of the great Masonic teachings, all of which have 


actuated your bursary committee to discharge our responsibilities as 
we believe them to be, to Grand Chapter and to our Companions. 

Moreover, we believe that the accomplishments of Grand Chapter 
Bursary Fund have had a far reaching effect, and caused a real and 
better conception of our Royal Craft among many non-masonic bodies, 
particularly in the field of higher education. 

Your committee would be most remiss if it did not express its 
gratitude to the constituent Chapters, the Grand Superintendents, Dis- 
trict Bursary Chairmen and Chapter Bursary Chairmen and to all those 
who have sustained its work through their various activities. 

Particular thanks are also expressed to the Grand Z. who has 
attended all meetings and fully supported our endeavours, and to the 
ex-officio members of the committee whose advice has been of the utmost 
value. We also wish to express our thanks to the Grand Scribe E. 

Finally may I conclude this report on a personal note. It has been 
my signal honour and privilege to have been the Chairman of the 
Bursary Committee since its inception, and now in accordance with the 
terms of reference and regulations my term of office as an appointed 
member of the committee is completed at the time of this Grand Con- 
vocation. I am most grateful to Grand Chapter for a further opportunity 
of service. I hope I will be forgiven for suggesting that my contribution 
has been of a worthwhile nature and that in the formative period of the 
committee it was both demanding and time consuming. However, it 
has been a rewarding and satisfying masonic experience and has caused 
me to remember so often that there is no greater joy in the world than 
that of achievement. However, the success obtained by your bursary 
committee has been brought about by the devoted and dedicated service 
of all those who have served as members of the committee and I express 
my gratitude to M. Ex. Comp. John Burden, M. Ex. Comp. J. L. House, 
M. Ex. Comp. C. E. Emmett and the late M. Ex. Comp. Fred Dean, and 
finally the present members of the Committee. 

However, I would be most ungrateful if I did not make special 
mention of the Vice-Chairman of the Committee, V. Ex. Comp. Aube 
Weisman, whose work has been of a monumental nature, particularly 
during the past approximately two years, when my service has been 
somewhat limited because of confinement to hospital and to obvious 
limitations. No Companion more than myself is so aware of his devotion 
and dedication to the tremendous responsibilities he has assumed and 
discharged with credit to himself and honour to our Grand Chapter. 

Finally your committee recommends to Grand Chapter that Ex. 
Comp. Cliff Meunier of Ottawa be the new appointment to the committee. 

Respectfully and fraternally submitted, 




Ex Officio Members 

J. R. BROWN, D.S.C. (London) 



A. WEISMAN, Vice-Chairman 

M. A. SEARLE, Chairman. 

Moved by M. Ex. Comp. Maurice A. Searle, seconded by R. Ex. 


Comp. Aube Weisman, that this report be received and adopted by- 
Grand Chapter. 


The following' Chapters donated to the Bursary Fund in the calendar 
year 1970: 2, The Hiram; 5, St. George's; 7, The Moira; 16, Caleton; 
18, Oxford; 19, Mount Moriah; 23, Ezra; 24, Tecumseh; 26, St. Mark's; 
27, Manitou; 31, Prince Edward; 34, Signet; 35, Keystone, Whitby; 
36, Corinthian; 54, Palestine, St. Thomas; 57, King Hiram; 64, Wilson; 
67, Enterprise; 68, Maitland; 69, Grimsby; 72, Keystone, Stirling; 
73, Erie; 74, Beaver, Strathroy; 79, Orient; 81, Aylmer; 82, Shuniah; 
94, Midland; 95, Tuscan; 113, Covenant; 114, Bonnechere; 116, Maple; 
117, Kitchener; 130, Chantry; 133, St. Francis; 149, Atwood; 152, 
Alberton; 153, Sombra; 155, Ancaster; 168, Ionic, Campbellford; 175, 
The Hamilton; 198, Couchiching; 205, Victoria, Thornhill; 212, Mount 
Sinai, Toronto; 220, Lebanon, Lambton; 222, Ottawa; 224, Keystone, 
Hamilton; 225, Beaver, Toronto; 227, Quinte Friendship; 233, Oakwood; 
235, Aurora; 238, The St. Andrew; 241, University; 243, McKay; 246, 
Humber; 247, Nilestown; 249, Palestine, Bowmanville; 250, Thomas 
Peters; 252, Hiawatha; 254, Golden Star; 258, Tyrian; 259, Quetico; 
20, Centennial; 262, King David. Plus other contributions amounting to 
$42.00 in amounts under $10.00 each. 

Special donations to Bursary Fund from other Masonic Badies and 
Individuals were received with thanks: Prince Edward District No. 11, 
R. Ex. Comp. Leo J. Gent, Mount Sinai No. 212 — Welfare Committee, 
Adoniran Council, V. Ex. Comp. John Hewit, M. Ex. Comp. Fraser Hay, 
Mrs. N. B. Pannabecker, The Freemason, Comp. C. E. Klepper, Comp. 
Alfred J. Martin, R. Ex. Comp. Irving J. Inglis, R. Ex. Comp. William S. 
Thomson, St. Lawrence District No. 12, R. Ex. Comp. Maxwell Clark, 
Hamilton District No. 5, Comp. J. J. Weber, V. Ex. Comp. A. Weisman, 
Comp. A. MacDonald. 


To the Most Excellent Grand First Principal, Officers and Members 
of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Canada in the 
Province of Ontario. 

Dear Most Excellent Sir and Companions: 

Your Committee on the Distinguished Service Medal Awards wishes 
to draw to the attention of all Chapters: 

(1) the regulations governing this special award; 

(2) the importance of this recognition of distinguished service to 
Capitular Masonry; 

(3) the proper method of procedure in presenting the application for 
review by the Awards Committee. 

If this Distinguished Service Award is to carry the prestige to which 
the recipient is entitled it must only be awarded on the basis of the 
original intention i.e. to Companions in recognition of distinguished and 
outstading service to Capitular Masonry. One who has devoted himself 
outstanding service to Capitular Masonry. One who has devoted himself 
in the Grand Chapter of Canada in the Province of Ontario. 


(a) To one who has not been or is ever likely to be elected and installed 
as the First Principal of a Chapter. 

(b) Only under exceptional conditions shall an award be made if another 
living Companion of the Chapter has received this award by recom- 
mendation of that Chapter. 

(c) There shall be no posthumous awards. 

The procedure for nominating a Companion for this award is as 

Nominations for the award must be submitted through the Grand 
Scribe E. in writing, giving the full name, address, masonic rank, the 
name and number of the Chapter in this Grand Jurisdiction of which he 
is a Companion, full particulars of special service claimed for the nominee 
in his Chapter and signed by the First Principal and the Scribe E. of 
the Chapter. 

The Grand Scribe E. on receipt thereof, will immediately forward it 
and any other relevant information to the Awards Committee. 

The nomination will be reviewed by the Awards Committee and their 
decision reported to the Grand Scribe E. 

If the request for the awarding of this Distinguished Service Award 
is reported favourable for consideration, the Grand Scribe E. will so 
inform the Scribe E. of the Chapter, at which time after due notice of 
motion is given to all members of the Chapter, a vote on the resolution 
shall be presented to the Chapter which must be passed by an open 
majority of the Chapter. 

The Grand Scribe E. is then informed in writing, giving the complete 
data as contained in the preliminary request and such additional informa- 
tion as may be pertinent together with evidence that due Notice of 
Motion has been given all Companions of the Chapter and that a vote on 
the resolution shall have been passed by an open majority of the Chapter. 
This is then passed on to the Awards Committee for approval. 

This past year it has been the privilege of your Distinguished 
Service Awards Committee to review several applications. 

This award has been granted to the following: 

Companion William Stuart Gilmour 
Carleton Chapter No. 16 
Ottawa, Ontario 
Companion David Russell 
Palestine Chapter No. 249 
Bowmanville, Ontario 

Most Excellent Sir, may we express our appreciation to you for your 
confidence in appointing us to this important committee in the service 
of our Grand Chapter. 

Respectfully and fraternally submitted, 

Committee on Distinguished Service Award 



M. EX. COMP. FRASER HAY, M.D., Chairman. 


Moved by M. Ex. Comp. Fraser Hay, M.D., seconded by R. Ex. Comp. 
William S. Thomson, that this report be received and adopted by Grand 



To the Most Excellent the Grand First Principal Officers and Com- 
panions of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Canada in 
the Province of Ontario. 

Most Excellent Sir and Companions: 

Your Committee on the Condition of Capitular Masonry beg leave to 
submit this report to the 113th Annual Convocation of this Grand Chap- 
ter. Each of us feel honoured to have been chosen to act on this very 
important committee and we express our appreciation for the privilege 
of serving our Grand Chapter. 

The information on which this report is based was gleaned from the 
reports of the 17 Grand Superintendents in this Jurisdiction and from 
personal observation by the members of this Committee through numer- 
ous Chapter visitations. We wish first of all to express our sincere 
appreciation to the Grand Scribe E. for his assistance in supplying the 
information contained in the various reports. 

In analyzing these reports we find that the Grand Superintendents 
are dedicated to their position as the representative of the Grand First 
Principal in their respective Districts and devoted their time and energy 
unselfishly to the office to which they have been elected. In some cases 
we feel that they may be too generous in their appraisal of the future 
prospects of some of the Chapters, but as this is a matter of personal 
observation we do not wish to condemn them for their generosity. 

In checking the figures which show the numbers of new members, 
wtihdrawals, suspensions and deaths we found it almost impossible to 
reconcile the totals of these items with the total loss in membership 
which appears to be approximately 352 members. We sympathize with 
the Grand Scribe E. on whom falls the task of analyzing these figures. 
The greatest contributor to our loss in membership is of course the pass- 
ing of approximately 524 of our members to the Grand Chapter above. 
This is, of course, beyond our control. The other factors, new members 
(587), withdrawals (263) and suspensions (204) is something that every 
Companion should be concerned about and strive to improve. While we 
are still in a state of declining membership, we are optimistic about the 
ability of the Officers and Companions of the constituent Chapters to 
try a little harder to reverse this trend and in the years to come show a 
steady increase. 

While we should make every effort to obtain new members we should 
make an extra effort to retain our present members by carefully investi- 
gating every request for a demit and every apparent need for suspension. 
This should be by personal contact preferably by a friend of the Com- 
panion involved. 

We should involve as many Companions as possible, not only in the 
degree work, but also in other activities in the Chapter, such as social 
events, Ladies' Nights several times a year and instruction sessions. 
Certainly a busy Companion is an interested Companion. If necessary 
have a telephone canvass a few nights before each meeting. This should 


help to increase attendance and would certainly create a feeling of 
Companionship with the older members who may not be able to get out. 
It is quite apparent that some of the members do not read or do not 
digest the information contained in the Chapter summons and then find 
the meeting night has slipped by before they realize it has gone. 

Your Committee would recommend that the statistical reports of 
the Grand Superintendents be turned over to the Committee for the 
Study of Assistance to Chapters, particularly in view of the fact that 
3 Chapters had an average attendance of only 9 members, 5 Chapters 
with 10, and 9 Chapters with 11, and a rather unusual figure of 3.3 for 
one Chapter. These Chapters, we feel, need special assistance to prevent 
a further decline in interest. 

We would suggest that the Grand Superintendents assist the Chapters 
in their District by wise counselling and by submitting fair but critical 
reports of their appraisal of the future prospects of each Chapter, so 
that a true appraisal of the condition of Capitular Masonry may be made 
by that Committee. 

One disturbing fact shown in the Statistical Report is that 1361 
Companions or approximately 7% of our membership are responsible for 
$32,230.00 in dues 12 months or over in arrears. This is another area 
where personal contact can produce results where a notice fails. 

Your Committee wishes to express our appreciation to the Grand 
Scribe E. for his assistance in providing the reports and information on 
which this report is based. We also express our appreciation to Most 
Excellent Companion F. W. D. Welham for giving us this privilege of 
serving this Grand Chapter. 



RT. EX.. COMP. L. C. EWENER, Chairman. 

Moved by R. Ex. Comp. L. C. Ewener, seconded by R. Ex. Comp. 
William S. Thomson, that this report be received and adopted by Grand 



To The Grand First Principal, Officers and Members of the Grand 
Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Canada in the Province of Ontario. 

The following is the report of the 1970-71 Committee on Laws and 
Jurisprudence of your Grand Chapter. 

During our term of office, we have had submitted to us for our con- 
sideration changes in By-laws for 35 Chapters. 20 Chapters have applied 
for increase in Annual Dues, 12 Chapters have applied for increase in 
their Exaltation Fees; 5 Chapters have applied for increase in their 
Affiliation Fees; 5 Chapters have applied for changes in meeting nights, 
and 15 Chapters have made miscellaneous Applications. 

We would like to point out once again that if the Scribes E. would 
follow a little more meticulously the list of instructions for By-law 
changes laid down by Rt. Excellent Companion Leo Gent last year and 
forwarded to them, their Applications could have been handled much 
more expeditiously. 

We were able to recommend the Grand First Principal's approval to 


all of the Applications except 7, which are pending:. 

This list includes those Chapters who have made Applications for 
consents to changes of more than one provision in their respective 

All of which is respectfully submitted, 




Moved by M. Ex. Comp. G. Harold Shannon, seconded by R. Ex. 
Comp. William S. Thomson, that this report be received and adopted by 
Grand Chapter. 



To the Most Excellent, the Grand First Principal, Officers and Members 
of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Canada in the 
Province of Ontario. 

The Committee on Finance submits the following report for the year 
ending February 28th, 1971. 

The reports of the Grand Treasurer, the Grand Scribe E. and the 
Auditor for the year ending February 28th, 1971, have been received by 
the members of this Committee and these reports are being respectively 
submitted to this Grand Chapter for consideration. It is our opinion 
that these reports present a complete and accurate state of the financial 
affairs of this Grand Chapter; they are all comprehensive in themselves, 
and other than comment on a number of pertinent factors, verbatim 
details do not require repetition by this Committee. 

Exhibit "A" of the Auditor's Report is a balance sheet showing all 
the assets and liabilities of Grand Chapter. It includes the funds en- 
trusted to and over which Grand Chapter has control. The securities of 
the respective funds have been examined by the Auditor and they are 
held in proper safekeeping and custody as directed by Grand Chapter. 
A detailed report of the various investments will be presented by the 
Committee on Investments. 

The amount owing by the Constituent Chapters is $2,057.56, a very 
substantial increase from the previous year. While the Grand Scribe E. 
reports that all but a nominal amount has since been paid, the matter 
of late returns is one of perennial concern. It would materially assist 
in the finances of Grand Chapter if, and we strongly urge that the Con- 
stituent Chapters make their remittance more promptly. 

The amount of $800.50 owing by the Commuted Membership Fund 
has since been transferred to the General Account. 

Under the heading of investments designated General Fund, we note 
that $2,000.00 Canada Permanent, 7 x /4% Debenture matures October 
18th, 1971, and we recommend that before contemplating- further invest- 
ment at a fixed maturity, consideration should be made as to whether 
it would be more beneficial to transfer these funds to general operating 
purposes. We suggest such action is necessary to work towards an 
improved cash flow, thus minimiizng and/or precluding' the need for 
interim bank borrowings prevalent in recent years. 

The Committee feels that it should specifically direct your attention 


to the Capital Account which as of February 28th, 1971, was $62,713.26. 
Not an insignificant amount, at first glance; but lest this Grand Chapter 
gets a false impression of our financial position, we solicit your earnest 
contemplation to observations made further in this report. 

Initially we direct your attention to Schedule "B" of the Auditor's 
Report, which shows the Comparative Revenue and Expenditure Account 
for the year ending February 28th, 1971. The excess of Expenditure over 
Revenue for the year was $5,000.15 which is $1,150.15 in excess of the 
estimated deficit. There are many variance factors, not the least of 
which is rising costs and certain uncontrollable expenditures, all essen- 
tial to the running of this Grand Chapter. We feel assured that every 
effort is being made to control expenses, but these are basically at a 
minimum, at least if we are to maintain any resemblance of order and 

In preparing the budget for the current fiscal year, we can assure 
you that careful consideration has been made in assessing all areas of 
expenditure. However, attempts to balance the budget have not been 
successful, and we only delude ourselves in not presenting as realistic 
a picture as possible. We estimate that by endeavouring to at least 
hold the present level, the deficit should not be substantially in excess 
of the preceding year. 

Needless to say deficit financing is an unhealthy state of affairs, 
and if continued indefinitely, it can only lead to a dire conclusion. Now 
this Committee is not suggesting that we are about to become insolvent, 
but we do suggest that a prolonged continuation of the present pattern 
can only lead towards that end. It has long been an established practise 
in any analysis to make comparisons where available and to base certain 
observations on the results thereby disclosed. In view of the age of 
this Grand Chapter, it would not be practical to review an indefinite 
number of years, nor would it necessarily serve a useful function, without 
directly relating similar trends of economic conditions. We do, however, 
offer some statistical data covering the last 15 years, a relatively short 
space of time, and we submit that the trend contained therein is not at 
all re-assuring. For the sake of brevity, figures have been taken at five 
year intervals and to the nearest $100.00. 

The Capital Account with a balance of $91,000. in 1956 has steadily 
declined to $84,000. in 1961; $72,800. in 1966 and $62,700. in 1971; 
respectively representing decreases of 81.1% in fifteen years 2;5.4% in 
ten years and 13.8% in the last five years. As a matter of record, we 
further note that the present balance is some $42,000. lower than it was 
in the latter half of the 1930's. 

Revenue collected per annum in 1956 was $26,500.; in 1961— $27,200.; 
in 1966 — $29,800. and in 1971 — $31,000.; respectively representing in- 
creases of 17.3% in fifteen years; 14.3% in ten years and 4.3% in five 

Expenditures of the same periods were $22,400. in 1956; $28,800. in 
1961; $33,300. in 1966 and $36,100. in 1971; respectively representing 
increases in 61.1% in fifteen years; 25.4% in ten years and 8.4% in the 
last five years. 

It is readily conceded from the foregoing that the mean averages have 
levelled out quite drastically in the last five years, however it should 
also be appreciated that income has not kept pace with the outgo, and 
the differential has necessarily been at the expense of the Capital 
Account, which does not contain unlimited resources. 


Your Committee is cognizant of the spirit of the times and respect- 
fully suggests that all matters involving finances coming before this 
Grand Chapter, be considered on the principal of sound business economy, 
having due regard to our best interests. We suggest there is some 
cause for concern to each and every member of this Grand Chapter, and 
careful consideration should be made in the matter with a view to institu- 
ting steps to arrest any further deterioration. 

All of which is fraternally and respectfully submitted by the Com- 




Registration Fees $ 1,850.00 

Dues — Per Capita 22,200.00 

Dues — Life Membership 1,500.00 

Dispensations 165.00 

Sale of Supplies 2,000.00 

Interest on Investments 2,200.00 

TOTAL INCOME $29,915.00 


Grand Chapter Office: 

Grand Scribe E. Compensation $6,500.00 

Office Assistants 5,100.00 

Rent 4,800.00 

Miscellaneous, Telephone, Postage, Supplies ... 2,500.00 
Canada Pension Fund 180.00 


Audit $ 600.00 


Proceedings $2,200.00 

General 600.00 



Grand Z $2,000.00 

General 200.00 

$ 2,200.00 


Convocation $4,800.00 

Executive Committee 2,100.00 

$ 6,900.00 

Expenses — Other: 

Jewels and Engraving $1,000.00 

Liability Insurance 1,100.00 

Education and Instruction 100.00 

Supplies for resale 1,500.00 

$ 3,700.00 



Moved by R. Ex. Comp. John E. Richardson, seconded by M. Ex. 

Comp. Maurice A. Searle, and — 

Resolved — That the report of the Committee on Finance be received 

and adopted. 




Grand Chapter was "called off" at 4:35 p.m. to permit delegates to 
select their Grand Superintendents of the eighteen Districts of the Grand 
Jurisdiction and elect the officers of Grand Chapter for the ensuing 
year as well as to decide the location of the Grand Convocation for 1972. 

SATURDAY, MAY 1. 1971 

Grand Chapter was "called on" at 9:30 a.m. 


At the One Hundred and Thirteenth Annual Convocation of the 
Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Canada in the Province of 
Ontario, held in the Seaway Towers Hotel, City of Toronto, Ontario, on 
April 29th, 30th, May 1st, 1971, the following Officers and Committees 
were elected and appointed: 

M. Ex. Comp. Fred W. D. Welham ____ Grand Z. 

6 Stewart Smith Dr., Toronto 385, Ontario .. 

R. Ex. Comp. Leo J. Gent Grand H. 1 Grand 

Box 78, 21 Catharine St. E., Dorchester, Ontario J Council 

R. Ex. Comp. William S. Thomson Grand J. 

1329 Cumnock Cres., Oakville, Ontario 


R. Ex. Comp. Rev. David M. Kerr Grand Chaplain 

1272 Kipling Ave., Toronto 18, Ontario 
R. Ex. Comp. John E. Richardson ....Grand Treasurer 

142 Boultbee Avenue, Toronto 6, Ontario 
R .Ex. Comp. Frederick C. Conley Grand Scribe E. 

4 Houghton Blvd., Markham, Ontario 
R. Ex. Comp. Arthur Cook Grand Scribe N. 

18 Gardens Cres., Toronto 16, Ontario 
R. Ex. Comp. Lawrence F. Hillman Grand Principal Sojourner 

R.R. No. 1, Leamington, Ontario 
R. Ex. Comp. Leonard R. Hanley Grand Registrar 

Box 99, Avonmore, Ontario 


R. Ex. Comp. William B. Cheetham, 374 Morse St., Thunder Bay, Ont. 
R. Ex. Comp. Morley H. Hancock, 195 John Street, Belleville, Ont. 
R. Ex. Comp. Frederick Scott, 41 Fairfield Ave. N., Hamilton, Ont. 
R. Ex. Comp. William Sproule, 4 Elizabeth St. S., Brampton, Ont. » 
R. Ex. Comp. Maarten van Wamelen, 1177 Bloor St. W., Apt. 206, 
Mississauga, Ont. 


(Members of the Executive Committee by Virtue of Office) 
St. Clair District No. 1 R. Ex. Comp. Allan Alexander Leal, 

2297 Parkwood Ave., Windsor 20, Ontario 

London District No. 2 R. Ex. Comp. Gordon Houser Hale, 

R.R. No. 1, Kerwood, Ontario 
Wilson District No. 3 R. Ex. Comp. John Campbell Ferguson, 

Box 92, Embro, Ontario 

Wellington District No. 4 R. Ex. Comp. John A. Doney, 

Main Street E., Shelburne, Ontario 


Hamilton District No. 5 R. Ex. Comp. Henry G. Edgar, 

1411 Olga Drive, Burlington, Ontario 

Huron District No. 6 R. Ex. Comp. Robert John Aitcheson, 

R.R. No. 2, St. Paul's, Ontario 

Niagara District No. 7 R. Ex. Comp. Theodore Neil Dewar, 

6521 Drummond Road, Niagara Falls, Ontario 

Toronto East District No. 8 R. Ex. Comp. Edward William Elcombe, 

65 Cuffley Cres. N., Downsview, Ontario 

Toronto West District No. 8 A R. Ex. Comp. Samuel Tenenbaum, 

Apt. 201, 3905 Bathurst St., Downsview, Ontario 

Georgian District No. 9 R. Ex. Comp. Garnett Elmer Tait, 

54 Miller Street, Parry Sound, Ontario 

Ontario District No. 10 R. Ex. Comp. David McKeag, 

303 Anderson St., Whitby, Ontario 
Prince Edward District No. 11 R. Ex. Comp. Frank Kenneth Hodgen, 

R.R. No. 2, Roslin, Ontario 
St. Lawrence District No. 12 — R. Ex. Comp. Arthur Leslie Farnsworth, 

500 Riverdale Ave., Cornwall, Ontario 
Ottawa District No. 13 R. Ex. Comp. Ernest James John Jackson, 

1833 Devlin Cres, Ottawa, Ontario 

Algoma District No. 14 R. Ex. Comp. John Thomas Race, 

114 - 1st Street, Rainy River, Ontario 
New Ont. District No. 15 R. Ex. Comp. Leander Starr James Atkinson, 

371 Church Street, Box 384, Garson, Ontario 
Temiskaming District No. 16 R. Ex. Comp. George E. S. Tipper, 

47 Second St., Kirkland Lake, Ontario 


By Special Resolution of Grand Chapter the One Hundred and 
Fourteenth Annual Convocation of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch 
Masons of Canada in the Province of Ontario will be held in the City 
of Toronto, Ontario. Place and time to be announced later. 


After the Grand Z. for 1971, M. Ex. Comp. Fred W. D. Welham, was 
invested and installed in his office, the following Officers and Com- 
mittees remained in office or were appointed: 


R. Ex. Comp. F. Carl Ackert, 1 Lincoln Ave., Gait, Ontario 
R. Ex. Comp. Lloyd B. Gillespie, 410 Eden Ave., Ottawa, Ont. H1Z-549. 
R. Ex. Comp. James W. Woodland, Apt. 1501, 111 Raglan Ave., Toronto 
10, Ontario 


R. Ex. Comp. Donald Attridge, 4 Alexander Avenue, Gait, Ontario 

R. Ex. Comp. Charles E. Compton, Apt. 612A, 2055 Carling Ave., 

Ottawa, Ontario. K2A-196. 
R. Ex. Comp. William H. Gummer, 242 Westdale Ave., Kingston, Ont. 
R. Ex. Comp. Arthur S. Haley, 1144 Vimy Street, North Bay, Ontario 
R. Ex. Comp. Dr. George E. Turner, M.D., 2281 Victoria Avenue, 

Windsor, Ontario 


(Members of the Executive Committee by Virtue of Office) 
R. Ex. Comp. Carl Ackert, Chairman, 1 Lincoln Avenue, Gait, Ontario 
M. Ex. Comp. Maurice Searle, 24 Shallmar Blvd., Apt. 211, Toronto 

349, Ontario 
M. Ex. Comp. Bruce H. Smith, 169 Dufferin Avenue, Belleville, Ontario 



V. Ex. Comp. Gordon T. Ferguson____ Grand Lecturer 

11 Coral Gables Cres., Weston 487, Ontario 
V. Ex. Comp. Maurice H. King Ass't. Grand Chaplain 

7 Putney Road, Toronto 14, Ontario 
V. Ex. Comp. Cecil A. McGregor Grand S. Sojourner 

R.R. No. 6, Strathroy, Ontario 
V. Ex. Comp. Sterling Amos Grand J. Sojourner 

87 Birchill Lane, Oakville, Ontario 
V. Ex. Comp. John A. Irvine ____ Grand Sword Bearer 

Apt. 902 - 95 Ridout Street S., London, Ontario 
V. Ex. Comp. John Inglis Grand Master 4th Veil 

34 Poyntz Ave., Willowdale, Ontario 
V. Ex. Comp. Clifford E. Rich Grand Master 3rd Veil 

20 Bearbury Drive, Etobicoke 652, Ontario 
V. Ex. Comp. Lome B. Evans Grand Master 2nd Veil 

Paisley, Ontario 
V. Ex. Comp. Dr. John Brown Grand Master 1st Veil 

243 Forest Hill Road, Toronto 199, Ontario 
V. Ex. Comp. Edwin Mcneely James Grand Standard Bearer 

Box 1131, Carleton Place, Ontario 
V. Ex. Comp. David George Hill Grand Dr. of Ceremonies 

65 Thornbank Road, Thornhill, Ontario 
V. Ex. Comp. Fred Greatrix Ass't Grand Dr. of Ceremonies 

Box 882, Picton, Ontario 
V. Ex. Comp. Burton A. Russell Grand Organist 

Inwood, Ontario 
V. Ex. Comp. Donald Danby Grand Pursuivant 

3063 Weston Rd., Weston, Ontario 
V. Ex. Comp. Roy Wm. Sweetman Grand Steward 

148 Centre Street, Box 302, Essex, Ontario 
V. Ex. Comp. Gordan Wm. Hotham Grand Steward 

R.R. No. 2, Lambeth, Ontario 
V. Ex. Comp. Daniel J. Hillier Grand Steward 

14 Lindsay Street, Tillsonburg, Ontario 
V. Ex. Comp. William E. Watson Grand Steward 

R.R. No. 2, Orangeville, Ontario 
V. Ex. Comp. George A. Penny Grand Steward 

R.R. No. 2, Ancaster, Ontario 
V. Ex. Comp. Gordon J. Fisher Grand Steward 

Lucknow P.O., Lucknow, Ontario 
V. Ex. Comp. Ross L. Jackson Grand Steward 

R.R. No. 1, Smithville, Ontario 
V. Ex. Comp. Orville B. Greig Grand Steward 

R.R. No. 4, Wiarton, Ontario 
V. Ex. Comp. William F. Boorman Grand Steward 

283 Thomas Street, Oshawa, Ontario 
V. Ex. Comp. Arnold A. Peister Grand Steward 

R.R. No. 1, Brighton, Ontario 
V. Ex. Comp. Victor F. Nielson Grand Steward 

119 Earl Street, Kingston, Ontario 
V. Ex. Comp. James E. Brown Grand Steward 

9 Schwanz Road, Petawawa, Ontario 
V. Ex. Comp. Frederick A. Loverin Grand Steward 

129 Dogwood Court, Atikokan, Ontario 
V. Ex. Comp. John I. Parke Grand Steward 

Apt. 804, - 7 Elizabeth St. N., Port Credit, Ontario 


V. Ex. Comp. Donald Boyd Grand Steward 

227 Broadwood Avenue, New Liskeard, Ontario 
V. Ex. Comp. Joseph A. Bell Grand Steward 

19 Morgan Avenue, Thornhill, Ontario 
V. Ex. Comp. William H. Quant Grand Steward 

4 Caledonia St., Guelph, Ontario 
V. Ex. Comp. Eric S. Pearson Grand Steward 

90 Shuniah Street, Thunder Bay, Ontario. 
V. Ex. Comp. Richard Hemmings Grand Outer Guard 

184 Gladstone Ave., North Bay, Ontario 



R. Ex. Comp.'s Wm. Sproule (Chairman), Leslie C. Ewener 

William H. Cheetham, Donald Attridge 


R. Ex. Comp. E. W. Elcombe, R. Ex. Comp. S. Tenenbaum 


R. Ex. Comp. John E. Richardson (Chairman), Ex. Comp. Jack Hauer, 

Grand Council, All Past Grand Z.'s, Grand Scribe E. 


R. Ex. Comp. Fred Scott (Chairman), Grand Treasurer, 

R. Ex. Comp. Wm. S. Thomson 


M. Ex. Comp. Bruce H. Smith (Chairman), R. Ex. Comp. Morley Hancock, 

M. Ex. Comp. James Girven, R. Ex. Comp. William Gummer 


M. Ex. Comp. G. Harold Shannon (Chairman), R. Ex. Comp. Carl Ackert, 

R. Ex. Comp. Arthur S. Haley 


R. Ex. Comp. Dr. Geo. Turner, M.D. (Chairman), R. Ex. Comp. Donald 

Attridge, R. Ex. Comp. Leslie C. Ewener 


R. Ex. Comp. Rev. David Kerr, V. Ex. Comp. M. King 


R. Ex. Comp. Harold Foote 



R. Ex. Comp. William S. Thomson (Chairman), R. Ex. Comp. John E. 

Richardson, Ex. Comp. Jack Hauer, R. Ex. Comp. Maarten van Wamelen, 

R. Ex. Comp. Fred Conley, V. Ex. Comp. G. Ferguson 


M. Ex. Comp. M. A. Searle and all Grand Z.'s 


R. Ex. Comp. Lloyd B. Gillespie (Chairman), 

R. Ex. Comp. Charles Compton 


M. Ex. Comp.'s Dr. Fraser Hay, M.D. (Chairman), Alexander G. N. 

Bradshaw, Charles W. Emmett 


V. Ex. Comp. Ed. Shunk (Chairman), R. Ex. Comp. Harold Ince, 

R. Ex. Comp. Fred Conley 


R. Ex. Comp. Maarten van Wamelen (Chairman), R. Ex. Comp. Ed. 

Marshall, V. Ex. Comp. Gordon T. Ferguson, V. Ex. Comp. Clifford E. 

Rich, R. Ex. Comp. Harold Foote 



V. Ex. Comp. Aube Weisman (Chairman), V. Ex. Comp. John Brown, 

R. Ex. Comp. R. A. Willett, V. Ex. Comp. Ed. Shunk, 

Ex. Comp. C. J. Meunier 


R. Ex. Comp. Wm. S. Thomson (Chairman), R. Ex. Comp. Charles 

Compton, R. Ex. Comp. Dr. Geo. Turner, M.D., 

All First Principals of Chapter 


R. Ex. Comp. Leo Gent (Chairman), M. Ex. Comp. Harold Shannon, 

M. Ex. Comp. M. A. Searle, M. Ex. Comp. John M. Burden, Q.C., 

R. Ex. Comp. William S. Thomson 


M. Ex. Comp. Charles Emmett (Chairman), R. Ex. Comp. Maarten 

van Wamelen, R. Ex. Comp. Dr. George Turner, M.D., 

V. Ex. Comp. Lance Morrison 


M. Ex. Comp. James Girven. All Ruling Grand Superintendents. 


I give notice that at our next Annual Convocation I will move or 
cause to be moved, that the Committee on Printing be discontinued. 



Moved by R. Ex. Comp. Leo J. Gent, seconded by R. Ex. Comp. 
William S. Thomson, 

"That section 20 of the Constitution be waived re — the days of 
holding the 114th Convocation for 1972." 



It was moved by R. Ex. Comp. Leo J. Gent, seconded by R. Ex. 
Comp. William S. Thomson — 

"That the thanks of Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Canada 
in the Province of Ontario be tendered to: 

The Credentials Committee — for the efficient manner in which they 
discharged their duties. 

The Scrutineers — for their services in taking charge of the election 
of officers. 

The Chairman of the General Committee and Sub-Committees — for 

their most successful efforts and achievements. 

The Installing Board — under the direction of M. Ex. Comp. Maurice 
A. Searle, and to all those who have contributed in any way to this 
labour of love of our Order." 



Most Excellent Sir and My Companions: 

I move that we adopt the recommendations of our Auditor regarding 
the work now carried out by the Office of The Grand Treasurer by 


dropping all repetitious and unnecessary work. 

That, as soon as possible following this Grand Convocation, The 
Grand First Principal appoint a Committee to carry on discussions with 
our Grand Scribe E. and Auditor regarding the implementing of the 
Auditor's recommendations on streamlining the work of the Grand 
Scribe E.'s Office. That this Committee bring forth their recommenda- 
tions to the Advisory Committee at the next Convocation of Grand 
Chapter and, if approved, such recommendations be implemented without 

Moved by the Grand Second Principal, Seconded by The Grand 
Third Principal, that this recommendation be received and adopted. 



Moved by M. Ex. Comp. James E. Girven, seconded by M. Ex. Comp 
Fraser Hay, M.D.— 

"That copies of the minutes of the Grand Executive Meeting held 
at the Grand Convocation be prepared and sent to all members of the 
Grand Executive. 



M. Ex. Comp. Fred W. D. Welham, Grand Z., personally thanked 
all those who attended our Grand Convocation and assisted in its delibera- 
tions. He looks forward to a busy 1971 year and hopes to see a general 
forward movement throughout the Jurisdiction. 

He expressed his thanks to the officers of the year for their effort 
contributed and their support of Grand Chapter. 

He then called on M. Ex. Comp. Maurice A. Searle to install and 
invest the officers of Grand Chapter including the Grand Superin- 
tendents for 1971. This was completed under his usual most capable 
direction and they were proclaimed and saluted according to Ancient 

The labours of the Annual Convocation being 
ended, Grand Chapter was closed in Ample 
Form at 11:40 p.m., Toronto, Ontario, Satur- 
day, 1 May, 1971. 

cfrederick C L^omey 

Grand Scribe E. 




19— Bowes, M. S., Honsberger, W. E.; 24 — Skowby, E. C; 41 — Long, 

C. W.; 54— Cohoe, E.; 62— Price, K. A.; 72— Ward, T. F.; 77— Boston, 
W. J.; 104— Rogers, J. L.; 113— Denniston, W. M.; 119— Hartford, H. G.; 
138 — Chamandy, J. A., Cummings, G.; 152 — Leatherdale, L. L.; 155 — 
Mitchell, D.; 161— Frost, R.; 168— Hero, J. M.; 195— McKee, W. C; 
205— James, R.; 213— Merikallo, E.; 214— Matheson, D. W.; 224— Green- 
way, M. L.; 238— Arbuckle, F. C; 254— Barr, D. L. 


1— Garrity, T., Skene, L., Boucher, D.; 2— Drinkeld, T., MacMillan, 

D. S., Stewart, J. G., Grabowski, S., Moseley, A. H.; 3— Carter, G. J., 
Arnold, G. T.; 4— Robertson, D., Shields, S., Stevenson, D.; 6— Williams, 
D. H., Raby, R., Parrish, R. A., Clegg, D. S.; 8— Harrison, W., Ander- 
son, J. W., Anderson, W. R. H., Aziz, J. H., Folitti, A. R., Percy, A. C, 
Kay, R., Mcintosh, G. I., Waxman, S., Witt, C. B., Thompson, J. B., 
Shulman, B.; 16— Rule, R. M., Taylor, L., Reaney, W. A., Pearl, J., Pat- 
terson, H. A., Nelson, J., Kelso, J. R., Hayes, R., Kennedy, W. R.; 19 — 
Clarke, R. W., Molnar, J. D., Osborne, J. J., Bowes, M. S., Honsberger, 
W. E.; 24— Hastings, W. W., Petznick, D. L. E., Turner. A. R.; 26— 
McFarland, A. W.; 29— McKeown, C. R.; 32— Markarian, S.; 37— Strong, 
G. N.; 44— Mitchell, R. A.; 48— Davey, L., Carruthers, G., Bell, R. F., 
Davis, P. H., Mcllraith, J. R., Parkes, E„ W., Harnden, A. J., Fraser, 
L. G.; 55— Nelissen, J. F., Stewart, W.; 56— Hodgkinson, M. D.; 57— 
Saville, A., Bagu, C; 59— Peters, R.; 64— Wiegand, R. S. D., Edwards, 
H. F.; 65— Hird, J. N.; 71— Pillon, A. E., Cowley, R., Harold, B.; 72— 
Chard, R.; 74— Beck, W. K.; 76 — Peckham, J. F., Lawrence, C, Popovich, 
I., Lavallee, R. E., Pretty, K. A., Jennings, D. B., Jewers, G. L.; 79— 
Ley, D. A. F., Forman, W. H., Judges, L. W., Burns, N., Chalmers, R. M., 
Carley, S. M., Bachly, J. W., Alexander, F. E.; 81— Thomson, R. G.; 82— 
Richardson, W., Seppala, T. A., Davis, L. N.; 90— Cutler, D. H., Miles, 
K. G.; 91— Halley, J. B., Hepton, S. J.; 94— Churchill, A. B.; 95— Prentice, 
M., Newman, V. M., Clegg, R. L., MacFarlane, J. D., Chapman, J. L., 
Valin, L. J.; Winn, W. C, Cullen, C. R., Godfrey, A.; 102— Dinsmore, 
N. R., Knight, H. R., Wilson, W. H., Montgomery, A. J., Carter, J.; 103— 
Jones, C. A.; 104— Price, R. F., Winn, W. J., Harrison, W. B.; 112— 
Estey, G. E., Elliott, R.; 113— Denniston, W. M.; 115— Butler, C. B.; 
H9_Sorrell, F. W.; 130— Tomlinson, W., Gray, G., Goar, G.; 131— 
Stewart Hunter. 

133— Empey, D. B., Cubitt, H. B., Allport, E.; 138— Barker, G. W., 
Barton, G. E., Cummings, G. J.; 140— Owens, J. C; 145— Brain, W. D., 
Wilson, W. R., Keates, A. C; 149— Lindberg, O. M.; 150— Newman, F. J., 
Crumplin, J. H.; 151— Morgan, J. R.; 152— Leatherdale, L. L.; 153— 
Adsett, W. M.; 155— Nilson, R. A.; 168— Ames, C. E.; 169— McGrath, 
F. S., Jardine, H.; 184— Hunt, B.; 205— Stewart, G. R.; 212— Rosen, J., 
Seligman, A., Sher, G., Lipton, M. H., Rotman, R. L., Wexler, H., Pearl, 
B., Goldman, A., Kofsky, D., Wortsman, M., Levinson, E., Yanover, C. L., 
Johnstone, Q. M., Bronfman, L, Korn, J. H., Hanser, M.; 213— Merikallio, 
E.; 214 — Forrest, C, Moorehouse, J. W.; 217— D'angelis, M., Payne, 
W. J., Hannigan, D. J., Perry, J. E., Ellis, W. A.; 218— Earle, H. W.; 
219— Gallagher, P.; 220— Janes, M. A., Muller, J. G.; 222— Walker, D., 
McMullen, T. G., Forster, J. M., Anderson, P. E., Wallace, N. A. D.; 
224 — Ross, R. B., Pearson, R. B., Maecher, J., Ilton, R. W., Goodman, C, 
Copeland, W. H., Churchill R. G., Greenaway, M. L.; 225— Meikleham, 
A. J., Adam, W.; 226— Jeffers, W., Yuill, A., Currie, J. K.; 227— Hannah, 
J. G. B.; 231— Greenwood, R. A., Beardwood, W.; 233— Richardson, D. J., 


McKay, J. R.; 238— Cooper, W. C, Arbuckle, R. F.; 234— Reader, C. A.; 
246 — Hardy, H., Farrimond, L., Hipwell, R., Smiley, W. G., Beardwood, 
W.; 249— Higgon, W. D., Locke, H.; 250— Gilliham, J. P., Brown, J. B., 
Rodrigue, J. V., McLelland, R. A.; 251— Davies, 0. C; 254— Ingeman, N., 
Odmark, K., Barr, D. L.; 257— Pinand, C. E., Stewart, C. A., Shaw. D.; 
260— Holton, C. R., McNaughton, W. T.; 261— Soroka, B. 

DEMITS— 1970 

1— MacKay, J., Clark, D. F., Moreland, H. B., Bullock, H. T., Stone, 
C. B., Rex, C. M.; 3— Taylor, H. D., Balch, J. W., Hyland, E. E.; 4— 
Sayers, R. M., Long, G. F., Reed, W. J., Barrowclough, A. D.; 5 — Juba, 
A. F., Simone, J. F., Van Buskirk, J. Gall, J. E.; 6— Rosenblatt, E. A., 
Edgeller, B.; 7— Bushell, Y.; 8— Banting, W., Sewell, R.; 15— Smith, 
J. A., Birtch, J. E. M.; 16— Ross, B. H, H., Brown, W. R., Craig, L. B., 
McLean, J., Booth, L.; 18— Martin. N. C; 19— Haynes, C. W., Hardinge, 
W. D., Thompson, H. W.; 22— Whitney, W. H., Ludlow, A.; 26— Page, 
J. H., Till, P. M., Kelly, H. G., McNeill, A. N., Smith, E. V.; 27— Mason, 
J. R.; 28— Porter, G. E., Jordan, G.; 29— Casselman, A. M.; 30— Moody, 
J. J.; 31— Ferguson, R., Owen, D. R., Aman, P., Clapp, J. B.; 34— Shelly, 
R., Hodge, E. S.; 35— Gouldburn, G. E., Patterson, S. E., Kennedy, R. F., 
Sandison, J. E.; 36— Reid, M., Monk, L. A., Wilson, C, Gibson, J. J. S., 
Hillier, W. G., Saunders, W. H., Barry, J. C, Curtis, G. C. F., Kee, J. E., 
Hewitt, C. H.; 37— Barrie, A. M.; 40— Moncrieff J. H.; 41— Long, C. W.; 
44— Creighton, M.; 45— Pacey, R. E. F.; 46— Meta, C, Dunseith, W. J.; 
47— Green, W. L., Daniels, W. C; 48— Taylor, L. E., Long, W. R., Raw- 
cliff e, H.; 55— Stewart, E. C; 56— Radbourne, B. L.; 59— Hone, J. J.; 
61— Porter, W. R. L.; 62— Dalgliesh, G. W., Moulson, R. A., Cook, A. E., 
Forsyth, G. D., Nicholson, F.; 64— Stevens, F. H., McQuiggin, L.; 65— 
Hanna, A. E.; 68— Harrison, R. E.; 69— Hyland, E. E., Eagles, F., 
Crown, G. M.; 71— Walford, N. H.; 72— Bell, R. B.; 73— Wilson, J. L.; 
74— McLellan, D. B.; 75— Wendover, C. D., Laking, R.; 76— Clark, O. D.; 
77_Morrison, G. H., Holditch, M. L., Kinnear, R. W., Slater, W., Castel- 
lan, P., Wakeford, W. L., Cunliffe, G.; 78— Finkbeiner, A.; 79— Graham, 
M. W.; 80— Marsh, F.; 82— Wood, L. A., Gordon, S. J.; 84— Elliot, W. A., 
Cousins, R. B., Rann, D. A.; 90— MacDonald, W. G., Parmeter, G. W., 
Chandonet, E., McMillan, R. A., George, W. H.; 91— Brereton, J. H., 
Skinner, J. A.; 94— Tickle, G., Henry, H. B.; 95— Dandy, W. E., Menzie, 
I. W. M,, Goodwin, L. A.; 102— Curry, E., Van Sickle, L. A., Rossiter, 
J. C; 103— Bastien, J. R. G.; 104— Bowie, J. M., Dennison, C. L., Boon, 
P. R.; 110— Frost, G. A.; 112— Jones, H. D., Watt, R. D.; 113— Andress, 
R. B., Warren, W. H., Keddy, R. C, Rombaugh, C. B., Nicholson, H. W., 
Dick, D. A.; 114— Slingerland, J., Kennedy M. J.; 115— Russell, P., 
Guthrie, W. W., Glegg, C; 119— Dunphy, C. J.; 130— Davey, W. A.; 
131— Gilbert, W. F., Holohan, D., Johnston, R. E., Lee, W. M., Walker, 
R. A., Whitney, A.R. 

132— Hutchings, S. R., Skelding, H. V.; 134— McAuley, K. N.; 135— 
Santer, H. D., Brignall, C. L., Gould, W. H.; 138— Healy, J. F.; 140— 
Bolibruck, M. W.; 144— Kerr, G. O.; 145— Hanna, J. N., Marriott, C. B.; 
146— Fuester, G. C; 147— Eadie, L. W., McNay, A., McLennan, N.; 148— 
Campbell, L., Proudfoot, C. F.; 150— Dennison, W.; 151— Butler, K. R., 
Richter, B., Gillard, R. P. T.; 152— Marr, W. H., Cottam, J. S.; 153— 
Barnes, C; 155— Mitchell, D. C; 161— McCarey, S. A.; 167— Griff is, F., 
Shushan, M.; 168— Taylor, H. J. Dunsmoor, J. M., Gillibrand, T., Mat- 
thews, D.; 195— Trask, D., Mason, J. A., Etheridge, J. E.; 205— Ball, 
R. J., Whittaker, R. J., Hart, L. C; 212— Ruben, S., Shapiro, R., Stark, 
S., Starkman, J., Melzer, J.; 213— Theobald, E. D., Searson, W., 
Jamieson, E.; 214— King, H.; 215— Gibbons, W. H.; 217— Barton, A. S., 
Coomber, E. L., Cooper, E. T.; 218— Marshall, H. G.; 220— Byles, H. K., 
Byers, J. D.; 221— Culliford, R. G., Cobbam, B. A.; 222— McMullen, J. W., 


Carlson, C. V.; 223— Cameron, D. M., Whittaker, F.; 224— Watson, R. E., 
Black, T. R.; 225— Moore, J.; 226— Walroth, R. E.; 227— Wannamaker, 
D. F.; 231— Pyne, D. W., Burton, W. T., Adair, R. L., Graham, H.; 232— 
Stevens, A. L; 233— Avent, S.; 234— Renwick, C. R., Sykes, F., Sykes, 
R. A.; 235— Mitchell, A., Duncan, D. L., Hickson, C. H.; 236— Speller, 
L. R. N., Reid, C. J., Small, E. F., Grinyer, W. W.; 238— Harper, R. G. J., 
MacDonald, C. F., Jepson, W. E.; 239— Neville, W. J.; 240— Davey, R. W.; 
241— Smith, W. A., Bailey, E. R.; 246— Rescorl, W. T., Jones, W. E., 
Davis, H. A.; 247— Wonch, J. F., Bisenman, F. W., Green, W. A., Cassin, 
K. H., Barber, C. N.; 249— Hawke, G. W.; 250— Sykes, D. L., Powers, 
W. L.; 251— Darling, B. A., Foran, L. L, Myroniak, M.; 253— Routledge, 
J. R., Ross, G. H., Fullerton, G. E.; 254— McEwen, H. A.; 255— Walsh, 
F. V.; 257— Clark, A. S., Clark, P. D., Thornton, C. F.; 258— Bowen, 
R. P., Mehaffey, J. C; 260— Emmans, T. H. H.; 262— Jacobs, R. D., 
Williamson, A.; 263— Keel, S., Whittington, W. D., Butterworth, B. R. 



R. Ex. Comp. Allan Alexander Leal, 2297 Parkwood Ave., 

Windsor, 20, Ont. 

47 Wellington Chatham 119 King Cyrus Leamington 

71 Prince of Wales Essex 153 Somba Wallaceburg 

73 Erie Ridgetown 239 Blenheim Blenheim 

80 Ark Windsor 250 Thomas Peters Windsor 

88 MacNabb Dresden 

R. Ex. Comp. Gordon Houser Hale, R.R. No. 1, Kerwood, Ont. 
3 St. John's London 81 Aylmer Aylmer 

5 St. George's London 150 London London 

15 Wawanosh Sarnia 214 Vimy Inwood 

53 Bruce Petrolia 238 The St. Andrew London 

54 Palestine St. Thomas 242 St. Paul's Lambeth 

74 Beaver Strathroy 247 Nilestown Nilestown 

78 Minnewawa Parkhill 252 Hiawatha Sarnia 

R. Ex. Comp. John Campbell Ferguson, Box 92, Embro, Ont. 

18 Oxford Woodstock 115 Brant Paris 

20 Mount Horeb Brantford 253 Regal Port Dover 

23 Ezra Simcoe 255 Tillsonburg Tillsonburg 

41 Harris Ingersoll 

R. Ex. Comp. John A. Doney, Main St. E., Shelburne, Ont. 

32 Waterloo Gait 218 Prince Edward Shelburne 

40 Guelph Guelph 221 Durham Durham 

67 Enterprise Palmerston 234 Halton Georgetown 

83 Ionic Orangeville 245 Preston Preston 

117 Kitchener Kitchener 

R. Ex. Comp. Henry G. Edgar, 1411 Olga Drive, Burlington, Ont. 
2 The Hiram Hamilton 175 The Hamilton Hamilton 

6 St. John's Hamilton 224 Keystone Hamilton 

75 St. Clair Milton 236 Caledonia Caledonia 

104 White Oak Oakville 243 McKay Stoney Creek 

155 Ancaster Ancaster 262 King David Burlington 


R. Ex. Comp. Robert John Aitcheson, R.R. No. 2, St. Paul's, Ont. 

24 Tecumseh Stratford 84 Lebanon Wingham 

30 Huron Goderich 129 Elliott Mitchell 

46 St. James St. Marys 146 Bernard Listowel 

63 Havelock Kincardine 147 Lucknow Lucknow 

66 The Malloch Seaforth 


R. Ex. Comp. Theodore Neil Dewar, 6521 Drummond Road, 
Niagara Falls, Ont. 

19 Mount Mcriah . St. Catharines 69 Grimsby Grimsby 

29 McCallum Dunnville 76 Mount Nebo Niagara Falls 

55 Niagara Niagara-on-the-Lake 184 Hugh Murray Fort Erie N. 
57 King Hiram Port Colborne 240 Smithville Smithville 

64 Willson Welland 


R. Ex. Comp. Edward William Elcombe, 65 Cuffley Cres. N., 
Downsview, Ont. 

4 St. Andrew & St. John 205 Victoria Thornhill 

Toronto 217 St. Alban's Thornhill 

8 King Solomon Toronto 225 Beaver Toronto 

62 York Leaside 235 Aurora Aurora 

65 St. Paul's Toronto 241 University Thornhill 

79 Orient Toronto 258 Tyrian Stouffville 

135 Succoth Uxbridge 263 The Scarborough, Scarborough 

145 The St. Patrick Thornhill 


R. Ex. Comp. Samuel Tenenbaum, Apt. 201, 3905 Bathurst St., 
Downsview, Ont. 

77 Occident Toronto 220 Labanon Etobicoke 

91 Toronto- Antiquity Toronto 230 Port Credit Port Credit 

138 Shekinah Toronto 231 The St. Clair Richmond Hill 

195 Peel Brampton 232 King Cyrus Toronto 

212 Mount Sinah Leaside 233 Oakwood Leaside 

215 Mimico Mimico 246 Humber Weston 

219 Ulster Scarborough 260 Centennial Streetsvfille 


R. Ex. Comp. Garnett Elmer Tait. 54 Miller Street, Parry Sound, Ont. 

27 Manitou Collingwood 131 Amabel Wiarton 

34 Signet Barrie 167 Kichikewana Midland 

56 Georgian Owen Sound 198 Couchiching Orillia 

130 Chantry Southampton 261 Seguin Parry Sound 


R. Ex. Comp. David McKeag, 303 Anderson St., Whitby, Ont. 

28 Pentalpha Oshawa 94 Midland Lindsay 

35 Keystone Whitby 110 Warkworth Warkworth 

36 Corinthian Peterborough 134 King Darius Cannington 

37 Victoria Port Hope 168 Ionic Campbellford 

45 Excelsior Colborne 249 Palestine Bowmanville 

48 St. John's Cobourg 



R. Ex. Comp. Frank Kenneth Hodgen, R.R. No. 2, Roslin, Ont. 

7 The Moira Belleville 72 Keystone Stirling 

26 St. Mark's Trenton 144 Presqu'ile Brighton 

31 Prince Edward Picton 161 Madoc Madoc 

44 Mount Sinai Napanee 227 Quinte Friendship Belleville 


R. Ex. Comp. Arthur Leslie Farnsworth, 500 Riverdale Ave., 
Cornwall, Ont. 

1 Ancient Frontenac and 68 Maitland Kemptville 

Cataraqui Kingston 112 St. John's Morrisburg 

22 Grenville Prescott 113 Covenant Cornwall 

59 Sussex-St. Lawrence 132 Leeds Gananoque 



R. Ex. Comp. Ernest James John Jackson, 1833 Devlin Cres., 
Ottawa, Ont. 

16 Carleton Ottawa 148 St. John's Vankleek Hill 

61 Granite Almonte 151 Laurentian Pembroke 

114 Bonnechere Renfrew 210 Kitchener Russell 

116 Maple Carleton Place 222 Ottawa Ottawa 

133 St. Francis Smiths Falls 226 Prince of Wales Perth 

143 Glengarry Maxville 248 Dochert Arnprior 


R. Ex. Comp. John Thomas Race, 114 - 1st Street, Rainy River, Ont. 

82 Shuniah Port Arthur 152 Alberton Fort Frances 

90 Golden Kenora 254 Golden Star Dryden 

140 Fort William Fort William 259 Quetico Atikokan 

149 Atwood Rainy River 


R. Ex. Comp. Leander Starr James Atkinson, 371 Church Street, Box 384, 

Garson, Ont. 

95 Tuscan Sudbury 103 St. John's North Bay 

102 Algonquin ... Sault Ste. Marie 257 Espanola Espanola 


R. Ex. Comp. George E. S. Tipper, 47 Second St., Kirkland Lake, Ont. 

169 Temiskaming Haileybury 223 Abitibi Iroquois Falls 

213 Northern Lights Timmins 251 Kirkland Kirkland Lake 



1 Ex. Comp. R. W. Taylor, 953 Portsmouth Avenue., Kingston, Ont. 

2 Ex. Comp. Wilfred James Curtis, 795 Eagle Drive, Burlington, Ont. 

3 Ex. Comp. William K. Macrow, 77 Queen Mary Cres., London, Ont. 

4 V. Ex. Comp. H. J. McCaw, 381 Manor Road East, Toronto 7, Ont. 

5 Ex. Comp. Earl 0. Brown, 180 Gourmage Street, London 25, Ont. 

6 Ex. Comp. Duncan McKerracher, 1475 Fisher Avenue., Burlington. 

7 Ex. Comp. Graham Colin Seeley, 50 Bertram Blvd., Belleville, Ont. 

8 Ex. Comp. Sidney West, 304 - 12 Dearford Rd., Willowdale, Ont. 

15 Ex. Comp. A. B. Begarnie, 195 Mitton Street South, Sarnia, Ont. 

16 Ex. Comp. Michael R. Hughson, 60 Norice Street, Ottawa, Ont. 

18 Ex. Comp. Albert Dickinson ( 30 Norwick Ave., Woodstock, Ont. 

19 Ex. Comp. Robert Lawther, 477 Geneva Street, St. Catharines, Ont. 

20 V. Ex. Comp. Jack R. Lovell, 14 John Street, Brantford, Ont. 

22 Ex. Comp. L. O. Walker, Box 47, Prescott, Ont. 

23 Ex. Comp. Norman Ackland, 61 Elm Street, Simcoe, Ont. 

24 Ex. Comp. P. D. Armstrong, 148 Wood St., Stratford, Ont. 

26 Ex. Comp. Fred. Bowman, 11 Coleman Heights, Trenton, Ont. 

27 Ex. Comp. Melvin Guy McKechnie, R.R. 2, Ravenna, Ont. 

28 Ex. Comp. George E. Pidduck, R.R. 6, Bowmanville, Ont. 

29 Rt. Ex. Comp. Fred Meamude, R.R. 8, Dunnville, Ont. 

30 Ex. Comp. S. Edward Malins, R.R. 1, Goderich, Ont. 

31 Ex. Comp. John Gray, R.R. 2, Ameliasburgh, Ont. 

32 Ex. Comp. L. R. T. Henderson, Main St., Ayr, Ont. 

34 Ex. Comp. G. W. Campbell, R.R. 5, Barrie, Ont. 

35 Ex. Comp. Bernard H. Orton, 719 Gilbert St. West, Whitby, Ont. 

36 Ex. Comp. E. P. Friesen, 1379 Gordon Ave., Peterborough, Ont. 

37 Ex. Comp. A. R. Furmidge, 11 Fraser St., Port Hope, Ont. 

40 Ex. Comp. Harry R. Earles, 267 Water St., Guelph, Ont. 

41 Ex. Comp. R. G. Pinney, Beachville, Ont. 

44 Ex. Comp. Reg. Dawson, Napanee, Ont. 

45 Ex. Comp. Harold Harvey, R.R. 4, Colborne, Ont. 

46 Ex. Comp. Victor Hearn, St. Mary's, Ont. 

47 Ex. Comp. William A. Hyatt, 65 Baxter St., Chatham, Ont. 

48 Ex. Comp. W. Baker, Harwood, Ont. 

53 Ex. Comp. Ross James Laur, 41 Tweedsmuir Ave., Sarnia, Ont. 

54 Ex. Comp. D. J. Hardwick, R.R. 5, St. Thomas, Ont. 

55 Ex. Comp. Keith Woodhouse, 36 Turner Cresc, St. Catharines, Ont. 

56 Ex. Comp. Frank Binns, R.R. 5, Owen Sound, Ont. 

57 Ex. Comp. Douglas J. Shibley, 803 Elm St., Port Colborne, Ont. 
59 Ex. Comp. W. H. Rogers, 274 Perth Street, Brockville, Ont. 

61 Ex. Comp. Stewart Graham Hudson, R.R. 1, Kinburn, Ont. 

62 Ex. Comp. G. L. Stewart, 123 Rochman Blvd., Scarborough, Ont. 

63 Ex. Comp. D. P. MacKay, Ripley, Ont. 

64 Ex. Comp. G. G. Colquhoun, Stella St., Fonthill, Ont. 

65 Ex. Comp. W. G. Oatman, 75 Bartley Drive., Toronto 16, Ont. 

66 Ex. Comp. John Lavender, Seaforth, Ont. 

67 Ex. Comp. John Nicoll, Palmerston, Ont. 

68 Ex. Comp. Graydon Lawrence Abbott, R.R. 5, Kemptville, Ont. 

69 Ex. Comp. C. S. Brooks, 13 Hunter Rd., Grimsby, Ont. 

71 Ex. Comp. Bruce Ross, P.O. Box 748, Essex, Ont. 

72 Ex. Comp. David Allan Fargey, R.R. 2, Stirling, Ont. 

73 Ex. Comp. Wayne Earley, Ridgetown, Ont. 

74 Ex. Comp. Eugene Picott, 251 Burns St., Strathroy, Ont. 

75 Ex. Comp. John McPhail, Campbellville, Ont. 

76 Ex. Comp. R. G. Johnston, 3157 Cattell Dr., Chippawa, Ont. 

77 Ex. Comp. Percy R. Pettet, 165 Ellesmere Road Scarborough, Ont. 

78 Ex. Comp. D. R. Earl Steeper, R.R. 8, Parkhill, Ont. 


79 Ex. Comp. James Doyle, 4 - 369 Main St., Toronto 13, Ont. 

80 Ex. Comp. Ian T. Cowie, 2979 Orion Cres., Windsor 21, Ont. 

81 Ex. Comp. Reginald McKie, Aylmer, Ont. 

82 Ex. Comp. Wm. J. McNabb, 310 Lillian St., Thunder Bay, P, Ont. 

83 Ex. Comp. Robert L. Grundon, 49 Centre St., Orangeville, Ont. 

84 V. Ex. Comp. Kenneth E. Saxton, Wingham, Ont. 
88 Ex. Comp. John E. Finley, Dresden, Ont. 

90 Ex. Comp. Douglas B. Mackie, 123 Regina Ave., Kenora, Ont. 

91 Ex. Comp. Wm. Weatherall, 505 - 1285 Lakeshore Rd., East, Port 
Credit, Ont. 

94 Ex. Comp. Carl A. Bedford, 654 Monaghan Rd., Peterborough, Ont. 

95 Ex. Comp. Percy Earl Fairhall, 169 Simcoe St., Sudbury, Ont. 

02 Ex. Comp. D. Delayer, 381 Northern Ave. E., Saulte Ste. Marie, Ont. 

03 Ex. Comp. F. J. Gammon, 205 Parsons Ave., North Bay, Ont. 

04 Ex. Comp. W. K. Addison, 1234 Devon St., Oakville, Ont. 
10 Ex. Comp. Leslie Patterson, Hastings, Ont. 

12 Ex. Comp. Frederick G. Devaul, Morrisburg, Ont. 

13 Ex. Comp. Charles Craig, Glen Walter, Ont. 

14 Ex. Comp. Curry Oates, 43 Wilson Street, Renfrew, Ont. 

15 No report in office. 

16 Ex. Comp. Cecil R. Ruttle, R.R. 1, Carleton Place, Ont. 

17 Ex. Comp. Kenneth R. Rollo, 43 Dalewood Dr., Kitchener, Ont. 
19 Ex. Comp. James Bradley, R.R. 2, Ruthven, Ont. 

29 Ex. Comp. Raymond Gloor, R.R. 5, Mitchell, Ont. 

30 Ex. Comp. Harvey Winston Evans, 490 Broadway, Kincardine, Ont. 

31 Ex. Comp. Percy Spears, Wiarton, Ont. 

32 Ex. Comp. Harry Trueman, Lansdowne, Ont. 

33 Ex. Comp. W. H. Oattes, 30 V 2 George St., Smiths Falls, Ont. 

34 Ex. Comp. Ronald Bivens, Sutton, Ont. 

35 Ex. Comp. J. W. Murphy, 12 Main St. N., Uxbridge, Ont. 

38 Ex. Comp. Donald G. Airhart, 19 Cromer Place, Weston 627, Ont. 

40 Ex. Comp. Nicholas Pappas, Jr., 728 Linwood Cres., Thunder Bay, F., 

43 Ex. Comp. Leonard R. Hanley, Box 99, Avonmore, Ont. 

44 Ex. Comp. Sidney Cassan, R.R. 1, Brighton, Ont. 

45 Ex. Comp. John T. Osborne, Unit 16, 53 Silverstone Dr., Thornhill. 

46 Ex. Comp. Larry Frank, Listowel, Ont. 

47 Ex. Comp. Larry Salkeld, R.R. 1, Lucknow, Ont. 

48 V. Ex. Comp. P. E. Wall, Vankleek Hill, Ont. 

49 Ex. Comp. George Vernon Norlund, Rainy River, Ont. 

50 Ex. Comp. Henry W. Campbell, 50 Eldorado Ave., London, Ont. 

51 Ex. Comp. R. W. Crigger, 309 Munro Street, Pembroke, Ont. 

52 Ex. Comp. Harold Meridith Cotton, 418 Nelson St., Fort Francis. 

53 Ex. Comp. Wm. Kellette, 125 Murray St., Wallaceburg, Ont. 
55 Ex. Comp. Nelson Howell, R.R. 1, Jerseyville, Ont. 

61 Ex. Comp. Grant C. Gaebel, Madoc, Ont. 

67 Ex. Comp. Eric B. Fowler, 324 Hugel Ave., Midland, Ont. 

68 Ex. Comp. Tom Christie, P.O. Box 208, Campbellford, Ont. 

69 Ex. Comp. Lloyd MacDougall, Murray St., New Liskeard, Ont. 
75 Ex. Comp. J. E. Raby, 181 Dromore Cresc, Hamilton, Ont. 

84 Ex. Comp. A. R. Fast, 12 Wintemute St., Fort Erie, Ont. 

95 Ex. Comp. J. Whitten, Inglewood, Ont. 

98 Ex. Comp. George Cooke, 535 High St., Orillia, Ont. 
205 Ex. Comp. James Dickson, 5 Kenton Drive, Willowdale, Ont. 
210 Ex. Comp. John Dunbar, 1065 Aldea St., Ottawa, Ont. 

212 Ex. Comp. Jack I. Haver, 26 Carousel Court, Toronto, Ont. 

213 Ex. Comp. Lloyd H. Netherton, 301 Crawford St., South Porcupine. 

214 Ex. Comp. Russell Wilcox, General Delivery, Inwood, Ont. 

215 Ex. Comp. James William Cook, 17 Norfolk Ave., Toronto 14, Ont. 


217 Ex. Comp. John Abbott, 302 Johnston Ave., Willowdale, Ont. 

218 Ex. Comp. Keith Burnside, Shelburne, Ont. 

219 Ex. Comp. J. S. Higginson, 19 Scarborough Beach Blvd., Toronto 13. 

220 Ex. Comp. George Holmes, 66 Broadway Ave., Apt. 114, Toronto. 

221 Ex. Comp. George C. Loucks, Chesley, Ont. 

222 Ex. Comp. David Mills, 1306 Christine Ave., Ottawa 3, Ont. 

223 Ex. Comp. Abraham Rosenbaum, Iroquois Falls "A", Ont. 

224 Ex. Comp. John Cowman, 29 Sherwood Rise, Hamilton 56, Ont. 

225 V. Ex. Comp. Harry May, 1140 Woodbine Ave., Toronto, Ont. 

226 Ex. Comp. Verdon Morrow, Sharbot Lake, Ont. 

227 Ex. Comp. Fred H. Catton, 10 Rosewood Ave., Belleville, Ont. 

230 Ex. Comp. Chrys. J. Lewis, 1511 Myron Dr., Mississauga, Ont. 

231 Ex. Comp. John Yaeger, 717 Eglinton Ave. West, Toronto, Ont. 

232 Ex. Comp. J. A. Sheppard, 135 Fenellon Dr., Apt. 804, Don Mills. 

233 Ex. Comp. Wm. Dulop, 2646 Victoria Park Ave., Willowdale, Ont. 

234 Ex. Comp. John Long, 7 Mountain View Rd., Georgetown, Ont. 

235 Ex. Comp. Robert G. Rickward, Box 404, Oak Ridges, Ont. 

236 Ex. Comp. Wm. Brown, R.R. 2, Caledonia, Ont. 

238 Ex. Comp. Louis Jacobs, 105 Cherryhill Blvd., Apt. 412, London 75, 

239 Ex. Comp. Lavern Sykes, R.R. 1, Blenheim, Ont. 

240 Ex. Comp. D. M. Pettigrew, Smithville, Ont. 

241 Ex. Comp. R. W. Gerring, 352 Lawrence Ave. W., Toronto 12, Ont. 

242 Ex. Comp. Chester L. Philip, 87 Downing Cres., London 17, Ont. 

243 Ex. Comp. Lewis Clayton, 2091 Barton St. E., Hamilton, Ont. 

245 Ex. Comp. Arthur J. Harriman, 14 Walter St., Gait, Ont. 

246 Ex. Comp. D. G. Trumpess, 14 Mayo Dr., Toronto 389, Ont. 

247 Ex. Comp. W. Donald Gray, 73 McLeod Cres., London 23, Ont. 

248 Ex. Comp. Harry Barr, Pakenham, Ont. 

249 Ex. Comp. Kenneth Sumersford, 89 Liberty St. N., Bowmanville. 

250 Ex. Comp. Frederick Long, 2123 Ontario St., Windsor 15, Ont. 

251 Ex. Comp. T. Whittle, 69 Tweedsmuir Rd., Kirkland Lake, Ont. 

252 Ex. Comp. Lyle Franklin James, 959 Ferndale Dr., Sarnia, Ont. 

253 R. Ex. Comp. Robt. L. Hazen, Port Dover, Ont. 

254 Ex. Comp. R. Jackson, 14 Eagle Drive, Dryden, Ont. 

255 Ex. Comp. Alan Wittet, R.R. 1, Glen Meyer, Tillsonburg, Ont. 

257 Ex. Comp. T. McEvoy, 20 Hurshorne, Apt. 9, Elliott Lake, Ont. 

258 Ex. Comp. Wilfrid Woodcock, 14 Southdale Dr., Markham, Ont. 

259 Ex. Comp. Gordon R. Clark, Box 1425, Atikokan, Ont. 

260 Ex. Comp. John Kline, Apt. 104, 30 Tullamore Dr., Brampton, Ont. 

261 Ex. Comp. Keith Adams, 27 Hawthorne Cr., Parry Sound, Ont. 

262 Ex. Comp. Douglas R. Frost, 2222 Clarendon Pk. Dr., Burlington. 

263 Ex. Comp. J. McKenzie, 20 Esterbrooke Ave., Apt. 705, Scarborough. 


1 Ancient Frontenac & Cataraqui — R. Ex. Comp. R. H. Seymour, 
3 Third Avenue, Kingston, Ontario. 

2 The Hiram— R. Ex. Comp. E. M. Marshall, 137 Emerald St. S., 
Apt. 11, Hamilton, Ontario. 

3 St. John's — V. Ex. Comp. Chas. G. Smuck, 20 Thornton Avenue, 
London 24, Ontario. 

4 St. Andrew & St. John— Ex. Comp. Keith L. Bellamy, 25 Ferncroft 
Drive, Scarborough, Ontario. 

5 St. George's — Ex. Comp. Malcolm McRae, 1312 Brydges Street, 
London 35, Ontario. 

6 St. John's— R. Ex. Comp. Fred Scott, 41 Fairfield Ave. N., Hamilton, 

7 The Moira — V. Ex. Comp. S. H. Lennox, 265 Bleeker Avenue, Belle- 
ville, Ontario. 


8 King Solomon's— V. Ex. Comp. A. M. Otis, 121 Divadale Drive, 
Toronto 17, Ontario. 

15 Wawanosh — V. Ex. Comp. H. R. Marriott, 216 Kathleen Avenue, 
Sarnia, Ontario. 

16 Carleton— Comp. Stuart Gilmour, 196 Metcalfe St., Apt. 603, Ottawa 
4, Ontario. 

18 Oxford— Comp. H. F. Deans, 110 Delatre Street, Woodstock, Ont. 

19 Mount Moriah — R. Ex. Comp. Wm. S. Coolin, 18 Cameron Drive, 
St. Catharines, Ontario. 

20 Mount Horeb— R. Ex. Comp. R. W. E. McFadden, 4 Hart Street, 
Brantford, Ontario. 

22 Grenville — Ex. Comp. G. R. Drummond, Spencerville, Ontario. 

23 Ezra — Ex. Comp. W. J. Thompson, 71 Queensway West, Simcoe, Ont. 

24 Tecumseh — Comp. W. G. VanSlyck, 70 Mornington Street, Strat- 
ford, Ontario. 

26 St. Mark's— Ex. Comp. G. C. Home, 151 Victoria Avenue, Trenton, 

27 Manitou— R. Ex. Comp. B. M. Conron, 120 Maple Street, Colling- 
wood, Ontario. 

28 Pentalpha— Comp. Floyd Thomas Fowler, 367 Elizabeth Street, 
Oshawa, Ontario. 

29 McCallum— Comp. Eric Stabler, R.R. 2, Dunnville, Ontario. 

30 Huron— R. Ex. Comp. Wm. G. Treble. R.R. 5, Goderich. Ontario. 

31 Prince Edward— Ex. Comp. Fred R. Greatrix, Jr., 205 Main Street, 
Box 882, Picton, Ontario. 

32 Waterloo — V. Ex. Comp. G. J. Johnson, 55 Lansdowne Road S., 
Gait, Ontario. 

34 Signet — V. Ex. Comp. J. M. Lindsay, 17 Oak Street, Barrie, Ont. 

35 Keystone— V. Ex. Comp. T. R. Tompkins, 112 St. Peter Street, 
Whitby, Ontario. 

36 Corinthian — V. Ex. Comp. David Miller, 312 Boswell Avenue, Peter- 
borough, Ontario. 

37 Victoria— R. Ex. Comp. W. H. Meldrum, 19 Scriven Blvd., Port 
Hope, Ontario. 

40 Guelph — Ex. Comp. W. H. Quant, 4 Caledonia Avenue, Guelph, Ont. 

41 Harris — Comp. Chas. G. Swatridge, 124 Holcroft Street, Ingersoll, 

44 Mount Sinai — Comp. G. H. Fresque, Box 880, Napanee, Ontario. 

45 Excelsior— R. Ex. Comp. D. D. M. Peebles, R.R. No. 3, Box 58, 
Colborne, Ontario. 

46 St. James — Ex. Comp. Clarence E. Dunseith, St. Mary's, Ontario. 

47 Wellington — Ex. Comp. H. D. Paulucci, 47 Wilson Avenue, Chatham, 

48 St. John's— Comp. W. Thompson, R.R. No. 6, Cobourg, Ontario. 

53 Bruce— V. Ex. Comp. Robt. M. Story, 450 Greenfield St., Box 765, 
Petrolia, Ontario. 

54 Palestine — V. Ex. Comp. Kurven S. Woodward, 45 Redan Street, St. 
Thomas, Ontario. 

55 Niagara — Comp. E. W. Aldridge, 6 Youngblut Avenue, St. 
Catharines, Ontario. 

56 Georgian — Ex. Comp. C. L. Denny, R.R. No. 7, Owen Sound, Ont. 

57 King Hiram — Ex. Comp. L. L. Doan, 801 Elm Street, Port Colborne, 

59 Sussex-St. Lawrence — V. Ex. Comp. James G. Ruston, 164 James 
St. E., Brockville, Ontario. 

61 Granite — Comp. John McLauchlan, Box 733, Almonte, Ontario. 

62 York— Ex. Comp. J. S. Shield, 49 Vanderhoof Avenue, Toronto 17, 

63 Havelock — V. Ex. Comp. H. J. Norman, R.R. No. 5, Kincardine, Ont. 


64 Willson — R. Ex. Comp. J. C. L. McKeand, 5 Birchmound Drive, 
Welland, Ontario. 

65 St. Paul's — Comp. Alfred Olley, 52 Westmoreland Avenue, Toronto 
4, Ontario. 

66 The Malloch— Ex. Comp. K. Sharp, Seaforth, Ontario. 

67 Enterprise — R. Ex. Comp. L. E. Morphy, Box 188, Palmerston, Ont. 

68 Maitland— Ex. Comp. Gideon J. Purcell, Box 9, Oxford Station, Ont. 

69 Grimsby — Comp. W. Fairbrother, Box 674, Beamsville, Ontario. 

71 Prince of Wales — R. Ex. Comp. R. Chas. Brushett, P.O. Box 68, 
Essex, Ontario. 

72 Keystone — V. Ex. Comp. John L. Good, Box 2, Stirling, Ontario. 

73 Erie— R. Ex. Comp. Rev. S. E. Stevenson, Box 119, Highgate, Ont. 

74 Beaver— Ex. Comp. M. E. Gare, 24 Front St. E., Strathroy, Ontario. 

75 St. Clair— R. Ex. Comp. Cliff Lewington, 336 Pearl Street, Milton, 

76 Mount Nebo — R. Ex. Comp. Norman Farrington, Niagara Parkway, 
Queenston, Ontario. 

77 Occident — Comp. Gordon Avery, 1835 Bayview Avenue, Apt. 316, 
Toronto, Ontario. 

78 Minnewawa — V. Ex. Comp. Chas. J. Fox, R.R. No. 5, Parkhill, Ont. 

79 Orient — Ex. Comp. Rorry Macdonald, 11 Davies Cres., Toronto 6, Ont. 

80 Ark— V. Ex. Comp. Clarence W. Flett, 442 Askin Blvd., Windsor, 

81 Aylmer — Ex. Comp. Roy Sinden, 35 Dufferin St., Box 132, Aylmer, 

82 Shuniah— R. Ex. Comp. W. H. Cheetham, 37 Morse Street, P.O. Box 
42, Station "P", Thunder Bay, Ontario. 

83 Ionic — Comp. Herbert John Reeve, 3 Church Street, Orangeville, Ont. 

84 Lebanon — V. Ex. Comp. John McLean, R.R. No. 1, Wroxeter, Ontario. 
88 MacNabb— Comp. Grant E. H. Brandon, 888 North Street, Box 399, 

Dresden, Ontario. 

90 Golden— Ex. Comp. D. J. Argent, 313 Charles St., Box 241, Keewatin, 

91 Toronto-Antiquity — Ex. Comp. Herbert W. Powell, 48 Lincoln Ave., 
Toronto 9, Ontario. 

94 Midland — Ex. Comp. Ivan B. Brown, R.R. No. 2, Lindsay, Ontario. 

95 Tuscan— Comp. Wm. Brown Walker, R.R. No. 1, 2031 Kingsway, 
Sudbury, Ontario. 

102 Algonquin— Ex. Comp. E. C. Price, 65 Spruce Street, Sault Ste. 
Marie, Ontario. 

103 St. John's — Ex. Comp. Arthur J. Scott, 675 Birchwood Road, North 
Bay, Ontario. 

104 White Oak — Comp. Henry Ford, 180 Hanover Avenue, Oakville, Ont. 
110 Warkworth— Comp. Wm. G. Taylor, P.O. Box 13, Warkworth, Ont. 

112 St. John's — Ex. Comp. G. W. Thorn, 76 Lakeshore Drive, Box 99, 
Morrisburg, Ontario. 

113 Covenant — Ex. Comp. R. A. Young, 104 York Street, Cornwall, Ont. 

114 Bonnechere — Comp. Harry Young, 137 Raglan St. N., Renfrew, Ont. 

115 Brant — V. Ex. Comp. Ben Duncan, Box 172, Drumbo, Ontario. 

116 Maple— R. Ex. Comp. M. P. Morris, 48 McArthur Avenue, Box 804, 
Carleton Place, Ontario. 

117 Kitchener— Ex. Comp. Harold W. Rothaermel, 65 Ellis Cres. S., 
Waterloo, Ontario. 

119 King Cyrus — V. Ex. Comp. Donald Robinson, 62 Oak Street W., 
Leamington, Ontario. 

129 Elliot — Ex. Comp. Wm. H. Cheoros, Mitchell, Ontario. 

130 Chantry— V. Ex. Comp. Ernest H. Gorrell, Box 100, Port Elgin, Ont. 

131 Amabel — Ex. Comp. Orville B. Greig, Box 356, Wiarton, Ontario. 

132 Leeds— R. Ex. Comp. A. L. Wheeler, Box 149, Gananoque, Ontario. 


133 St. Francis— R. Ex. Comp. C. A. Bailey, 29 Glen Avenue, Smith 
Falls, Ontario. 

134 King Darius — R. Ex. Comp. Lloyd G. Parliament, 27 John Street, 
Cannington, Ontario. 

135 Succoth— V. Ex. Comp. Harry V. Watson, 27 Main St. N., Box 397, 
Uxbridge, Ontario. 

138 Shekinah — Ex. Comp. Percy James, 12 Beacham Cres., Agincourt 

755, Ontario. 
140 St. William— R. Ex. Comp. Wm. S. Shaver, 707 Ruskin Cres., Sta. F, 

Thunder Bay, Ontario. 

143 Glengarry— Ex. Comp. Roderick F. McRae, P.O. Box 2, Maxville, Ont. 

144 Presqu'ile — Ex. Comp. Frank M. Lindsay, Box 402, Brighton, Ont. 

145 The St. Patrick — Comp. Murray B. Henderson, 3004 Bayview Ave., 
Willowdale, Ontario. 

146 Bernard — Ex. Comp. Bert Hastings, Listowel, Ontario. 

147 Lucknow — V. Ex. Comp. Gordon T. Montgomery, Lucknow, Ontario. 

148 St. John's— Ex. Comp. Leon G. Harcourt, 461 Stanley Street, 
Hawkesbury, Ontario. 

149 Atwood — Ex. Comp. W. B. Warner, Rainy River, Ontario. 

150 London — Ex. Comp. Bloss E. Doupe, 419 Randol Drive, London, Ont. 

151 Laurentian — Ex. Comp. L. A. Schultz, 291 Doran Street, Pembroke, 

152 Alberton — Comp. E. A. Langstaff, 913 Portage Avenue, Fort Frances, 

153 Sombra — R. Ex. Comp. Geo. A. Lauzon, 71 Maplewood Cres., Wal- 
laceburg, Ontario. 

155 Ancaster — Ex. Comp. George A. Penny, R.R. No. 2, Ancaster, Ont. 
161 Madoc — V. Ex. Comp. D. Kernohan, Box 519, Madoc, Ontario. 

167 Kichikewana — V. Ex. Comp. Karl E. Morrison, 209 Elizabeth Ave., 
Midland, Ontario. 

168 Ionic — Ex. Comp. Francis W. Long, Box 143, Campbellford, Ontario. 

169 Temiskaming — Ex. Comp. A. P. Armstrong, 235 Scott Street, Box 
670, New Liskeard, Ontario. 

175 The Hamilton— Ex. Comp. Bruce D. Burt, 96 Haddon Ave. N., 
Hamilton 16, Ontario. 

184 Hugh Murray— V. Ex. Comp. Wm. Rostron, 38 Phipps Street, Fort 
Erie, Ontario. 

195 Peel— Ex. Comp. C. Fred Kline, 40 David Street, Brampton, Ontario. 

198 Couchiching— Ex. Comp. A. O. Murray (Acting), 214 West St. North, 
Orillia, Ontario. 

205 Victoria— V. Ex. Comp. G. J. Hall, 18 Kingsdale Avenue, Willow- 
dale, Ontario. 

210 Kitchener— V. Ex. Comp. Wm. M. Stanley, Box 10, Russell, Ontario. 

212 Mount Sinai— Ex. Comp. Samuel Tenenbaum, Apt. 201, 3905 Bathurst 
Street, Downsview, Ontario. 

213 Northern Lights — Somp. Aace Nissen, R.R. No. 2, Timmins, Ontario. 

214 Vimy— Ex. Comp. Samuel J. Mitchell, R.R. No. 6, 604 River St. N., 
Alvinston, Ontario. 

215 Mimico— Ex. Comp. A. E. Hunt, 90 - 5th Street, Toronto 14, Ontario. 

217 St. Alban's— R. Ex. Comp. W. John Webber, 24 Florida Cres., 
Weston, 487, Ontario. 

218 Prince Edward — Ex. Comp. J. Alex Mawdsley, Shelburne, Ontario. 

219 Ulster— Ex. Comp. T. H. Barker, 3110 Yonge Street, Apt. 309, 
Toronto 319, Ontario. 

220 Lebanon— V. Ex. Comp. Wm. M. Creech, 20 Great Oak Drive, Isling- 
ton 677, Ontario. 

221 Durham— R. Ex. Comp. John N. Edwards, Box 286, Hanover, Ont. 

222 Ottawa— Comp. W. Earl Tuck, 33 Regent St., Apt. 4, Ottawa 1, Ont. 

223 Abitibi — R. Ex. Comp. Horace A. Jones, Box 125, Iroquois Falls, Ont. 


224 Keystone— V. Ex. Comp. J. Harvey Williams, 20 Searle Street, 
Hamilton 50, Ontario. 

225 Beaver — V. Ex. Comp. John T. Wallace, 33 Inwood Avenue, Toronto 
6, Ontario. 

226 Prince of Wales — R. Ex. Comp. D. Alexander McQuoid (Acting after 
March), P.O. Box 108, Sharbot Lake, Ontario. 

227 Quinte Friendship — V. Ex. Comp. Mont. Barlow, 285 George Street, 
Belleville, Ontario. 

230 Port Credit— Ex. Comp. John I. Parke, 7 Elizabeth St. N., Apt. 804, 
Port Credit, Ontario. 

231 The St. Clair— Ex. Comp. Albert W. Johnson, 20 Old Burnham- 
thorpe Road, Etobicoke, Ontario. 

232 King Cyrus— R. Ex. Comp. A. S. Currie, 23 Thorncliffe Park Drive, 
Apt. 403, Toronto 17, Ontario. 

233 Oakwood— Ex. Comp. Donald Wilson, 23 Baskerville Cres., Etobi- 
coke 652, Ontario. 

234 Halton— Comp. E. E. Hall, 16 Margaret St., Georgetown, Ontario. 

235 Aurora — R. Ex. Comp. Norman F. Johnson, 69 Connaught Avenue, 
Aurora, Ontario. 

236 Caledonia — V. Ex. Comp. E. C. Reid, Box 151, Caledonia, Ontario. 

238 The St. Andrew— V. Ex. Comp. A. V. Sedgwick, 194A Duchess 
Avenue, London 16, Ontario. 

239 Blenheim — Comp. Lloyd Guyett, R.R. No. 1, Blenheim, Ontario. 

240 Smithville — Comp. R. L. Jackson, R.R. No. 1, Smithville, Ontario. 

241 University— R. Ex. Comp. O. R. Roberts, 134 Old Orchard Grove, 
Toronto 20, Ontario. 

242 St. Paul's — Ex. Comp. E. K. Daniel, 79 Broadway, Lambeth, Ontario. 

243 McKay— Ex. Comp. Glenn E. Hyland, 221 King St. E., Stoney 
Creek, Ontario. 

245 Preston — R. Ex. Comp. A. Jefkins, 843 Vine Street, Preston, Ontario. 

246 Humber — Comp. J. Carmichael, 2 Mahoney Ave., Toronto, 335, Ont. 

247 Nilestown — Comp. Garfield M. Kirkpatrick, 746 Galloway Cres., 
London 64, Ontario. 

248 Dochert — V. Ex. Comp. Geo. R. Clarke, Box 65, Arnprior, Ontario. 

249 Palestine — R. Ex. Comp. H. G. Freeman, R.R. No. 6, Bowmanville, 

250 Thomas Peter's — Ex. Comp. Allan A. Leal, 2297 Parkwood Avenue, 
Windsor 20, Ontario. 

251 Kirkland — Comp. Harry Gauld, Box 871, 5 Wright-Hargreaves Ave., 
Kirkland Lake, Ontario. 

252 Hiawatha — Comp. Emmett Mann, 1442 Colborne Road, Sarnia, Ont. 

253 Regal— Ex. Comp. E. S. Ford, Box 698, Port Dover, Ontario. 

254 Golden Star— Ex. Comp. R. G. Amos, 113 King Street, Dryden, Ont. 

255 Tillsonburg— V. Ex. Comp. Ross Wittet, 31 Rideout East, Tillson- 
burg, Ontario. 

257 Espanola — Ex. Comp. A. H. Wood, Gore Bay, Ontario. 

258 Tyrian— Comp. Ernest F. Short, R.R. No. 2, Markham, Ontario. 

259 Quetico — Ex. Comp. E. I. Swanbergsor, Box 608, Atikokan, Ontario. 

260 Centennial — Ex. Comp. Victor W. Newman, 154 Thomas Street, 
Streetsville, Ontario. 

261 Seguin — Comp. J. E. Simms, Box 482, 2 James Street, Parry Sound, 

262 King David— V. Ex. Comp. John E. Richardson, 433 Main St. West, 
Hamilton 12, Ontario. 

263 The Scarborough — Comp. E. Baisdon, 54 Melchoir Drive, Scar- 
borough, Ontario. 


Grand First Principals of the Grand Chapter of Canada in 
the Province of Ontario from 1857 to 1970 

*W. M. Wilson 1857 

♦Thompson Wilson 1858 

•T. D. Harington 1958-60 

♦John C. Franck 1861-2 

*T. D. Harington 1863-4-5-6 


*S. B. Harmon 1872 

♦C. D. Macdonell 1873 

*Jas. Seymour 1874 

♦L. H. Henderson 1875-6 

*F. J. Menet 1877-8 

♦Daniel Spry 1879-80 

* Donald Ross 1881-2 

*H. Macpherson 1883-4 

*Thos. Sargant 1885-6 

*Rob. Hendry Jr 1887 

♦R. B. Hungerford 1888-9 

*J. J. Mason 1890-1 

♦J. E. Harding 1892-3 

♦J. Ross Robertson 1894-5 

*M. Walsh 1896-7-8 

♦Wm. G. Reid 1899-1900 

*Wm. Gibson 1901-2 

*A. Shaw 1903-4 

♦William Roaf 1905-6 

♦John Leslie 1907-8 

♦George Moore 1909-10 

♦Fred W. Harcourt 1911-2 

♦Daniel F. MacWatt 1913-4 

♦Wm. S. R. Murch 1915-6 

♦A. S. Gorrell, M.D 1917-8 

♦Wm. N. Ponton 1919-20 

♦H. S. Griffin, M.D 1921 

♦Richard H. Spencer 1922-3 

♦Walter H. Davis 1924-5 

♦Kenneth J. Dunstan 1926-7 

♦Edwin Smith . . . 1928-9 

♦Walter G. Price, D.D.S. 1930-1 

♦Chas. W. Haentschel, M.D. 1932-3 

♦Alexander Cowan 1934 

♦George L. Gardiner 1935-6 

♦Wm. Y. Mills .... 1937-8 

♦Llewellyn F. Stephens 1939-40 

♦John M. Empey 1941-2 

John M. Burden 1943-4 

♦Reginald V. Conover 1945-6 

♦Frederick W. Dean 1947-8 

♦Clarence MacL. Pitts 1949-50 

Alexander G. N. Bradshaw 1951-2 

♦John A. M. Taylor 1953-4 

John L. House 1955-6 

Maurice A. Searle 1957-8 

Bruce H. Smith 1959-60 

Charles W. Emmett 1961-2 

Fraser Hav, M.D 1963-4 

James E. Girven 1965-6 

♦Stanley Portch 1967-8 

G. Harold Shannon . . 1969 

Frederick W. D. Welham . 1970 

Honorary Past Grand First Principals and others of the Grand 
Chapter of Canada in the Province of Ontario 


♦Henry Robertson 1888 

♦Kivas Tully 1891 

♦Hugh Murray 1903 

♦Harry H. Watson 1909 

♦E. T. Malone 1919 


♦A. T. Freed 1920 

♦Sir John M. Gibson 1922 

♦Roderick B. Dargavel 1941 

♦Melville S. Gooderham 1957 

♦Reginald J. Lewis 1964 

The Rt. Hon. The Earl of Galloway, Scotland— Grand Z. 1958. 
R. Ex. Comp. Sir George Boag, England— Hon. Past Grand Supt. 1958. 
♦R. Ex. Comp. William A. Laird, Scotland— Hon. Past Grand Scribe E., 1958. 
R. Ex. Comp. William H. Sweeting, Victoria, Australia — Hon. Past Grand Prin. 
Soj. 1958. 

Grand Scribes E. of the Grand Chapter of Canada in the 
Province of Ontario 

♦Thomas B. Harris 1857-1873 

♦R. P. Stephens 1874-1875 

♦Daniel Spry 1876-1877 

♦David McLellan 1878-1891 

♦Thomas Sargent 1892-1898 

♦George J. Bennett 1899-1915 


►Henry T. Smith 1916-1928 

►Edwin Smith 1929-1949 

►Fred J. Johnson 1949-1959 

Maurice A. Searle 1960-1961 

Robert J. Hamilton 1962-1969 

Frederick C. Conley 1970 




Grand Chapter Name Residence 

Alabama Earl J. McKeever 10 Julia St., Port Hope 

Alberta E. K. Hogaboom Athol St., Toronto 

Argentina Wm. H. Sproule 4 Elizabeth St. S., Brampton 

Arizona Edward Marshall Apt. No. 11, 137 Emerald St., 


Arkansas J. Howard Coleman . . . 104 Lincoln Park Ave., Sarnia 

British Columbia John A. Mackie 10 Reigate Road, Toronto 18 

California B. M. Conron 120 Maple St., Collingwood 

Colorado Cyril McMullen R.R. No. 5, Belleville 

Connecticut Dr. L. Noble Armstrong 185 Brock St.. Kingston 

Delaware . Wm. J. Grierson 136 Bedford Park Ave., Toronto 12 

Dist. of Columbia B. H. Smith 169 Dufferin Ave., Belleville 

Finland Bryan Alford 42 Forthbridge Dr., Downsview 

Florida Gordon K. Brown 195 Cross Ave., Oakville 

France George A. Phillips 30 Daniel St., Smith Falls 

Georgia E. T. Querney 321 Laura Ave., Sudbury 

Idaho J .Sinclair 174 Dahlia Ave., Ottawa 

Illinois J. W. Woodland 595 St. Clair Ave. W., Toronto 10 

India Charles D. Donald Oakville, Ont. 

Indiana James H. Rogers Skyview Apts, 3 East 37th St., 


Iowa William S. Thomson 1329 Cumnock Cres., Oakville 

Ireland R. W. E. McFadden 4 Hart Street, Brantford 

Israel Irving Inglis 28 Yeoman's Road, Downsview 

Kansas E. H. Brennan Leamington 

Kentucky Rev. A. S. H. Cree Leamington 

Louisiana Jos. Carson 689 Colborne Street, London 

Maine Lome E. Vaughan ... 315 Bleecker St., Belleville 

Manitoba Arthur W. Ayre 22 Connaught Ave., London 

Maryland Leo J. Gent Box 78, 21 Catharine St., Dorchester 

Massachusetts . . Dr. Fraser Hav . 165 Victoria Ave. N., Listowel 

Michigan Fred W. D. Welham 6 Stewart-Smith Drive, Toronto 385 

Minnesota F. Carl Ackert 1 Lincoln Avenue, Gait 

Mississippi h. T. C. Humphries .53 Cleeg Street, Ottawa 

Missouri H. S. Biggs 463 Hillsdale Ave., Toronto 7 

Montana David Harcus 1523 Walsh St., Fort William 

Nebraska A. V. Roy . . Box 57, Nananee 

Netherlands Maarten vanWamelen . . 1177 Bloor St. E., Mississauga 

Nevada .. v. L. Mutton 66 Roanoke Rd., Don Mills 

New Brunswick Dr. George Turner, M.D. 2281 Victoria Avenue, Windsor 

New Hampshire . N. M. Sprague Trenton 

New Jersey G. H. Shannon 30 Spetz Street, Kitchener 

New Mexico ..J. A. Kennedy 1601 Stoneybrook Cr. N., London 

New South Wales Wellington Smith 166 Third St.. Fort Frances 

New York M. A. Searle Apt. 21, 24 Shallmbar Blvd., 

Toronto 10 

New Zealand ... Harold Ince 82 Spruce Avenue, Thornhill 

North Carolina . . W. Leslie Davies . . 711 Cleremont Ave., London 

North Dakota ... William H. Gummer ... 242 Westdale Ave., Kingston 

Nova Scotia Leslie C. Ewener 961 Toro Street, Sarnia 

Ohio A. G. N. Bradshaw 655 Waterloo Street, London 

Oklahoma R. J. Hamilton ... 69 Rathburn Rd.. Islington 

Oregon John James Robins . . 316 Second St., Midland 

Pennsylvania . . John L. House ... 14 Pearson Avenue, Toronto 13 

Philippines William E. Gardner . 18 Littlewood Cres.. Etobicoke 

Quebec C. W. Emmett 27 Colwood Rd., Islington 

Queensland Neil A. MacEachern . Waterloo 

Rhode Island ... Donald L. Attridge 4 Alexander Avenue, Gait 

Saskatchewan ... J. E. Girven 581 Weller Street, Peterborough 

Scotland . . James Turnbull . . . 377 O'Connor Dr., Toronto 6 
South Carolina . Robert H. Seymour ... 3 Third Avenue, Kingston 
South Dakota . . Frederick C. Conley 4 Houghton Blvd., Markham 

Switzerland L. B. Morrison 1222 York Mills Road, Apt. 306, 

Don Mills 

Tennessee Chas. Fotheringham 57 Union St. E., Apt. 103, Waterloo 

Texas Fred Scott 41 Fairfield Ave. N., Hamilton 

Utah Lloyd B. Gillespie .... 410 Eden Avenue, Ottawa 

Vermont Norman Farrington . . Niaeara Parkway, Queenston 

Victoria Harold Foote 62 Cunning Ave., Aurora 

Virginia John J. Carnenter 15 Cornelia Street, Smiths Falls 

Washington . Wm. Cecil Carson 250 Iona St.. Ottawa 3 

Western Australia Everett C. Wood 58 Harriet St., Belleville 

West Virginia ... W. H. Sargent Listowel 

Wisconsin Dr. S. Perlman 11 Shallmar, Toronto 10 

Wyoming Marcus R .Nicols Masonic Temple, Casper 




Grand Chapter Name Residence 

Alabama Walter F. Estes 531-19th N., Birmingham 

Alberta F. B. Stewart 3918 - 1st St., N.W., Calgary 

Arizona John C. Walton 722 Kinsley Ave., Winslow, 86047 

Argentina R. W. Haxell 3355 Sucre, Buenos Aires 

Arkansas . . L. W. Williams Box 105, Osceola, 72370 

British Columbia . A. R. Byrnell ... 145 Talisman Ave., Vancouver 10 

California William T. Deckeraw . . . 16850 Adlon Rd., Encino, 91316 

Colorado C. L. Bartholick 414 Equitable Bldg., Denver 

Connecticut C. J. Fairhurst 16 Highview, Norwalk 

Delaware Elmer S. Howell 2106 Jefferson St., Wilmington 2 

Dist. of Columbia C. Eugene Barnes 2544 Naylor Rd., S.E. 

Washington. D.C. 

Florida Richard I. Lanier 4044 Green St, Jacksonville 32205 

Finland Martti V. Mustakallio, c/o Grand Lodge of Finland, 

Grand Scribe E Kasarmikatn 16D, Helsinki 13. 

France Rene A. Haner 5 rue Jacques-Balmat, 

1211 Geneve II, Geneva 

Georgia T. B. Elfe 1301 Vineville, Macon 

Idaho Chas. Hartung 530 No. 6th St., Payette 

Illinois Garland F. Thomas 

India Syed Safdar Imam Ali Manzil, Ground Floor, 

S.P. Varma Road, Patna 1, Bihar 

Indiana Miles A. Scheffel 5375 Maplewood Drive, Speedway, 

Indiana 46224 

Iowa Harley I. Whaley Hopkins, 64461 

Ireland Donald McGaughey .... 40 Upper Arthur St., Belfast 

Kansas Roy H. Clossen Box 335, Coffeyville 

Kentucky Allen Earl Bell Moreland 

Louisiana Lonnie L. Vallery 2163 Tulip St., Baton Rouge 70806 

Maine Milton C. Stephens Wiscasset, Maine 

Manitoba W. A. Maguire Elgin 

Maryland Gerald M. Pine Denton 

Massachusetts . . . W. F. Clark 660 Belmont Street, Watertown 

Michigan Arthur Burke 1721 - 16th Street, Port Huron 

Minnesota Fred Hilden International Falls 

Mississippi Justin N. Jones Hattiesburg 

Missouri Chester Selby Lebanon 

Montana Marion A. Averill Box 254, Choteau 

Nebraska Dean L. Robertson 6927 Colby, Lincoln 68505 

Netherlands D. P. Harmsen .... Hofbrouckerlaan 10, Oegstgeest 

Nevada Stephen Ray Downs .... 235 West Richards St., Fallon 

New Brunswick . Fred E. Mallory R.R. 6, Woodstock 

New Hampshire . . . Charles E. Leighton Jr. 15 Elliott Park, Dover 03820 

New Jersey . Kenneth F. Cruikshank 8 Glenwood Place, Pennsville 08070 

New South Wales Norman Soutar 8 George's River Road, Croydon 

(Australia) Park. Sydnev 

New York Sylvanus F. Nye 1230 Colvin Blvd., Kenmore 14217 

New Zealand Percival Charles Betts ...11 Palm Ave., Palmerston N. 

New Mexico William L. Ranville . . . 1515 Los Tomases Drive, N.W. 


North Carolina . . Henry A. Barrow Box 3115, New Bern, 28560 

North Dakota . . Thomas H. Rappley Rt. 1, Jamestown 58301 

Nova Scotia Canon George F. Arnold 1348 Tower Rd., Halifax 

Ohio J. A. Gorham Box 276, Bellevue 

Oklahoma Robert L. Taylor Box 187, Skiatook 

Oregon Rex. W. Davis 

Pennsylvania Robert J. Miller 318 Nittany Ave., Nittany Terrace 

Apts., State College 16801 

Philippines Primo I. Guzman No. 8 E. Javinto Street, 

Mandaluyong, Rizal 

Quebec Arthur J. Osgood 216 Layfayette Street, Montreal 


(Australia) . . Dr. L. T. Jobbins 113 Wickham Terrace, Brisbane B.17 

Rhode Island .... K. S. Wilder 33 Elder Ave., East Providence 

Saskatchewan . Otto F. Doerr Kerrobert 

Scotland The Rt. Hon. The Earl 

of Gallowav 76 Queen Street, Edinburgh 2 

South Carolina . . Wm. N. Bradford Box 1343, Sumter, 29151 

South Dakota . Joseph Hansen Hurley 

Switzerland Franz G. W. Schetelig 43 Titlisstrasse, Zurich 

Tennessee R. K. Roney. Sr Newbern 38059, Route 2 

Texas Richard K. Pitts Box 51, Hilltop Dr., Kerrville 78028 

Utah Robert H. Drew ... 1083 East 460 South, Provo 

Vermont George E. Cummings . 33 Clough St., Windsor 05089 


(Australia) Keith Dodgshun Stratchan St., Hopetown, Victoria 

Virginia Claude E. Schools . . 130 W. Belvedere Rd., Norfolk 

Washington Albert Jensen 3917 Densmore Avenue, Seattle 

Western Australia E. Blanckensee 63 Lawler St., South Perth, 

Western Australia 

West Virginia .... C. C. McGhee Huntington 

Wisconsin Robert H. Tallman 114 Maple St., Spooner, 54801 

Wyoming Carl S. Gilbert 1610 Custer Street, Laramie 82070 



Grand Chapter Name Residence 

Alabama Thomas W. Oliver 1 South 55th Place, Woodlawn 

P.O. Box 2822-A, Birmingham, 35212 

Alaska H. Dexter Bacon Box 546, Palmer 

Alberta (G.S.E.) F. J. Hand .... 1717-28th Avenue S.W., Calgary 7 

Argentina A. Lappas 1385 Arenales, Buenos Aires (R.41) 

Arizona Dwight E. Shannon . . . 3126 W. Pierson Street, Phoenix 

Arkansas . O. B. Shaw Box 487, Fort Smith 

British Columbia A. R. Byrnell Room 527, 119 West Pender St., 

Vancouver 3 

California William C. Leeson Rm. 423, Masonic Temple, 25 Van 

Ness Avenue, San Francisco 

Colorado Charles R. Stott Suite 770, Mas. Temple, 1614 Welton 

St., Denver, Colorado, 80202 

Connecticut Wolcott S. Bissell Masonic Temple, 201 Ann St., 

Hartford 06103 

Delaware Raymond A. Howard ... 10 Ridgeland Rd., Lynnfield, 

Wilmington 19803 

Dist. of Columbia Marvin E. Fowler 1904 White Oaks Drive, Alexandria, 

Va., 22306 
England (G.S.E.) J. W. Stubbs Freemasons Hall, London, W.C.2, 

Gt. Queen Street 

Finland Martti V. Mustakallio . Royal Arch Grand Chapter of 

Finland, Grand Scribe E., c/o 

Grand Lodge of Finland, Kasar- 

mikatu 16D, Helsinki 13 

Florida Thomas N. Morrison P.O. Box 1532, Lakeland, Fla., 33802 

France S. J. L. Humbert 65, Boulevard Bineau, 65 Neuilly- 

Sur-Seine (Seine) France 

Georgia J. E. Moseley 811 Mulberry Street, Macon 31201 

Germany Cecil C. Smart, Jr., 18C1 Kefurt, Patch Barracks, 

7000 Stuttgart-Vaihingen 

Idaho Roland R. Fletcher . . . 5212 Bel Air, Boise, 83705 

Illinois Lyle Melvin P.O. Box 433, Dixon, 61021 

India P. M. Sundaram Freemasons Hall, Janpath, 

Post Box No. 681, New Delhi 1 

Indiana Earl B. Forney 1204 Main St., Elwood 

Iowa John A. Watts Box 155, Grand Junction 

Ireland James O. Harte Freemasons Hall, 17 Moleworth St., 

Dublin 2 

Kansas Henry O. Bennet . Box 1217, Topeka 66601 

Kentucky Chas. K. A. McGaughey 694 New Circle Rd. N.E. Lexington, 

Kentucky 405-05 

Louisiana Lee W. Harris Box 209, Mas. Temple, Alexandria, 

Louisiana, 71301 

Maine Charles S. Brown 19 Condin Street, Belfast 

Manitoba (G.S.E.) C. J. Hutchings 15 Crowson Bay, Fort Garry, 

Winnipeg 19 
Maryland . D. Ross Vansant, Jr. 138 Sna View Ave., Annapolis 21401 

Massachusetts Archie M. Simons 186 Tremont St., Boston, 02111 

Michigan Orlow J. Myers Masonic Temple, 133E Michigan 

Ave., Battle Creek. Mich. 49014 

Minnesota Emil A. Wold 4645 Ewing Ave. S (100), 

Minneapolis, 55410 

Mississippi Cecil A. Thorn P.O. Box 1030 Meridian 

Missouri Bruce H. Hunt Box 188, Kirksville, 63501 

Montana Wm. A. Tbaanum 36 Beaverhead Drive, Helena 57601 

Nebraska Ralph R. Carleton 401 Masonic Temple, Omaha 

Netherlands ... H. B. S. Kriens Miehelangelostraat 33hs, 

Juliana van Stolberglaan 225, 

The Hague 

Nevada F. Y. Williams P.O. Box 928, Elko 89801 . 

New Brunswick G. J. Langell Box 103, Sussex 

New Hampshire Lester W. Holt 6 Ellsworth St., Concord, 

New Hampshire 

New Jersey Harry R. Pine 37 Carleton Avenue. Trenton 

New Mexico Elmer H. Riemen Post Office Box 1375, Roswell. 88201 

New South Wales G. E. W. Salier Manchester Unity Building, 160 

(Australia) Csstlereagh Street. Sydney 

New York H. Randall Kreger Masonic Hall, 71 W. 23rd St., 

New York 
New Zealand . (G.S.E.) W. G. Webster Box 263, Auckland 1 


North Carolina . . Chas. C. Ricker Masonic Temple, 80 Broadway, 

Asheville, N.C., 28801 

North Dakota Delbert J. Miller Box 128 D, Devil's Lake 58301 

Nova Scotia E. L. Eaton R.R. #2, Centreville, Kings County 

Ohio Oliver H. Ormiston Box 27. Bartlett, 45713 

Oklahoma F. M. Lumbard Box 1037, Muskogee 74401 

Ontario (G.S.E.) F. C. Conley ...240 Eglinton Ave. E., Toronto 13 

Oregon T. Stanton Ford 2170 S. W. Taylors Ferry Road, 

Portland, Oregon 97219 

Pennsylvania .... Albert H. Connelly Masonic Temple, Broad and Filbert 

Streets, Philadelphia, 19107 

Philippines Antonio Gonzales Sr., .. c/o York Rite Bodies, 1440 San 

Marceline. Manila 

Quebec (G.S.E.) H. Wall Clarke 2295 St. Mark Street, Montreal 25 


Australia Gordon L. Shaw Box 425-F, G.P.O., Brisbane 

Rhode Island Luther C. Homan 37 Austin Ave., Greenville, 02828 

Saskatchewan (G.S.E.) H. K. Halldorson 610 Bank of Canada Bldg., Regina 

Scotland Thomas McFarlane 76 Queen Street, Edinburgh 2 

South Carolina ... Hugh N. Layne 901 Palmetto State Life Building, 

Columbia 29201 

South Dakota ....Walter H. Reckling Box 425, Winner 


(Helvetia) H. O. Mauerhofer . Box 216, 3001 Berne 

Tennessee Wallace Phelan Douglas Box 216, Nashville, 37202 

Texas E. S. Winfree, Jr P.O. Box 296, Waco 76703 

Utah Paul B. Pickering Masonic Temple, 650 East South 

Temple St., Salt Lake City 84102 

Vermont D. Burleigh Smalley Jr. . Masonic Temple, Box 443. 

Victoria, Burlington 05401 

Australia (G.S.E.) J. R. E. Attwood 164 Flinders St., Melbourne. 

CD, 3000 

Virginia Wilbur Applewhite Masonic Temple, 107 W. Broad St.. 

Richmond. 23220 

Washington Walter H. Steffey 2323 N.E. 127th St., Seattle. 98125 

Western Australia L. C. Wilson No. 6 Bank of N.S.W. Chambers, 

65 St. George's Terrace, Perth 

West Virginia . . . George V. Gorrell 304 Riley Law Bldg., Wheeling 

Wisconsin Earl B. Bauer Room 239, 225E. Michigan St., 

Milwaukee, Wise. 53202 

Wyoming Marcus R. Nicols Masonic Temple, Casper 


(M.M.M. Lodge) M .G. Edwards, M.B.E. . P.G. 40 Upperbrook Street, 

London 1, W.C. 










Committee on Award 9 6-97 


Members 104 

Report of Committee 83 

Bursaries _. . 91-96 

Budget 102 

CHAPTER RETURNS TO 31 DEC, 1970 68-72 









Report of ._ 99-100 


Committee Report 98-99 


Committee on 89 


Annual, Toronto 4 


Report -- 20-23 

DEATHS 15-19 


DEMITS 110-111 




Report 103-104 


Members 103 




Members 93 

Report of 100-102 


Auditor's Report 74-80 


Names and Addresses 114-116 


Committee on 106 

Report of Committee 12-19 


Officers, 1971 103 

Opening 5 

Call Off 103 

Call On 103 


Address 25-45 

Report of Committee on 84-86 


Elected 121 

Honorary .„. 121 


List of 122 

Roll Call 23-24 



Names and Addresses 124-125 


Report of 63-67 

Past Grand Scribes E 121 


Names and Addresses 103-104 

Reports of 46-61 


Financial Statement — 62-63 


Committee 106 

Report of Committee 82-83 



Committee on ~~ 106 

Report of Committee 73-74 





Confirmation 19 


M. Ex. Comp. Frederick W. Dean 7.9 

M. Ex. Comp. Stanley Portch 10-12 


MOTION 107-108 


Appointed __ 104-106 

Elected 103-104 

Installed and Invested 108 



Presentation of Jewels 35-36 


Report 80 


REPORTS (Committee reports listed under Committee) 

Grand Scribe E 63-67 

Grand Superintendents 46-61 

Grand Treasurer 62 



Constitution ....88-89 


Report of Committee ....91-96 


Names and Addresses 116-120 





Financial Statement 78 



Committee on 82 




M.E. Comp. Earl A. Spitler, G.H.P. 

16 Chapters; Membership 2,167. 

The Seventy-ninth Annual Convocation of the Grand Chapter of 
Royal Arch Masons of Arizona was held at Phoenix on October 28 and 29, 
A.D. 1969. 

In reviewing the proceedings of the Grand Chapter of Arizona, I 
find that they have increased their membership over the previous year. 
It is a fact that there are not a great number of Chapters in the State, 
but neverthless Royal Arch Masonry has been working there for 78 years 
and again, this increase is certainly due to the commendable efforts of 
far too few. To quote from the Grand High Priest's address: 

"The Secret of 



It never fails." 

In reading the Proceedings thoroughly, nowhere do I find any record 
of a magical formula for increasing membreship, so the answer must 
again come back to the same thing, basically this: "GO TO WORK". 


M.E. Stanley H. Steiner, G.H.P. 

44 Chapters; 7,592 Membership. 

The One Hundred and Seventy-second Annual Convocation of the 
Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Connecticut was held in the 
Masonic Temple in the City of Hartford, Saturday, May 16, 1970. 

In the proceedings of the Grand Chapter Convocations of Connecticut, 
as in a few others, the Grand Chapter Officers submit a report of their 
activities for the year; also they have recorded each Chapter with its 
name, number, date it was constituted, where and when it meets, as well 
as the list of Officers, Past High Priests, number exalted, demitted, sus- 
pended or died for the past year. 

In a statement by Ex. Joseph A. Robitaille Jr., High Priest of Union 
Chapter No. 7, New London, which was read aloud before the Grand 
Chapter convened, he reads and I quote: 

"In this time of unrest on our college campuses, while we sit back 
complacently and laugh at these KIDS trying to change the course our 
country is committed to in various parts of the world, these so-called 
"KIDS" are tearing down everything that we and our forefathers have 
built from the barren, rough land which greeted those first pilgrims to 
the glorious country we have today. True, there are flaws in our system 


of government, as there is in others, but it is the BEST thing that has 
come up so far. Government of the people and by the people is NOT an 
easy one; because it IS BY the people, the ideas are as varied as there 
are individuals. Until recent years, men and women have settled these 
varied ideas by discussion and arbitration and by the vote of each of us 
to decide in a peaceful and orderly manner. Now a handful of students, 
led by what I believe to be professional agitators, seem to feel that the 
only way to gain recognition is by tearing the beautiful flag of our 
country into arm-bands to show their disregard for our country and 
their disgust with its leaders. 

We have WATCHED this contemptuous display long enough. It is 
time for people to become aroused and let the nation know we are behind 
our elected officials and more especially our country. About twenty 
years ago, leaders of the communists stated that they would conquer the 
U.S. from within, and I believe, if we do not come forward and show our 
allegiance, they will surely do it through the self-elected saviours of our 
country — these dissident students. 

In this wonderful country of ours, the Masonic fraternity has grown 
to be strong, close-knit organization from whose ranks many Presidents, 
statesmen, and other leaders have been chosen. If we can do this, we 
can help set it back on an even keel by supporting our country's leaders 
and especially our President. Standing together, not as Republicans or 
Democrats, or Christians or Jews, or Protestants or Catholics, BUT AS 
AMERICANS, we can support our President in the strenuous task he 
has to bear. 

I would like to see a resolution sent to the President from the Grand 
Chapter Royal Arch Masons of Connecticut to show our support of our 
country and that to MASONS our COUNTRY comes second only to our 

Remember the slogan which joined those first Colonies into the first 
United States — "United We Stand, Divided We Fall". We have stood 
PROUD for these three hundred and fifty years, we cannot allow our- 
selves to fall because we were among the all too "silent majority". 

After reading, it was moved, seconded and voted that this Grand 
Chapter draft a RESOLUTION embodying the above statement and 
forwardto the President of the United States as stated in paragraph five. 


M. Ex. Comp. Richard H. Thomas, G.H.P. 

6 Chapters; 811 Membership. 

The One Hundred and First Annual Convocation of the Grand Chap- 
ter Royal Arch Masons of Delaware was held in the Masonic Temple, 
Wilmington, Saturday, January 18, 1969. 

This Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons is one of the smallest, if 
not the smallest, geographically as well as numerically, nevertheless, it 
suffered the least in overall membership of any Grand Chapter from a 
ratio comparison. 

In the report of the condition of the Grand Chapter the Grand High 
Priest states: "Peace and harmony prevail within the confines of our 
State. I am firmly convinced that every chapter must overhaul and 
update their internal structures and redesign their planning to coincide 
with the modern concept of living, incorporating in this design the time 


honored teachings and principles of Capitular Masonry. 

Companions, we are in direct competition with all the modern modes 
of transportation, entertainment, organizations and life itself. We must 
make our Chapters attractive to all Masons. We must be active. We 
must plan. Most of all we must all work together if we are to again 
place Capitular Masonry in its proper place in Delaware. 

There are many dedicated Companions throughout this State; and 
while our numbers are small, the calibre of these men will enable us to 
do the great task confronting all of us." 


M. Ex. Comp. Orville Sheneman, G.H.P. 

20 Chapters; 2,685 Membership. 

The Sixty-second Annual Convocation of the Grand Chapter Royal 
Arch Masons of the State of Idaho, was convened in the Masonic Temple 
at Pocatello, Idaho, on Wednesday, May 27, 1970. 

In the Report of the Grand Lecturer, he mentions and I quote: "The 
Grand Lecturer has noted since taking office in 1961 that in many cases 
the same errors are repeated over and over again. As a rule the correc- 
tion is made only once a year and it is very easy for Companions to revert 
to custom. We can see no logical reason for not furnishing the secretary 
of each subordinate Chapter with a copy of the essentials. 

We recommend that the Grand Lecturer and Deputies hold an annual 
meeting in some central portion of the state, on call of the Grand 
Lecturer, so that they may be able to discuss their several problems 
thereby bringing closer harmony to the Work in the jurisdiction." 


M. Ex. Comp. W. Robert Travelstead, G.H.P. 

159 Chapters; Membership 24,900. 

The One Hundred and Twentieth Annual Convocation of the Grand 
Royal Arch Chapter of the State of Illinois was held in the City of 
Chicago on the 14th of March, A.D. 1969. 

As I read in the Grand High Priest's address, he states that for the 
last year there were no consolidations executed. He does not think that 
consolidations are the answer to the problem, that this is sometimes the 
easy way out. 

In a Report of the Committee on Masonic Relations we read: "We 
would like to emphasize at this time that one of our most important 
duties in the area of Masonic relations is to attend our Blue Lodge and 
assist them in their degree work and the posting of candidates as this 
is the basis of York Rite Masonry and the source of our future growth. 

We believe more degree teams should be organized and made avail- 
able for degree work in the Chapters as many of the officers in the York 
Rite are spread too thin by working in too many bodies at the same 
time. And as the candidate has paid for his degree work he is entitled 
to a good degree. 

Our Most Excellent Grand High Priest has been active in this area 
and stimulated much interest by arranging Chapter days in which 


degree teams from various states have put on the degrees. One such 
day was put on in Chicago, with Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, and a Cana- 
dian team putting on the work, and was most successful." 

The Grand Chapter of Illinois each year submits to the General 
Grand Chapter the names of the Chapters in their jurisdiction of the 
Chapters who have a 10% gain in membership for the year, these 
Chapters are then eligible to receive Certificates. 

In the address of the Grand Chaplain, he states "When you think 
of youth, when you listen to their conversations, when you counsel with 
them, you soon discover that this is a different day from that of our 
boyhood. Not long ago in counselling with a group of youth leaders, I 
raised the question "What do you think of sermons, what about ad- 
dresses?" The reply was "Give us that which you want to say simply 
and to the point." The church must remain the church; the Masonic 
Lodge must remain the Masonic Lodge; but Brothers, let us keep our 
feet on solid foundations in transition, in adjustment, in meeting the 
demands of a great day in which we live." 


M. Ex. Comp. Alfred L. Apple, G.H.P. 

96 Chapters; 20,941 Membership. 

The One Hundred and Twenty-fifth Annual Convocation of the Grand 
Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of the State of Indiana was held in the 
Masonic Temple, Lafayette, April 10, 1970. 

The Grand Lecturer states and I quote: "The report of the Grand 
Secretary just read calls our attention to the membership loss sustained 
in 1969. Any loss in membership is, of course, regrettable. I firmly 
believe Capitular Masonry should be reserved for the true seeker of 
further Masonic Light. Let us be sure it is offered to all seekers of 
further Masonic Light. Suspension and demits again accounted for a 
large share of our loss. My only suggestion in this regard is to make 
our degree work and our stated convocations more interesting. Do not 
let your Chapter become a demit mill, but follow up every request for 
demit with a personal contact." 

In the address of the Most Excellent Grand High Priest, he states: 
"Other jurisdictions are having problems, in fact, there are problems 
every place you look. 

But — are you working on the solution or are you part of the 
problem? In fact a man could become very confused in a dissertation 
of problems. 

Companions, there are three kinds of people. Those who make 
things happen. Those who watch things happen and those who have no 
idea what happened. We, as Masons, are progressive. Shouldn't we 
be of those who make wholesome things happen? We as Masons lead 
the man to light, as Capitular Masons, lead the Brother to further 
light in Masonry; hence by our leadership — you know, leadership is 
the process of helping people do the worthwhile things they want to do 
— by our Masonic leadership we help the man and Brother to do those 
worthwhile things he wants to do. Then Companions let us start on the 
solution of the many problems. 

Extend that hand of York Rite Fraternal Fellowship at each moment 
the opportunity arises. You can count that day lost whose low descending 


sun views from thy hand no worthy action done. Is it not the time to 
enter upon an action ? 

"Is anybody happier because you passed his way? 

Does anyone remember that you spoke to him today? 

The day is almost over, and its tailing time is through, 

Is there anyone to utter now a kindly word of you? 

Can you say tonight, in parting with the day that's slipping fast, 

That you helped a single Brother of the many that you passed. 

Is a single heart rejoicing over what you did or said; 

Does the man whose hopes were fading, now with courage look 

Did you waste the day, or lose it? Was it well or sorely spent? 
Did you leave a trail of kindness, or a scar of discontent? 
As you close your eyes in slumber, do you think God will say, 
You have earned one more tomorrow by the work you did 


I would like to also quote, at this time, a paragraph or two from the 
Acceptance Address of M.E. Grand High Priest Marvin L. Isley. 

"There is a continual growing concern of the inability of too many 
of our Chapters to perform ritualistic work in a creditable manner. 
Therefore, I am at this moment placing the responsibility for visitation of 
Chapters for inspection of ritualistic work upon the shoulders of our 
very capable Grand Lecturer, Lloyd W. Young. If the return of inspec- 
tion reports show the inability of a particular Chapter to confer ritualistic 
work in a manner deemed proper and sufficient by the Grand Lecturer, 
that Chapter will be instructed to cease the conferring of such degree 
work until proven proficient by the Grand Lecturer. 

We are always concerned with maintaining or increasing our mem- 
bership levels. Should I attempt to enlist a slogan or motto for my 
Grand Chapter Year, it would be THE POSITIVE APPROACH. Too 
many are the times we have heard various and sundry reasons or excuses 
of why this program won't work or that program won't work. There 
are two basic ingredients to success and they must be in proper sequence. 

1. Plan your work. 

2. Work your plan. 

We have discovered from experience that enthusiasm is one of the 
greatest contagions that exists today. We need to eliminate the nega- 
tive and accentuate the positive. An elderly gentleman friend of mine 
who always displayed a pleasant and positive attitude gave me this philo- 
sophy about life. It is this. If you will act the way you want to feel, 
soon you will feel the way you act. Think about it." 


M.E. Comp. Sydney Hanna, M.B.E., Grand King. 

M.E. Comp. Herbert MacNeice, Deputy Grand King. 

The stated Convocations of the Supreme Grand Royal Arch Chapter 
of Ireland are held at Freemason's Hall, Dublin, on the first Wednesday 
in the months of February, May and November and the third Wednesday 
in June at 8:00 p.m. 

There are 14 District Grand Royal Arch Chapters. Each are ad- 
ministered by a District Council with a District Grand King and a 
District Deputy Grand King and a Registrar with the constituent Chap- 


ters under this District Council. 

In the District Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Antrim, we read that 
it comprises almost one-third of the total number of Royal Arch Chap- 
ters under the jurisdiction of the Supreme Grand Royal Arch Chapter of 
Ireland, and this one-third figure represents 131 Chapters. 

In the report of the District Grand King of the District of Down, he 
states: "The past year has been a difficult period for many of our mem- 
bers because of the civic unrest and political strife which has disrupted 
the life and sullied the good name of our Country. In common with men 
of goodwill everywhere I deplore the tragic sequence of violence and 
destruction and deprecate the action of all who by word or deed exacer- 
bated the situation. 

I exhort all Royal Arch Masons to demonstrate the teaching and 
principles of our Order especially the old charges to a Mason, in their 
daily lives and the influence they exert in their various spheres of work 
and social activities." 


Kenneth H. Williams, G.H.P. 

91 Chapters; 13,736 Membership. 

The One Hundred and Fifty-third Annual Convocation of the Grand 
Chapter of Kentucky, Royal Arch Masons, was held September 23, 1970, 
in the Grand Ballroom of the Seelback Hotel, Louisville, Kentucky. 

In the address of the Grand High Priest he writes regarding the 
condition of the Craft: "My Companions, it is with elation that I report 
to you a net gain for this Capitular year. It is only a gain of 23; but, 
even though this number is small, it signifies we have at last reached a 
new milestone in Kentucky and together we have started to rebuild this 
Grand Chapter to its former standing. 

At the beginning of this Capitular Year, assisted by the Grand 
Secretary, I held special meetings all across our great commonwealth. 
At these meetings I established quotas for each Chapter, performance 
percentage for the officers of each Chapter, a call to leadership of the 
high priests and a challenge to the district inspector-instructor of each 

The Companions who have met this challenge and have provided this 
Grand Chapter with this net increase are now to be recognized for their 

Reading on in the Grand High Priest's address, there is a report 
regarding Chapters consolidated, he makes this remark: "My Companions, 
it is disheartening to perform this type of duty as the loss of Chapters 
also results in the loss of membership. But to win a war a General 
oftentimes has to lose a few battles, regroup and then go ahead to 
victory. It is my greatest desire that the uniting of these Chapters will 
result in a new birth of activity in these areas and we shall be able to 
witness their growth instead of a continued loss." 

In his address he also reports on the Education Program. "As has 
been done by my predecessors, I wrote congratulatory letters to all newly 
raised Master Masons whose names were submitted to the Grand Secre- 
tary. Enclosed in the letter were three pamphlets describing the benefits 
of the Royal Arch and York Rite Masonry, and a petition inviting the 


Master Mason to join. I also instituted a similar letter to any Master 
Mason whose name was submitted to the Grand Secretary. Nineteen 
Chapters submitted a total of 251 names. This is over twice the number 
of names submitted last year and of the 19 Chapters who utilized this 
service offered by the Grand Chapter, 15 had gains, three had very small 
losses and one remained even. 

Companions, these results only emphasize the necessity of advertis- 
ing and if more Chapters will utilize this service, they too, can show 
gain next year." 


M. Ex. J. A. Poche, Grand High Priest. 

62 Chapters, 9,634 Membership. 

The One Hundred and Twenty-third Annual Convocation of the 
Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons of Louisiana was held March 8, 9 
and 10, 1970, in the Holiday Inn, Lafayette, Louisiana. 

One interesting portion of the Louisiana proceedings we read was 
the section near the back in which they have every Chapter in the Grand 
Jurisdiction listed, with much information regarding each Chapter 
especially listing every member of each Chapter. We realize this takes 
up a large number of pages in the proceedings, but, nevertheless, it is 
quite interesting and is not done this way by too many Grand Chapters 
in their proceedings. 

Louisiana had a good average increase in membership per Chapter, 
but they also had a large loss in membership by way of deaths which 
there is no way of overcoming, but their loss by suspension was almost 
the same as the increase in membership. 

The Grand Secretary's report states: 

"Having begun work in the Grand Secretary's office in 1939, I am 
now submitting to you the 30th Annual Report covering activities in 1969. 

A study of this Annual Report reveals two things in the mind of 
this Grand Secretary and they are: 

We must get our Exaltations out of the 200 and 300 candidates for 
these numbers of candidates will not meet our losses, and we must find 
younger men for our classes of candidates to reduce the average of our 
members. Deaths are running high especially among our older members." 

A final paragraph from the Grand High Priest's address states: 

"My Companions — to preserve Masonry (and particularly Royal 
Arch Masonry), as we know it today, we should realize and know that 
it is the duty and burden (and onerous at times it may be) of each 
Mason to stand up for that which is good and right and to condemn that 
which is evil and wrong. Freemasons should not waste their great 
heritage, we must preserve our Craft. This is our GREAT DUTY, both 
as men and as members of the Masonic Order." 


M. Ex. Comp. James Russell, G.F.P. 

19 Chapters; 2,170 Membership. 

Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons of Manitoba held its Forty- 


seventh Annual Convocation in the Marlborough Hotel, Winnipeg, Mani- 
toba, on Friday, April 10, 1970, at 8:00 o'clock. 

Rt. Ex. Comp. Hugh L. Hornbeck, Grand Superintendent of District 
No. 2, complimented the Companions who conducted the School of 
Instruction but he considered that the instruction was too thin and too 
fast. He believed that reforms and education must start from the Grand 
Superintendents, and that the Grand Executive Committee should arrange 
for detailed instructions to new Superintendents and also a School of 
Instruction for Excellent First Principals. He suggested that first names 
be printed in Chapter summonses in order that we get on a first name 
basis and urged that we put more into our Capitular Masonry. 


27 Chapters; 7.238 Membership. 

The One Hundred and Seventy-third Annual Convocation of the 
Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Maryland was held in the 
Masonic Temple in the City of Baltimore, on Tuesday, May 12, 1970. 

The Grand High Priest in his report on the condition of the Craft 
states "I regret to report that we show a net loss of 21 Companions 
throughout the State again this year. This loss is less than last year, 
but Companions something has to be done about our demits and sus- 
pensions, as they are climbing each year. 

Our exaltations this year were 260 and higher than last year. We 
reinstated 10 and affiliated 13, making a total of 283, and our Demits 
53 and Suspensions 63 were much higher than last year, although we 
had 188 deaths almost the same as last year you see we must do some- 
thing in the areas of demits and suspensions. Our present membership 
has dropped to 7,238. 

The number of deaths 188 Companions is a factor in our member- 
ship over which we have no control, however, I believe that with a little 
more effort on the part of every Companion together with the High 
Priests and Secretaries we could overcome this deficit and then with 
more petitions this year, we could be on the gaining side for Capitular 
Masonry. If we make our work a little more interesting with planned 
programs we probably could retain some of our Demitted and Suspended 

Throughout the State our Chapters as a whole have improved 
Ritualistically, but there is still some chance for improvement in general. 
The weak Chapters must at this time come forward with new ideas and 
especially officer material. 

The High Priests of all Chapters are to be commended for their 
zeal and effort put forth this year at all Grand Visitations. 

Again your Grand High Priest gave a booklet to each High Priest 
of his Chapter this year, being prepared by our Past Grand High Priest. 
Roy V. Ringler, after some changes were made, hoping to aid each one 
to have a better year with a complete record before him as a guide 
during his term of office. 

I sure hope that the next Grand High Priest sees fit to continue 
this idea and issue some sort of help for the High Priests as a guide 
during his year. 

Lastly as some of our Chapters need help and assistance from the 


Grand Officers, to aid the High Priests in planning activities, obtaining 
new members, improving and promoting interest in their Chapters. Last 
year it was suggested that I, as Grand High Priest give serious considera- 
tion to activate such a Committee. This was done by appointing each 
elective Grand Line Officer in his particular area of the State, to aid 
and assist those High Priests and Grand Inspectors if need be, this was 
done and mentioned at the Regional Meetings." 


M. Ex. Comp. Thomas Bryan Ballard, G.H.P. 

137 Chapters; Membership 25,340. 

The One Hundred and Twenty-first Annual Convocation of the 
Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Michigan was held in the City 
of Detroit, October 17 and 18, 1969. 

In reading the address of the Grand High Priest he states and I 
quote: "We hear a lot said about Masonry being a way of life, which it 
is, in my opinion, if this is so then why are we not attracting the 
attention of the youth of this nation as we did some five or six decades 
ago? First of all the very nature of our society dictates that co-opera- 
tion is one of our basic tenants. During my thirty-six years as a Master 
Mason, co-operation has been one of the most enjoyable aspects of the 
craft. However, I must say co-ordination in the fields of Public Rela- 
tions, Fraternal Relations and Masonic Education has been fragmented 
to say the least. 

The mass media draws our attention daily to the frustration of our 
youth, because of the lack of a sense of direction to a large segment of 
our society who if they were properly oriented by a good public relations 
and fraternal relations program our membership would be growing 
instead of losing. 

Let us take a record look at our youth which is the most important 
gift to the future of the Craft. Let us use the technique of orientation 
and we will not have to resort to invitation or coercion to replenish our 
losses. Let us do the job that Masonry is meant to do, and we will have 
to reclaim the drop outs. Either in our society or our fraternity. 

Let us build a Cathedral of Masonry that the youth of our nation 
will be attracted by the awe and astonishment that once captivated the 
great builders of our institution. Let's invest in youth not in death. 
Have we achieved perfection ? Take a second look and you will find 
many challenging surprises. 

Time marches on as we conclude the One Hundred and Twenty- 
first Grand Convocation of this Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons of 
Michigan, we will become a part of the recorded history of an institution 
whose philosophy in the past, is now, and will in the future, continue 
to be one which the sages of old so carefully preserved for the better- 
ment of mankind. 

The efforts of the toilers upward, those Companions of by-gone days, 
are recorded on the yellowing pages that contain the minutes of each 
Chapter of this Grand Jurisdiction that all may know the joys, as well 
as defeats, of dedictated service while climbing the mystic ladder of 
fraternalism. The challenging rewards are those experienced while 
converting the inevitable stumbling blocks into stepping stones, directing 
our paths ever upward toward the final milestone of an ancient journey 
that began when man first realized his own inadequacy. 


Masonry teaches that the successful man sets for himself the im- 
possible goal in order to attain the possible, by applying his own indi- 
vidual initiative to his God given talents directing his efforts ever 
upward. While the dreamer, the iceberg drifting aimlessly toward the 
sea of paradise as the ice-flow, slowly but surely melts away leaving 
him stranded upon the tempestuous sea of life without a sense of 
direction or accomplishment. 

This is the culmination of some thirty-five years as a Master Mason. 
During this period I have been privileged to serve the Craft in many 
capacities which means that a tremendous amount of one's time, effort 
and energies have to be directed or diverted away from the normal 
pursuits of the average citizen of our present day society. Fraternalism 
is more of a science in our present day cultural than at any other time 
in the history of man. Our educational system does not teach fraternal 
science from an academic approach, therefore, the workers in the vine- 
yard of Masonry are primarily left to their own devices in a highly 
organized and technical oriented culture. We, therefore, should strive 
to establish an educational system of our own that will give the new 
worker in the craft an awareness of the priorities showing how the 
leadership of the Craft is structural, starting with the Blue Lodge and 
stressing the importance of unity among the Brethren." 


M. Ex. Comp. Joel K. Bronoel, G.H.P. 

71 Chapters; 31,312 Membership. 

The One Hundred and Ninth Annual Convocation of the Grand 
Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Minnesota was held in the Masonic 
Temple, Duluth, on October 9 and 10, 1970. 

In the report of the Committee on State of the Rite "In presenting 
this report, let us look at some of the positive aspects of Royal Arch 
Masonry in Minnesota. Nine years ago ,when the Grand Chapter met 
in this very room, it was reported that neighboring Virginia Chapter 
No. 77 had exalted 45 new members during the year — the most of any 
Chapter in the state. The eight top Chapters took in a total of 177 
members that year, out of a total of 516 new members in the whole 
state. By comparison this year's total addition is 244. 

This Committee recommends that Chapter elections be held in May 
with installation set for the first meeting in the fall. This gives the 
new High Priest an opportunity to begin his Capitular Year with a 
burst of enthusiasm, which, hopefully, will carry over to the rest of the 
Year's meetings. 

Finally, it can be said that generally speaking, the progress of the 
individual Chapter is pretty closely related to the enthusiasm, ability 
and determination of the High Priest. To those High Priests who are 
present today, we urge you to go back to your Chapters with the deter- 
mination that this will be one of the best years in your Chapter's 
history, not only in the numerical growth, but in the quality of the work 
in the degrees, and in the building of fellowships that bring Masons 
out for Chapter meetings." 

In the report of Committee on Educational Research, "Chapters 
should all strive to have at least the three top officers present at our 
Grand Chapter Convocation each year for this affords those in office 
the opportunity to learn the duties and obligations encumbered upon 


All Chapters should make a special effort to encourage a high 
degree of courtesies in order to attract representative membership and 
to enable the fraternity to maintain its position of prominence." 


M.E. Alexander Shiska Ragenovich, G.H.P. 

33 Chapters; 4,354 Membership. 

The Eighty-first Annual Convocation of the M.E. Grand Chapter 
of Royal Arch Masons of the State of Montana was held in the Masonic 
Temple in Great Falls, Montana, on Wednesday, June 10, 1970. 

Among the various Committees which the Grand Chapter of Montana 
has is one called the Royal Arch Advancement and Membership and we 
would at this time like to quote: 

ADVANCEMENT PROGRAM: "It was proposed that each Montana 
Royal Arch Chapter hold, during the early part of 1970, an Officers' 
Workshop after one of its stated meetings, with the District Member 
of this committee working with the Chapter Instructor to assist the 
newly installed officers to become more proficient in their duties and 
in the work of our ritual. 

The Workshop was to assist our Companions and to promote good 
ritual work. It was not to criticize in any manner, but to instill the 
desire to "let's try to do it better" in our members. 

One of the many benefits that have been reported is that many 
Chapters have ordered additional new rituals with the up-dated work. 
Also, additional Montana Monitors have been requested and put to use. 

Several Committee Members have reported that the Workshop were 
well received in their areas, that the Companions were very receptive 
to them and that each meeting had produced a good discussion with 
many questions being asked. They stated that these Officers' Work- 
shops are a good idea and should be continued in the future. 

MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM: This Committee prepared and mailed to 
each Montana Royal Arch Chapter an outline of suggestions of what 
each Chapter could do to encourage an organized membership drive. 
Included were many ideas of suggested "Public Relations Activities" 
with Craft lodges. These ideas ranged from a card file to record 
names of prospective members; use of information pamphlets on the 
Royal Arch (available from the Grand Secretary's Office); visiting 
Blue Lodges to give programs or degree work (an opportunity to speak 
on the York Rite is usually extended) ; to having a dinner program to 
which prospective members are invited, entertained and informed on the 
York Rite. 

The Committee also promoted the retaining of present members 
by suggesting that each active member invite an inactive member to 
attend a meeting with him, call members that have not attended and 
let them know that they are missed at your meetings; plan and give 
proper notice of special programs or entertainment; have special nights 
for Past High Priests, Merit Awards, Ladies' Night, Youth Night, etc. 

recognizes that they cannot do this on their own. It is necessary for 
all our Companions to talk, work and encourage membership and 
attendance. Remember, the life blood of our organization is degree 


work. Without this incentive, it is easy for our present members to 
lose interest, our officers not to learn or perform their duties and that 
they lose the benefits of the experience and satisfaction of work well 


We, your committee on Recognition of Secretaries, wish to report as 

In considering the recognition of secretaries, we feel it is necessary 
to evaluate the requirements of the office, its vital importance to the 
Chapter, and then determine the type of member best qualified to fill 
the office. We suggest the following guide lines for the selection of a 

A good Secretary should be 

1. Dependable and properly acquainted with the work — Ritual- 
istic, Business, Social and Administrative. 

2. Well regarded in his local community. 

3. Compatible with his fellowman but especially with the members 
of his Chapter. 

4. Prompt in doing his duty and fulfilling his promise. 

5. Actively interested in his Church and in the civic affairs of his 

6. His past performances should show that he enjoys giving ser- 
vice to his Chapter and is genuinely interested in its growth 
and welfare. 

7. He should have some hobby. 

In other words, he should be a competent well-informed Freemason, 
reliable and willing to discharge promptly all the requirements of the 
office he has assumed and endowed with a friendly and helpful tolerance 
towards his fellowman. The work of a Secretary brings him more in 
contact with the Chapter members than that of even the High Priest 
and on his efforts and personality depends to a very great extent the 
effectiveness of the work of the High Priest and his officers. For this 
reason we believe that the recognition of a Secretary is a matter for 
the local -body he serves, since his value to it will reflect the devotion 
and dedication he gives to his office. As he serves, a Secretary enjoys 
recognition from his Chapter and is conscious as to whether it is ex- 
tended favourably or unfavourably and his reward may be mostly 
merely a satisfaction of work well done and the enjoyment of the respect 
and esteem of his fellow members. 

Therefore, our only recommendation is that this Grand Chapter 
urge Constituent Chapters to set aside a regular meeting, as occasions 
demand, to pay tribute to a deserving secretary and give him such 
additional recognition as they may choose to bestow." 


M. Ex. Companion Russell F. Richmond, G.H.P. 

41 Chapters, 6,944 Membership. 

The One Hundred and Third Annual Convocation of the Grand 
Chapter Royal Arch Masons of Nebraska was held in the Radisson 
Cornhusker Hotel, Lincoln, Nebraska, on Wednesday, April 8, 1970. 

In the address by M. Ex. Comp. Richmond, the Grand High Priest, 
he says "I believe it would be in order to make a few remarks concerning 


our situation in the Royal Arch. I recently heard a talk on this subject 
in which the speaker brought out the fact that if we are to keep 
Masonry, we must expect to meet with criticism and opposition. Ancient 
Craft Masonry is the foundation, the beginning, of all real Masonic 
Culture and its lessons and teachings have been brought down to us 
through the ages by men dedicated to the preservation of this great 
fraternity. The principles and lessons of Free Masonry are further 
broadened and developed by two great Masonic organizations, the York 
Rite and the Scottish Rite, each by its own methods but both arriving 
at a Masonic Culture which if seriously studied, assimilated and follow- 
ed by all members, would solve most of our modern social problems. 
Masonry has been for the most part unchanging. Yet its teachings are 
as valid today as they have been in the past. Masonry is something we 
can "hang onto", when in our current technological society many seem 
to have trouble in finding a social foundation to live by and even some of 
our religious organizations seem to be wavering. Now my question — 
Do we want to keep Masonry? Do we want to keep the Royal Arch? 
To do so we must each become actively involved. We must take a real 
"Interest" in our Masonic Organizations. We must be willing to devote 
time and money to the welfare of these organizations. If we are to keep 
Royal Arch Masonry we must each, and that means all members, have 
the "Interest" and want it enough to become involved. And I think 
involvement must begin at the "grass roots", in the local Chapters. The 
message must be communicated to the local membership. And communi- 
cation is one of the weaknesses of many Masonic organizations. The 
membership will not respond if they are not notified and urged to 
participate in the activities of their organization. And I must admit 
that communication from the Grand Chapter to the local Chapters is 
not always what it should be. I think the Grand Chapter has always 
been willing to help and work with the Chapters in the promotion of 
Royal Arch Masonry. However, I would like to suggest that in the 
future the Grand Chapter officers should take a greater part in visiting 
and work with the Chapters to promote and develop local interest, and 
not always wait for an invitation. 

If we want to keep the Royal Arch or indeed all Masonry, it will be 
necessary to increase the "Interest" level of the entire membership and 
rededicate ourselves to the enthusiastic and unselfish support of the 
principles of Free Masonry and the promotion of Royal Arch Masonry." 

In the Grand High Priest's address he makes mention in his state- 
ment regarding the condition of the Rite. "It seems to me that a brief 
mention of finances is in order here. Some Chapters seem to think they 
can still operate on a 1930 dollar that is now worth about 25 cents. I 
approved one by-law change to raise the dues from two to three dollars. 
It must be difficult to keep an organization active even with a three 
dollar dues. Some Chapters are finding it difficult to keep active on a 
five dollar dues. There is no point in excessive dues but there should 
be enough to properly finance an active Chapter. 


M. Ex. Comp. Ralph John Coy, First Grand Principal. 

11 Chapters, 1,393 Membership. 

The Eighty-third Annual Convocation of the Grand Chapter of 
Royal Arch Masons of New Brunswick was held in the Masonic Temple 
in the City of Moncton, New Brunswick, on Saturday, June 27, 1970. 

In a report of the President of the Executive Committee, it was 


resolved by motion not to recognize the Past Master's Degree in the 
Grand Jurisdiction of Royal Arch Masons of New Brunswick and not 
to grant Dispensations for it to be conferred by or in any Chapter 
working under authority of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons 
of New Brunswick. 

In the concluding remarks of the address of the Grand First Princi- 
pal, he states "We are going through difficult times. There are troubles 
throughout many parts of the World. We have our own difficulties here 
at home and it would seem to be a time to stand up for what we 
believe and be counted. 

However, with the spirit and benevolence of our Heavenly Guide, 
and men such as you, dedicated to His service, we can go forward with 
confidence in the future. 

It is my earnest wish that Capitular Masonry will continue to 
prosper and that we shall leave a heritage to those who follow us, of 
which they will be justly proud." 


M. Ex. Fred Feldscher, G.H.P. 

193 Chapters; 20,039 Membership. 

The One Hundred and Seventy-Third Annual Convocation of the 
Grand Chapter of the State of New York Royal Arch Masons convened 
in the Thruway Hyatt House, in the City of Albany, on Thursday, 
February 5, 1970. 

In the report of the Custodians of the Work: 

"The committee recommends that Grand Chapter follow the example 
of Grand Lodge by changing the language in that part of the Obligations 
having to do with the penalties to read as follows: 'Binding myself 
SYMBOLICALLY, under the penalty', etc. 

The Committee also highly recommends the use of music and 
theatrical character 'make-up' during the conferring of degrees insofar 
as the resources of the individual Chapter permits. 

The life and growth of the individual Chapter depends, to a large 
degree upon the impression that is made on the candidates during their 
initiation. We are certain that the use of music and dramatic props 
will greatly enhance the effect of the ritualistic work. We urgently 
request each Chapter to use these items to the fullest extent possible." 

Report of the Committee on the Advancement of the Rite states: 
"Companions, it is imperative that Capitular Masonry, particularly the 
Royal Arch Mason, take a long hard look at the condition of our rite. 
Here we see the three York Bodies each with a continued reduction in 
their membership, and we rapidly approach a time when this trend will 
become critical. It is the duty of each and everyone of us to face this 
fact boldly and extend every effort to correct this erosion of our 

We may look into our records and find that our membership at one 
time numbered seventy-two thousand four hundred and twenty-three 
Companions. Our present membership is now one third of that amount. 
Our Rite is not alone in this trend for we find a reduction in membership 
in all fraternities. The Grand Lodge of the State of New York is not 


exempt from this calamity. The reasons for this condition are many 
and varied. We must meet this challenge squarely and bend every effort 
to reverse this downward trend. 

A closer co-operation between the three York Rite bodies would 
add much to our forward progress. This stimulated activity could inspire 
our efforts and encourage attendance at our convocations. We must 
realize that there are three bodies in the York Rite and the advance- 
ment and progress of the rite is the concern of each of them. 

It is difficult, at present, to interest our brethren in joining the 
York Rite when it requires between two and three months to complete 
all degrees. We should ponder on this problem and discover ways and 
means by which this time-consuming effort could be reduced without 
any of the ancient landmarks of the craft slighted. A survey of sister 
jurisdictions will indicate the reward of success where this effort is em- 
ployed. This is not a "cure all" for our problems, but where it is em- 
ployed the reduction in membership is greatly reduced, and to a point 
far below our present percentage of losses in New York State. 

Masonry, in all its branches, has experienced times of trial in the 
past. In each instance it has survived and gone on to greater heights. 
We must remember, however, that reversing a trend does not just hap- 
pen, it is caused. It is encumbent upon each of us to so live that the 
teachings of Royal Arch Masonry may become more and more attractive 
and desired. It is our duty to recognize conditions for what they are 
collectively, plan a progressive effort to place Capitular Masonry in 
that high regard which it justly deserves. Things are not impossible 
where there is a will to do. Our success will only be realized when we 
move forward collectively and boldly. 

With Jurisdiction over Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island 

M. Ex. Comp. and Very Reverend E. B. N. Cochran, G.H.P. 

27 Chapters; 2,664 Membership. 

The One Hundred and First Annual Convocation of the Grand 
Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Nova Scotia with jurisdiction over 
Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island was held in the Masonic 
Temple, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, May 30, 1970. 

In reading through the Proceedings, I note with interest that 
although the membership is not large so it follows that there is not a 
large amount of money available for many worthwhile endeavours. 
The Benevolence Committee were quite active and busy giving financial 
assistance to many worthy and deserving organizations as well as 
many individuals. 

In one of the reports of the District Grand Superintendent, he says 
that he stressed on all of his visits the value of inter-visitations by the 
various Chapters; that perhaps this is needed more now than ever to 
help bolster good fellowship amongst the Companions. 


M. Ex. Comp. James D. Smith, G.H.P. 

144 Chapters; 33,914 Membership. 

The One Hundred and Seventy-third year of the Grand Chapter of 


the Holy Royal Arch Chapter of Pennsylvania ended December 27, 1969. 

The Grand Holy Royal Arch Chapter of Pennsylvania hold Quarterly 
Communications the first of which was held March 8, 1969, in The 
Masonic Temple, Washington, Penna. The second held June 7, 1969, in 
The Masonic Temple, Scranton, Penna. The third September 6, 1969, in 
The Masonic Temple, Indiana, Penna. The fourth and last of the year 
held December 4, 1969, in the Masonic Temple in Philadelphia, Penna. 

At each of the Quarterly Communications the finance committee 
gave a very thorough and informative report. 

At the final Communication in December, 1969, The Grand High 
Priest makes mention of membership, and I quote: "Regretfully we are 
again going to finish in the red. There seems to be no real solution to 
this problem. We can use one method in certain Districts and get 
results, but it just doesn't seem to be effective in other Districts. 

To you, the representatives here this morning, I would urge you to 
return to your respective Chapters and, with the aid of the other Past 
High Priests, pick the slogan the "Peptimist" . . . "It can be done". 


M.E. Comp. Russell E. Knight, G.H.P. 

15 Chapters; 3,411 Membership. 

The One Hundred and Seventy-third Annual Convocation of the 
Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations 
was held in Freemason's Hall, 127 Dorrance Street, Providence, R.I., 
Saturday, April, 4, 1970. 

The number of Chapters in Rhode Island is quite few, so it would 
follow that their overall membership is low, but in reading the pro- 
ceedings of the Annual Convocation, we have found it to be very 
informative regarding each of the Chapters in the Grand Jurisdiction 
such as listing names of Candidates who have received the various 
degrees; members who have passed away, etc., as well as having a large 
number of the present Grand Chapter Officers writing reports re their 

In the concluding remarks of the address by the Grand High Priest, 
he states "I had a program which I expected to help to halt the serious 
lack of candidates in our Rite. My program was "INVOLVEMENT". 
Unfortunately, I found during the past year that no one wants to be 
involved with anyone. The Grand Chapter Officers do not want to be 
involved with the Subordinate Chapters and the Subordinate Chapters do 
not want to be involved with each other. I believe that the continuance 
of the Capitular Rite in the State of Rhode Island depends upon the 
consolidation of some of our Chapters." 


M. Ex. Comp. James E. VanPolten, G.Z. 

30 Chapters; 2,956 Membership. 

The Forty-sixth Annual Convocation of the Grand Chapter of Royal 
Arch Masons of Saskatchewan was convened in the Masonic Temple, 
City of Yorkton, Province of Saskatchewan, on Saturday, May 31, 1969. 

A report by the Committee on Capitular Masonry states in part: 


"The lack of attendance is mentioned in nearly all the reports of the 
Superintendents. The Committee notes that this non-attendance is not 
restricted to the Companions only, but that many Chapter Officers are 
guilty of the same thing. In checking the reports, we note that at the 
Official Visits of the Superintendents which are visits by Grand Chapter, 
24 appointed and 27 elected Officers are shown as absent. In all too 
many cases no reason was given for their absence. Your Committee is 
of the opinion that when a Companion accepts an office, he also accepts 
the duties pertaining thereto. The example set by the Officers is 
reflected in the behaviour of the Companions and a Chapter will only 
flourish if all officers faithfully perform their duties. We urge all 
Principals to make a special effort to impress this fact on their officers." 

This is a portion of the report of the Committee on Capitular 
Masonry submitted by three Past Grand First Principals of the Grand 
Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Saskatchewan. 


M. Ex. Comp. J. C. Hubbard, Jr., G.H.P. 

33 Chapters; 8,340 Membership. 

The One Hundred and Fifty-ninth Annual Convocation of the Grand 
Chapter Royal Arch Masons of South Carolina was held in Spartanburg, 
South Carolina, March 10, 1970. 

The Grand Chapter of South Carolina is another one of the Grand 
Chapters who present to the constituent Chapter a Certificate award 
by the General Grand Chapter who have had a 10% gain in membership 
during the past year. Of the 33 Chapters which make up the Grand 
Chapter of South Carolina, there were 12 Chapters eligible for this 
award. There was one of the 12 Chapters which for the seventh conse- 
cutive year has made a net gain of 10% of its membership or more. 

From reading the Proceedings of the One Hundred and Fifty-ninth 
Annual Convocation of the Grand Chapter of South Carolina, I became 
aware of the concern, enthusiasm and dedication of its principal officers 
in every undertaking and this same interest it appears has rubbed off 
on practically all Chapter members in this Grand jurisdiction. 


M.E. Comp. Clyde V. May, G.H.P. 

220 Chapters; 41,740 Membership. 

The One Hundred and Twentieth Annual Convocation of the Grand 
Royal Arch Chapter of Texas was held in the ground floor Auditorium 
of the Masonic Grand Lodge Memorial Temple in the City of Waco, 
December 1st and 2nd, 1969. 

We find that in reviewing the many proceedings received from the 
different Grand Chapters that the Grand Chapter of Texas is one of the 
largest from a membership point of view. As in a number of Grand 
Chapters, they also suffered a loss in membership, the largest number 
being from deceased members, but the total loss from Demitted and 
Suspended members more than surpassed the deceased members. 

The Grand Chapter of Texas is quite large and is active in many 
areas, but one undertaking which they work at very seriously and with 
much enthusiasm is the Home for Aged Masons in Arlington, Texas, 
which is completely owned, operated and maintained by Royal Arch 


Masons of Texas. In the address of the Grand Orator, Dr. R. Bruce 
Brannon, he ends his address as follows: "Companions, you give me one 
generation of Freemasons in Texas who will live the life and not wear 
the emblem to let men know that they are "Concentrating on Consecra- 
tion" that they are devoted to their nation, they are devoted to their 
God, they are devoted to their family and their church, and we will have 
no more problems. I am persuaded that we will settle the problems of 
Texas. We have got to be different than the man who lives next door 
who is not a Mason. Not that we might be built up, not that we might 
have a false pride, but I am asking for a humility that bows its head 
to Almighty God in gratitude for the privilege of living in an age like 
this and being given an opportunity to have a hand in setting the course 
of this great State and Nation for decades to come. 

Brethren, may I issue that as a challenge tonight? May we close 
out our Most Excellent Grand High Priest's year as we repeat his slogan 
once more, may we dedicate ourselves to "Concentrate on Consecration." 


M. Ex. Comp. Harry B. Fredericks, G.H.P. 

47 Chapters; 9,959 Membership. 

The Ninety-ninth Annual Convocation of the Grand Chapter Royal 
Arch Masons of West Virginia was held in the Scottish Rite Cathedral, 
Wheeling, W. Va., October 15, 1969. 

The Grand High Priest states in his report on the condition of the 
Craft, "From the reports received from the District Deputy Grand 
Lecturers and Inspectors and from personal observations during visits 
throughout the state, the members of the Craft are working diligently 
and endeavouring to spread the light of Capitular Masonry. However 
there are a few Chapters that need help, and letters have been sent to the 
Grand Officers in those areas requesting them to investigate, advise 
and assist. 

Although this Grand Chapter suffered a net loss of fifty-nine, it is 
interesting to note that there were more candidates exalted to the Royal 
Arch Degree during the past year than any of the past six years. Un- 
fortunately, this was offset by a similar increase in the number of 

The work is being conferred in an impressive manner and the spirit 
of co-operation exhibited is very encouraging for the future. 

If each one of us will increase our efforts and endeavour to secure 
petitions, it is possible that the next Grand High Priest will be happily 
able to report a gain." 

The report of Committee on Fraternal Correspondence writes: "Dis- 
interested members: Let all disinterested members ask themselves this 
question: "If every member of my Chapter was a member just like me, 
what kind of Chapter would my Chapter be." 


Most Excellent Lawrence E. Pearson, Grand High Priest. 
47 Chapters; 9,931 Membership. 


The One Hundredth Annual Convocation of the Grand Chapter of 
Royal Arch Masons of West Virginia was held in the Masonic Temple, 
Fairmont, West Vriginia, October 9 and 10, 1970. 

We find in reading the proceedings that in West Virginia, whether 
to the geographic make-up of the state or by planning, they have fifteen 
districts and there is not more than four Chapters at most in anyone 

They do have one very large Chapter from a membership viewpoint, 
which is Tyrian Chapter No. 13, with a membership of 1,024. 

In the memorial service conducted by the Grand Chaplain, we found 
it to be interesting reading and we would at this time like to reprint a 
portion of the service. 

"Space is that portion of the universe which is given to each man 
wherein he moves and lives and is a being. Each man is given approxi- 
mately the same space at birth and occupies a similar space in death. 
What he does with time and space between these two extremities 
determines the value of his life. The Creator in His love and wisdom 
has granted to every man the privilege and dignity of being a person. 
He has also extended to each man the opportunity to enlarge his life 
and to extend the dimensions of his space and vision. Man can reach 
the outer areas of space or probe the mystery of the atom. He may 
blaze pioneer trails into new frontiers of the unknown or find new dis- 
coveries in the mundane and simple aspects of life. He can erect magni- 
ficent buildings of architecture or behold the lowly snail cloistered in 
his shell. He can compose symphonies of lofty grandeur or be the grate- 
ful recipient of a concert from a tiny bird, pouring forth his song at 
the break of day. He may rise to places of distinction or daily make 
his routine, but necessary, contribution to life. Time and space need 
not be shackles, but opportunities to grow and mature into the full 
stature of a man. Frederick G. Scott put it so aptly in his poem 
entitled 'Dawn': 

The immortal spirit hath no bars 

To circumscribe its dwelling place; 
My soul hath pastured with the stars 

Upon the meadow-lands of space. 
My mind and ear at times have caught, 

From realms beyond our mortal reach, 
The utterance of eternal thought 

Of which all nature is the speech. 
And high above the seas and lands, 

On peaks, just tipped with morning light, 
My dauntless spirit mutely stands 

With eagle wings outspread for flight." 

3 9157 00456970 6 





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omp Rev. David M. Kerr Grand Chapb 

Kiplii is Ave., Toronto L8, Ontario 
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